Bonn, Moscow Talks Ftadorlck Isl«U> Jr„ Son O F Mr, Ings on Canvas Will Be Shown (2024)

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER la, 1955 -i Avariife Dally Nat Pniaa Ron iUanrtrrBtrr Etti^ning %?ralb Far Mm WmR Sept, la, 4NS accessories and a gardenia corsage. MIontoBoreoh Tribe M. Pink and white flor aerved after the mcdlhg. Mrs. Jay Rand, president of the BOTH NEWER AND Afothick DeWolf Art Guild, announces the dress with blhck accessories and irftKt. itt Um (o m « f a » » “ « * a sheath coat In coral red and a OLDER RESIDENTS yOL.LXXiy.NO .292 (EIGHTEEN PAGES) m Bt T:W At <1M IMOM or ^ The 'Afternoon Circle of the dates of Sept. 27, 38 and 39 for the MANCHESTER CONN,. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER IS, 1955 (CbMlllai AdvarMriag an fa*ga U ) annual exhibition of the Guild, to white orchid ror-sage. After Oct. 1 ./ . , . have experienced the deep satisfaction Oommunlty Baptiat Church will Mr. and Mrs. Law will be at home | of Quish aerxire. Arriulgements ara com­ K It !■ lM|Md UlAt All JAWaom be held again this aeaaon at the meet At the parsonage Wedne^ay Community T, 79 N. Main St., at 27 Baldwin Rd. - ! plete in everj’ way. ’Artli AttABd. ____ At 13:45 p.m. to work on- the The bride, a graduate of Ham- j __aaar.' Mr*. Walter Cooley will from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Pro­ ceeds from the eothlbition wilt be den High School and Larison Col-1 William P. Quish IlM'Aaly FAmUy MoOim Owl* be the hoateaa. lege, is a member of the Whitney- j John Hemey xas Area will BM t At tkA hom# ei Mia, W - used for the benefit the DeWolf Scholarship Fund. yllle CongregaUopai Oiurch. She | Raymond T. Quish WMd 0 *8 x1 0 1 , m Autumn It., was previously employed as a sec­ Hilda Fury to WeeoAdAjr nlfkt A t» o’clock. The Regina d'ltalia Society will Many lovely traya articles of Paul R. LaBrec reiume its monthly meeting to­ furniture, bric-a-brac and paint­ retary by Dr. Fred Zaff of New j ears R ain night at the Italian American Club Haven. | lIom€: Bonn, Moscow Talks ftAdorlck Isl«U> Jr„ son o f Mr, ings on canvas will be shown. The M l 3 * 5 9 4 0 rtoltrick blOb of M At 7:S0. type of work done by teachers and The bridegroom is a graduate o f : MAdlAon a t, loft aundAy for a t |>upil8 is stencilling. Japanning, Manchester High School, served | After Flood AlbMt’A Jimlor aonlnory In iUd- The aon bom last week at the brush gold and gold leaf, mother two years in the U.S; Navy in the ! In B a h a m a s dlAtown. K. T „ Ohoro bo lo bofln* Manchester Memorial Hospital to of pearl, smoke white and paint­ Western Pacific area, and l» « | |< ■ nine Ua froAhmon yoor.. Mr, and Mrs. l,ee Friend of Wood­ ing of glasses of clocks in reverse. member of the North Methodist! 7 9S MAIN ST. Raymandville, Tex., Sept. land Ter.,' Columbia, has been More than 450 pieces .will be on Church. He is employed at Pratt i Miami, Fla., Sept. IS (A V - and Whitney Aircraft. I 13 (/P)— Flood-damaged Ray- lUymoad Kooov^ aoo Mm named Brett Livingstone. ’The display, and during the exhibition Hurricane Hilda, ' now pack­ mondville asked for . help to­ amco Boyw of TO * ■ « at. !•« maternal grandparents Aire Mr. and teachers will be on hand to greet ing 90-mile winds over a gat^iyrtey for COOA lUtitUtO Of Mrs. Walter Henry olHStarkweather guests and to explain the different day as the XiOwer Rio Grande IbChaolofy, CttrolAnd. OMo. St., and the paternal grandparents types of work. small area near its center, area eyed heavy clouds with are Mr. aqd Mra, Clifford Friend of Mrs. DeWolf has tislned many moved, on a westward course apprehension.; Fear was felt E. Center St. i - . teachers over a period of years today that threatened eastern that heavy rains might bring