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Annie's Solo Mission is the twelfth episode of Season 1 of the series Little Einsteins.

However, in production order, it's the eighteenth episode of Season 1.


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Leo teaches Annie about how to fly Rocket. Annie learns all about the Flying Tricks: The Up Down Move, The Squeeze Trick, And The Loop Da Loop Maneuver. After teaching Annie how to fly Rocket, Leo joins June and Quincy in blowing bubbles, and after seeing that, Annie gets her camera and tries to take a picture. But then, her brother and two pals accidentally get trapped in a big bubble together, and Annie must pilot Rocket with the viewer's help and save them before the bubbles pop!


In order to rescue Leo, Quincy, and June from the Super Bubbles, First: You must enter the French Alps and help Annie do the Up Down move to go over it. Second: You must enter the Verdon Gorge and help Annie do the Squeeze Trick to go through it. Third: Now you must do the tricks of Up Down Move and the Squeeze Trick to go through the bridge, over the Castle of Chambord, through the underwater tunnel and go over and through the Stonehenge. And Fourth: While you're in England from United Kingdom, the rest of the team are in the art of Expectation by Gustav Klimt, help Annie do the Loop da Loop maneuver and catch the super bubbles and save the team! Leo congratulates her sister of completing her solo mission. She can fly Rocket anytime!


The episode starts on a relaxing day at the exterior of Rocket's Garage where Quincy and June blow the bubbles while Annie is going to enter Rocket for a piloting test and some flying tricks by her big brother Leo. So for her flying lessons, Annie is going to sit Leo's chair that has a lever while Leo sits June's chair and they buckle their seatbelts.

Let the flying trick test begin! The first flying trick is that Rocket can fly up and down by reaching their arms of the up down move. The second flying trick is that Rocket can fit through small spaces by patting their shoulders for the squeeze trick. And the last flying trick is the hardest called the Loop the loop maneuver that Rocket can fly in circle to another circle. The plan to do it is by clapping hands in a circular motion. Now that Annie has finished the tests, Quincy tells her and Leo to see something incredible.

What Leo and Annie saw are that Quincy and June blow the super bubbles! And when Leo joins to blow, Annie is going to the Rocket Room to find the camera for taking the picture with the super bubbles. But when Leo, Quincy and June blow the bubble together, it becomes super huge and traps them while floating away! Annie feels worried that her friends are okay, but they need her to rescue them! Leo tells Annie that she must complete all the tasks of flying Rocket, and she never flew Rocket by herself before; until today!

So for now, Annie must enter Rocket, buckle her seatbelt, do the pat sequence and blast off to begin her solo mission!

But while Annie and Rocket are ready to the rescue, she doesn't see the super bubbles and asks Rocket where to find Leo, Quincy and June! Luckily, Rocket uses the look-and-listen scope to find out where does the super bubbles headed to.

Annie has to remind that the super bubbles song goes in the music of Farandole. They didn't hear the bubbles song in Utah and neither in Scotland. And on the bright side, they found the supper bubbles in the French Alps from France! So they fly out to France and find their friends in the super bubbles.

Soon they arrived at the French alps and Rocket hovers so that Annie sing the rescue song so they can find their friend and the other sing back to them who is floating behind one of the mountain. unfortunately, they float up and down over the French alps, then rocket remember the up down move as Leo taught us remember by reaching up the arms really high and bring it down fast, then they headed towards two small alps and did the up down moves over the small alps, then they over the medium alps by reaching her hands higher and bring it down fast, lastly they went over the big alps by doing the up down as big as they can and soon they made it over the French alps.

After they went over the French alps, Annie sing the rescue song to help find her friends and soon the others sing back to Annie and rocket who is floating behind the tree mountain as they knew that they flew over the French alps. unfortunately, they're floating towards the Verdon gorge and those space are very small between those cliffs. Then, Leo tell Annie knew what to do by going through small space by doing the squeeze trick by cross her arms and pat the shoulder to the beat and Rocket squeeze through the Verdon gorge. But the cliff are getting closer together, so they had to do the squeeze together quietly, pianissimo. Soon they flew and squeeze though Verdon gorge.

Soon they heard the super bubble and Annie sing the rescue song to help find and rescue their friend and thus the other sing back to Annie and Rocket. But the super bubble blew under the aqueduct, over the castle, and through the undersea tunnel. Then, Annie remember the up down move, and the squeeze tricks, now they had to do both of it. First they had squeeze under the aqueduct by doing the squeeze trick, then do the up down move over the castle, then squeeze through the tunnel under the water, then, up down and squeeze through the Stonehenge, and lastly do the up down move over the Big Ben.

Afterward, Annie sing her rescue song to her friends and other sing back who is floating behind Big Ben as the wind blew the bubble and Rocket follow the bubble toward the loop the loop sky and bubble goes the loop the loop which is the hardest trick of all, but Annie knew that Leo taught them the loop the loop maneuver by clapping the hands in the circle to the beat and so they did the loop the loop maneuver and thus they reach the super bubble and uses Rocket's bubble wand to retrieve the super bubble and bring it inside as Annie pop it inside. After Annie pops the super bubble inside with the others inside, Leo, June, and Quincy told that the excellent flying that they ever knew. And Annie will fly with Rocket anytime! Mission completion!


Main Characters[]

  • Little Einsteins
    • Annie (protagonist throughout the episode)
    • Leo
    • Quincy
    • June
    • Rocket


  • Expectation by Gustav Klimt


Music Put Together[]

  • Farandole from L'Arlésienne Suite Number 2 by Georges Bizet


  • The Up Down Move (Song)
  • Help to save my Friends


  • Rocket's Garage
  • Utah
  • Scotland
  • French Alps
  • Verdon Gorge
  • The Bridge
  • Château de Chambord
  • The Underwater Tunnel
  • Stonehenge
  • Houses of Parliament and The Big Ben
  • United Kingdom
  • Loop the Loop Sky (Expectation)

Running Gag[]

Rocket's Tool[]

  • Rocket's Look and Listen Scope

Object Used[]

  • Leo's Baton

Post-Curtain Call Sequence[]

  • All super bubbles are flying from the stage.

Who is in the center of the episode[]

  • Annie


  • TBA
  • June: Hooray.
  • Quincy: Whoo-hoo!
  • Leo: Yay, Annie! You did it! You saved us!
  • June: You were outstanding.
  • Quincy: I Cannot Believe! You Flew Rocket All By Yourself!
  • June: That was some of the best flying I've ever seen!
  • Leo: I Knew You Were Ready To Fly Rocket By Yourself. I’m So Proud Of You!
  • TBA


  • TBA


  • This is the first time that one of the members have to rescue the others all by himself/herself. (The second is Quincy in Quincy and the Magic Instruments).
  • This is the last episode to use Klimt's art.
  • This episode is the first and only episode where Leo does not fly Rocket because he and June and Quincy are stuck in a bubble and his younger sister Annie has to pilot Rocket.
  • When Annie says "Oh my goodness!" it's a reference to the saying "Oh my god! They killed Kenny!" from South Park.
  • This is the first time "Mission Completion!" is said when inside the Rocket interior.


  • In the first shot where Annie pats, she looks like she enjoys it. But in the next couple of shots, she looks worried.
  • When Quincy says "And...", Annie's body is gone except her head and arms, but when Leo says "Music by Georges Bizet", the rest of her body suddenly appears.


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Annie's Solo Mission (2024)


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