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Create movies quickly by combining VEED’s powerful suite of AI video editing tools

Create a movie using AI tools

AI Movie Generator - Create Videos Using AI - VEED.IO (1)

Tools you can use to create movies with AI:


Generate images and scripts with AI

Let our AI software generate art and images for you instantly! Use our AI image generator and create videos from images. Add sound effects, background music, and more! You can also use our AI script generator to generate video scripts automatically.


Use our AI text-to-voice tool

Add AI narrations to your video using text-to-speech. Click Audio from the left menu and select Text to Speech. Type or paste your text into the text field and click Add to Project. You will see an audio file in the timeline.


Add media from our stock library

Select clips from our royalty-free stock media library to add to your video. You can add stock music, sound effects, and even video clips! You can also start with our customizable video templates.

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AI Movie Generator - Create Videos Using AI - VEED.IO (3)AI Movie Generator - Create Videos Using AI - VEED.IO (4)AI Movie Generator - Create Videos Using AI - VEED.IO (5)AI Movie Generator - Create Videos Using AI - VEED.IO (6)AI Movie Generator - Create Videos Using AI - VEED.IO (7)AI Movie Generator - Create Videos Using AI - VEED.IO (8)

Create movies with VEED’s powerhouse of AI tools

VEED is a powerhouse of AI video editing tools that will change the game in video content creation. With VEED, you can turn your text into compelling videos by combining tools like our AI text-to-speech and stock media. Or use our artificial intelligence text-to-video tool. You can also add narrations and voiceovers by converting text into speech.

Watch this walkthrough video to learn more about our AI video tool:

Revolutionize your storytelling with our AI movie generator

Unleash the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence to craft compelling and unique movie scripts effortlessly. You can use VEED to conceptualize your content, starting from script generation to your visuals, using our state-of-the-art AI script generator. Use our video editor to create the video and streamline your content creation!

Tell stories with a combination of AI tools to make videos

Tell compelling stories through videos using our AI tools. You’ll do it in a fraction of the time you’ll spend doing it all from scratch. With VEED, you can convert text into voiceovers and dub your videos in multiple languages. Select from several voice profiles, languages, and accents. You can also add music, sound effects, and background tracks.

An AI video generation platform and video editor

VEED’s video editing software features a full range of handy instant and manual tools without confusing and complicated configurations. Streamline your content creation process with our intuitive timeline, snap-to-grid, and drag-and-drop interface. Add images, AI avatars, and subtitles to your video in a cinch!


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What they say about VEED

Veed is a great piece of browser software with the best team I've ever seen.Veed allows for subtitling, editing, effect/text encoding, and many more advanced features that other editors just can't compete with. The free version is wonderful, but the Pro version is beyond perfect. Keep in mind that this a browser editor we're talking about and the level of quality that Veed allows is stunning and a complete game changer at worst.

Chris Y.

I love using VEED as the speech to subtitles transcription is the most accurate I've seen on the market.It has enabled me to edit my videos in just a few minutes and bring my video content to the next level

Laura Haleydt - Brand Marketing Manager, Carlsberg Importers

The Best & Most Easy to Use Simple Video Editing Software!I had tried tons of other online editors on the market and been disappointed. With VEED I haven't experienced any issues with the videos I create on there.It has everything I need in one place such as the progress bar for my 1-minute clips, auto transcriptions for all my video content, and custom fonts for consistency in my visual branding.

Diana B - Social Media Strategist, Self Employed

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Movie creation in a cinch using AI tools and more!

On VEED, you will soon discover that there are plenty of ways to create AI-generated movies. By combining AI tools, you can create videos even without your own script or footage. Plus, it’s a full suite with all the pro video editing tools you need! You can create stunning videos in just minutes—so you can streamline your content creation process. Or start with one of our customizable video templates! Explore our AI and pro video editing tools today!

Create a movie using AI tools
AI Movie Generator - Create Videos Using AI - VEED.IO (12)
AI Movie Generator - Create Videos Using AI - VEED.IO (2024)


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