and is proud to assist the Guild by Cuba' and the southern Manchester Lodge 7S, A.F. and the showing of some of the'work increased flooding in the low, Production A. M.. will hold A stated commun- done by her pupils. Bahamas with high tides and flat valley region as forecasts Agreements icatidn At the Masonic Temple to­ Other teachers exhibiting are as heavy winds. indicated more precipitation. > ia)i to a«Vi* morrow evening at T :A0. Following follows: Mrs. Irving Wickham. The eighth tropical storm of the The State Civil Defense office M ftNOUTUT t ^ buainess meeting the Fellow^ Mrs. Frank Deveto, Mrs. Clifford year moved south of Great Insgua warned yesterday that Gulf squalls Spurt craft degree will be copferred and Griawold. Mrs. Arthur Fleck, Mrs. Island and at 11 a.m. was centered ■W Boat MMd tha^ sent rain-Iadcn clouds scud­ there wtu be a aoclal hour and re Joseph Andralouls, Mrs. Raymond 590 miles eoutheest of Miami. It fm Da8y t A. N. to < ding over the low border country freahmenta. ’ St. Laurent and Mrs. Jay Rand, all was expected to continue its yreat- might bring more floods such as if Manchester. Out-of-town- teach- ward movement at abput the eanie - -thB^j»ne._-thst. .Ai*._4!*vage41-- this 'rs are Mrs. Arthur Ho'lstrbm, lofWXr'd^pac4 for another 13 hours south Texas town for days. East Hartford; Mrs. William Gris­ or more. wold, Rocky Hill; Mrs. Robert Al­ Area Warmed Oxer Four Ipebt* Falls Milan, Italy, Sept. 13 (if)— Moscow, Sept. IS (iP) — len, Easthampton, and Mrs. Elmer Storm foriecaetere in the' Miami City and county commissioners A British economist said to­ last night issued an appeal for aid West German Chane^or Weden, Bolton. Weather Bureau advised intereita day there is more myth than Konrad Adenaner and Soviet in the southern Bahamas and to thU town of some 10.000 per­ reality in statistics showing eastern Cubs against rough seas, sons as more rain fell. More than Premier Nikolli’ Bolipuiin Donate Supplies high tides and gale to hurricane ♦ inches hit nearby Weslaco. steady increases in Soviet ended their historic tsdkii to* force vrinds this afternoon and to­ Lesser amounts peppered the production.' , night. They signed ■ fftata* To Putnam Area night. whole rich vegetables and citrus- In a report prepared for an in­ "The hurricane is passing south growing arcs. ternational conference on “the fu­ ment which was not im* .of great Inagua Island in ths Ba­ Tropical atonn_GIadys laat week ture of freedom,” Oolln. Clark of mediately jnadt DBldlc.. Bnl* A Manchester restaurant aiid hamas now and should be moving left 3 to 4 ifeet of water over a Oxford University said "one of the ganin waa asked by n re*/ groceiV store and an East Hart­ in the Old Bahama Channel near 50-block arei of Raymondvllle. most widespread myths about the porter, ’ “How (lid things ford dairy combined over the the Cuban coast this afternoon Much of the water still remains Soviet Union" Is that it will rome weekend to contribute a supply of and tonight,” said the advisory. and a blocked sewage system day catch up-with 'dr surpass the end?” He replied with n.sinfle food and milk to residents of flood- 'The Old Bahama passage is a cauj-ed concern over health as a West in production of go<^s. and handshake, “EveryihiaK deep water channel between Cuba powerful odor spread over the "The rules on which they (the stricken Putnam. town. is fine.” ' The food came from Cavey’s and the Bahama Islands. It was Russians) w ^k," Clark said, "are Heiress * Mother at Hearing Typhoid vaccine was adrainis- Restaurant, 45 E. Center St., and heavily used in ancient days by first to publish statistical ipforlha- By STANLEY TOHNSON Picky's Fruit Mart. 350 W. Middle Spanish treasure ships. Mrs. Herman R. Silver, 49, sits with her husband, food chain ttred to thoiiltiiiKls. insectides tlon in the most obscure forai— • N o AMitar what the iiaaa for competant, courteous Tpke., and the milk, .two cases of CharfBt Photo executive, in police court in Phlladelphra, where she was found were sprayed over the area, and whenever possible gs percentages, Moscow, Sept. 13 (iPy— .Small craft in the Bahamas, part of the water which sent mtif bst if h is somstbing and prompt service at uni' it, from Berncn Dairy Farms. MRS. GLENN R. LAW Cubs and southeastern Florida not competent to face charges of being an accessory to the death rather than aa actual figures and West German Chsncellor Kon* yoA. would ampact to in d in formly fair prices—alwaya The supplies were transported about 900 persons scurrying from with frequent changes of defini­ were advised not to venture far of hei\ daughter, Mrs. Doris Jean Oestrelcher, Aug. 24. Court- their homes was pumped a\vay. rad Adenauer end Soviet a g ^ dng^siopa, tarn con- Prescriptions! Bring them by car yesterday to Putnam where Into the open sea. appointed doctors said Mrs. Silver was in no condition to stand tion and of base date. White gladioli, pompons and-^y ried colonial bouquets -pf pink Help Offered Withbold Inconvtent Date leaders edntinued a''mmth(Bi tltw A j to dds dapandabla here for aural Their com* the Civil Defense organization rosebuds, white pompons and ivy. Great Inagua,' about 450 milas a hearing an d ^ c o mmended immediate psychiatric aid. pouAdiog is our spedaltyl supervised distribution. ' chrysanthemums formed the set­ haymondville M».yor Mary Frost "Secondly, and more important, session today without uqt in­ ■Oatoa. Yon can count oa as The maid of honor's gown was of. southeast of Miami, Is the site of a is aimply to withhold the publica­ ting in the Whltnej^ille '^^ngre- pale pink and those of the bride- big plant where coarse salt Is sx- said she was getting calls from all dication of whether Uiey Knd.^^ p PAY EUBOnUO BILLS HEBE over Texas offering help for the tion of a figure whenever it be­ reached any agreement in ' ;, gational Church 'at Hamden Sat­ maids were of emerald green. trseted from sea water and comes inconvient.” HANGi Leroy Schober of Manchester flood-.‘tricken, most of whom are 0 TOVB MALLMABK OAED STORE urday afternoon at 3 o’clock for shipped to countries around the Pair Charged /"'.** housed in an old migrant labor Clark said a close study of fig­ their stalemated conference wa.s beet man, and ushers were world. The island's population of to establish relations between a WE ARB YOOt B E E il^ STORE the wedding of Miss Elaine B. 1 ^ ® C rashes .camp near the town's outskirts. ures shows Soviet production has -UlL OIL Ernest Arendt of this town and about 2,500 is mostly native. been increasing,' on the basis of Sebwing. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Youngerman of WilUngton. She said the immediate problem their governments. Strong winds blew throughout With Causing -— was how to feed, house and cloth real product-per-man-h o u r, at GASOLINf Harry J. Schwing of 45 Central cousin of the bridegroom. the night at Turk's Island as Hilda . p ; Unlondale, N. Y., Sept. 13 Adenauer talked privately with the evacuees. The Red O oss was about 2 per cent per year. Soviet Premier Nikolai Bulganin Ave., Hamden, and Glenn R. Law, Immediately following the cere­ -___/ passed about 60 miles south of F l g s g f h (/IV-Slx men were killed today helping. son of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan H. there. The blow averaged 35 miles n C l F C S S U C a L l l when a B25 military plane “These can be described aa mod­ thia morning for an hour and 45 mony a reception for 250 guests Meeting with the commissioners erately good rates, of progress," minutes. Then both with thtor fUIl/“ NORTH END Law of 19 Baldwin Rd. The double was held in the parish house of an hour but gusts up to 60 were crashed into a cemetery here ring ceremony was performed by reported on the Island. last night were Rep. Kilgore. (D- Clark - added, "but no more—the delegations went into a full e «i- BANTLY OIL the church, the mother of the five minutes after taking off Tev) and U.S. Public Health Serv­ the Rev. C. Floyd Fuller. Dwight > Philadelphia, Sept. 13 tfi—A man from nearby Mitchell Air United States, ever since the ference this afternoon. I'li \ , IM bride receiving in a Dior blue Hurricane force W^nds of 75 ice and Corps of Engineers rep­ 1890’s, has been keeping' up a W. Blakeslee, the soloist, accom­ satin sheath dress with matching miles an hour covered only a small and his wife in whose apartment Force Base on Long Island. After a 45-mihate receu, the panied at the organ by Mra. G. resentatives. l^hey said outside steady rate of progress of 2,3 per sesaion waa resumed with no end PHARMACY accessories and a pink rosebud area near H ilda’s eye. On the Mrs. Doris Jean Silver Ostreicher Three of the victims were ■help was imperative to protect Attends Mass in Moscow Robert Miliar, renderec. "Because,” crew members and three were cent per annum. The difference be­ „ In sight. It had originally besa m MItrlull 9 .159S corsage, and the mother of the turbulent north, side of the storm, died have been charged with per- health and provide aanitation. tween Russian and American pro­ "Ich Llebe Dich” and “ The Lord's bridegrooip receiving in a rose gale winds reached out 125 miles passengers. \Vest German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer kneels In prayer planned for thia mormng. 4 DIPOT SQ. - -rz , fql^lng the abortion, which re­ Up the river, 'the weather re­ ductivity haa therefore been wid­ as he attends services in the Roman Catholic Church to 84. Louia German apokasmen had said Til ROCKVIHf S ?177 Prayer." fc crystalett^- dress with matching from the center. t. ■ An eyewitness said two The bride„ who was given in sulted in the -death of the 22-year: mained dry and there seemed no ening qot narrowing." in Moscow. .Some 300 Russians and foreigners attaiidtot the today is the dedalve.and piptahly n-sB - v i r - bodies were thrown out of the marriage by her father, wore a old heiress. plane when it crashed and ex­ He ^ d Belgium, Canada, 'Fin­ Mass. (NEA Radio-Telephoto). * . • : ■ * the final day of the meeting. (CoaUaned on fa*ga Ten). (Continued on Page Seventeen) land. France, Italy, Japan, New Western diplomatic clrelaa gen* gow'n of nylon chiffon, fa-hioned Mr. and Mrs. Milton Schwartz, ploded in Greenfield Ceme­ with a bateau neckline of Alencon, tery. Four others were seen in 21ealai

i I '■ ^ ■ T ''^ ■■' ■■■■ •-;■ . > ■ f ■.-,■■'■■ -- -.'■ .1 .. , ■ -; 5^-;'..(■ ,s : . • ; ; ■ --■ . ,. '■ - ■ ■ / ■■■ :■ ;'-v : , :- ■; (


tin, and Miss E. Anns Clark. Hod- two daughters, Mrs. Anthony U.S. Uranium Map flapping Tamositls of Manchester and Mnk. [yslery . -n teases were the regent and Miss Ernest Sesnie of South Windsor; a Peaim !SB||#^Birau^ Clark. brother,. Anthony Daley of EUiet SkymUeh Scheduk ^ Co8ts 50 Cents The meeting was held In the Police Hold Two; Hartford and three grimdchildren, Chapter House in Colchester. i b iSoljiitioii Seen The funeral will be held"At the Seek Seati Wedaoeday, Sept. 14 / Wrahington, Sept, IS (P>—For To Teach in ^Windsor Result of Breaks Ahem Funeral Home, 1408 Mgln Towbe Dwight H. Martin of Lebanon, Midnight • 2 e.m...... Robolrt Ellsworth SO cents, any would-be uranium St., Etest Hartford, tomorow i v ...... Paul Sheehan proapector now can buy a govern­ formerly of Hebron, a grandson of 8:15 a.m., with a solemn requiem H ouse of Lords Rer 66 Yeairs 2 a.m. • 4 a.m. ... Wapping, Sept. IS (Special)—- 4 a.m. • 8 a.m...... PdULSheehan ment map showing areas known IS (Bpactal) the late T. D. Martin, rector of Maas In St. Francis of Assisi Teacher oi Yoke Bt Peter's Church here, has ac­ State Policeman Clayton Gelsler of 8 a.m. • 8 a.m...... Voloateere Needed be richest in the qtomic-age an duty in other Church at 9 o'clock.’ The burial London, 8opt.,lS (iP)—'Ilw Houzo Vienna, Sept. IS The mye- ...... Joyce Wogman, Donna Eollo cepted a position of Instructor in the Hartford Barracks has arrest­ will be in St. Mary's 'Cemetefy. tery surrounding the death of Aus­ 8 ajn. - 10 a.m. . Secretary of the Interior M K a y “or cltioa include Htee Flor- industrial arts at Windsor High East Hartford. Friends may call at 8( Lerdz, porhapz the inozt oxclu- trian Crown Prince Rudolf and hie 10.a.m. - 12 Noon ...... GracoRoee yMterday announced avtflabUlty 71 FOXCROFT DRIVE-TEL. ed Ronald Gardner of EUiat Hart­ 12 Noon • 2 p.m. . i, . , ...... Flora Grade to the public of a new m ^ihowing I 'llpae^B. Smith at the Smith School. He was educated in the the home todsiy from 2 to 5 and 7 Mvo mon’z club in tho world,' te IT-pear-old aweethsMt at Mayer- ...... Robert Genoved. Bernard Hart local school, graduated from Wind­ ford-and Ronald Therrten of Hart­ to 9 p.m. under strong preaaUro to admit Ung in 1888 appears to have been 2 • 4 p.m. ... known uranium deposiUTThe map, tVehool. Weet Hartford; lira. Brir- ford on warrants issued by Prose­ 7 i 4 p.m. • 8 p.m...... Marilyn Case, Columbia DeCarU plotting the locaUonh'of the most FIFTE EN TH .SEASON ham High, also attending a course women. finally solved. ^ ...... Bill Haneeh, George Churllla e tt* . Sorter. MaMfleld; Mra. Wil­ at Mount Hermon School. cutor George Stone oh three counts, .Manchester Evening Herald 'nia BrIUah govommant la £on- The Vienna newspaper Wochen 8'p.m.-8p.m. ... important depoeite, was prepared 8 p.m. - 10 p.m ...... May Hawkea, Virginia Uegl by the geolo^cal survey for the liam W.v Hammond; Coiejieater He is also a graduate of Kew each, of breaking and entering, Wapping correspondent, Mra. An­ Bidtring plans to reform the an­ preeee Is publishing a series of ...... Hyatt SutUffe. Victor Coleman *C9enttai: lir a Fredericlt Brehant, Britain Teachers' College, and and three counts of larceny. nie Collina, -telephone Mitchell cient pwllamentary Inatitution. documents which officials of tha lO p.m. • 12 Mlidinght Atomic Energy C om m i salon Columbia: lira Chariee Lar- According to State Police, the 5-4419. Skywetch Poet locaM on top of Manchester Police Station. (ABC). M. took his training course at Wind­ The place of woiqen Is rsportedly Austrian state archives accept as Volunteera may at Civil Defense Headqu^ers, Munlcl^I comb, WlUlmantlo SUte Teachera’ arrests ' were' connected with Involvsd tat ths plana ia secret report on the "Mayorilng register It showt She principal uranium ham High. He is married and Building, Manchester on Monday, Wednesday, Friday fropi 1 to o deposits to bo located in Arizona, Oollege: Mias Belle Chamberlain, has two small sons. He and his breaks at Nielsen's Woodworking ITppsr Bnuieii of ParUasseeS' tragedy" by Baron Frans Krauas, Hartford; Mra. Chariee N. Fill- Co., the South Windsor .Garage, T te Hooss of Lords is the upper then chief of Vienna police. p.m. ______■ New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyo­ family are moving soon to Wind­ Father of Seven ming and South Dakota. Such de- mora *aat Hampton pBementary; sor. , and KIsis'' Amoco Station on Rt. 5 krsnch of Psrilsment. The peefe I Papers Discovered XOWOA C a sb ? in South Windsor; tha Judge said, "where you might poslte art found tn sandstone end Dr. Ooirlea li; Lercomb, Laminon Mrs. Kolb Writes esnnot block a bill but they can V The papers were discovered in ed altar only a few months with PfchlffirRwifwiwIt L*ngue to Elect hold It up for a year, the two shots that rocked the old And employment." Then he gave limestone formations, the survey G«t $»S tffi $M« iffi 1 High School; Mlaa Bmily Hewitt. Mrs. Kenneth K. Kolb, the for­ Commits Suicide BerUn recently, after disappearing said. iiMa.nwlMMo.nai East Hartford, and poasibly oth- The Men's Bowling League will Thero are 845 peere, but celdom Auatro-Hungarian empire. him an hour to start. p Phone for 1-trip lean. Upanajpgatwat,' mer Mary Bissell of Hebron, N«^ Mtreuryt Ar» SbRIii^ At o R8^>id Poe*. W# N««d RoomJ^ from the state archives during the era It la a long list, and it meet tonight to elect Officers at more than 100 show up in one Nasi occupation of Vienna. Emperor Francis Joseph I issued * 8.SI I .. pick up cash. Loan custoen-taileeed ea writes from 'Tucson. Aris.. that she Community Hall at 8 o'clock. Danbury, Sept. IS (Pi — State Incofning TradBt. Soeoo— Out Thty Gu. S d « StorH WBdNMdoy. day. Members get their tail fare 24.25 19.26 .your noodle incomo. CowooUdotG MH$ seems a pity that we cannot keep The 200-page report, with many strict orders to keep secret all de­ with our BiW Ceiuofitfsrien ServleA these Sue and experienced teach­ and her husband are taking a trip Plans for the coming season will Welfare Department agente, act­ paid when Parliament sitting annexes, purports to reveal the full tails of the death of hia son and ■ 39.05 I 30.7,0-t to Colorado to attend a. reunion S*pt. 14>^.ositivBly Ends Soturdoy, S«pt. 17. Frequently reduce* monthly (pap» ers in our own-sdioola. be discussed. All captains of last ing on ordera of the Juvenile court, out receive no other, pdymenU; circ*mstancea of the deaths. heir, but the sUte cenibrahip was „ ImWM lIM.CMti tM.M okM of musicians that ^ r . Kolb - was years' teams or their representa­ Atty. Richard W. Law . rnojny r»oiO to I* mont*. Phone, or come in fedeyf Eeaves far niinola removed four of Dominic One c t the strong^ advocate! The report, in Baron Krause’ unable to suppress rumors. Many associated with for four years at tives are urged to attend.. '46 of opening thd dbors to women is own handwriting, confirms , that of the stories whispered at' that The Rev. Harold R. Keen of Palumbo'S’seven children from his The "Army” and the "Nayy" tooM 825 to $588 Estes Park during the .summers.' New Voters 1- G. Pine, managing editor of the 30-year-old Crown Prince shot time now appear verified by the C:ONNECTICUT Gtastonbury. for nearly 2& years Mr. Kolb is not in very good Saturday at the voter-making 3-room apartment Thursday Burke's Poerege. will appear on Manchester etreate in charge of St. Peter's, Hebron, Biuxmees Marla Veteera on her report of the man in charge of the health but enjoys auto trips. The session In the Town HaH 35 voters and placed them In foster homes. jCADILLAC . "Twenty noble ladles, pcereees Thursday tvening .to sell peanuts own request with a revolver and Investigation. srilf leave later this month, to take trip vdll take them .through the registered Democratic,' 17 Repub­ Mrs. Palumbo was in Danbury in thefr own right, are not per MEDICAL FINANCE CO to sliilppcrB. Atty. Mchard W. Law, then MUed himself with a sporting 'Beneficial ^ ll np his new duties as vicar of S t northeastern section of Arizona, a licans, and 18 did. not signify any Hospital where the couple's young­ 4-DOOR muted to enter more then a gal gun at the Mayerling hunting • i t * c ) chairman of the Kiwania Club of WILD FRONTIERSMAN Andrews Episcopal Church, in corner of Mexico and on to Colo­ party affiliation. Twenty unatflll- est child, a son, was bom a week lery," he eaye. "Public opinion is lodge. - SERVICE Grant Ridge. HI., of-which a pre- ago today. Manchester's ennuel Peanut Sale rado, a very scenic trip. ated voters became Democrats and .. chwging and there. now appears announced that this year the Ki­ Rudolf was married to Princess ' Vidus mention was < made in .this Outing He^ two Republicans switched. The On Friday, the 43-year-old no good reason why women should Stephanie of Beli^um but it, had Pendleton, Ore. When. Mu­ IM MAIN ST., 2ni n., OMr W8 Palumbo disappeared. $ 1 4 5 wania C^cb has been divided into eohimii.' . (— . i jamual_auilng. AbL emqcratic party now leads .the ' not be admitted." baait an'Open secret in Vlennathat nicipal Judge Jabk Lee was told ______HfidMiiiriniLejyiLfKttMtYnj A ieBTcii Btzma roF Titm, ■" two teama the " Army." hesllwl lnf ■*^^®^TBporf:ii M ee«r ston Silver Co,, took place Satur­ epuBlf^hf With ljrt3 dsmpsretf WV»w:9IWg- "LJ. General'' B. Theodore Bantly the sentimental prince' Whs un- ■ '^ ''a'vagruit IhSt'Tils______liihiej wie OKN THVnOAV iVENINOIi UNTIl • PJA ^School Days," was the topic to 1,012 Republicans. It ended yesterdejl afterrCoOn Herbert Morrisoq, deputyL^sder David Crockett, tho judge knew iMM aii, h mMaiii tl ,11 nmnlhf Wnt day at the Lebanon Country Club. and "^Jorporal" Henry Madden, happy. He ihet Baroness Veteera tPOMiO tIB SY THI eONNICTieVT HAYI 80CNTV on Which 1 ^ . Edward E. Smith ‘ School Menu when the eldest son, Richard Of, ths soeislistic Labor Party, has at a court ball. The romance end what to do: "Go to Hollywood," Building permits issued by Palumbo, 22, found his father's and the "Navy,” by "Rear Ad­ spoke at the meeting of the He Stanley K. Nygren, who repre­ The menu for the rest of the campaigned for giving women miral" William Slovef and "En- bron W<^en'a Club held at the week for the Wapping School fol­ bbd^in the woods near the Sperry ' eeste in the noble House. Lords are sents the local Mning Commission, products corp. plant. 'S d t P r i e a iign" George French. home M Mrs. Charles P. Miner, follow: lows: Wednesday, chicken noodle '49 qe Was crested by the eovereign—usually The two teams will engage each reeenw. The club voted to do­ soup, egg salad sandwiche-', cup­ Dr. John B. Booth, medical on the recommendation of the Joseph Jalbert, two houses at examiner, said Palumbo had killed other In; a battle to see which one nate flO for flood relief. Amaton Lake; Robert Braman, cakes; Thursday, frankfurts and Prime Minieter In power. Tltlea can sell the most "pbahitta to raise \ Waseung to Speak beans, garden salad, rolls and but­ bimself with a shotgun, and had 1954 Mercury*. Fully equipped. Stock paaa down through the male line, house in Gilead: Andrew 74. Smith, been dead since Friday. PACKARD funda for the Kiwania local youth T li» local Republican Women’s house in Gilead; Alfred R. Cole, ter. cookies: Friday, tuna fish Noe. U159A. U31A, U205A. $2095 $1 7 9 ^ except In epeciel cases. program. /glad on lettuce, buttered pea.s. The J^ivenfle court order, direct­ Morrison aaid aoihe people feel 0ub, Mrs. John E. Horton' presi- making over a garage into a'dwell- ing the temporary removal of the SEDAN Kiwaniana will be wearing ape- dsat srill have: the . privilege of Ing house; Oliver Lavallee. house carrot sticks, peanut butter sand­ it would be difllrult to apply .the cist overseas caps and aprons at wiches, Jello with whipped cream. children from the Palumbo home, hereditary principle to women, but . healing an address from John addition; Mrs. J. Stuayt Nell, addi­ resulted from a Welfare Depart­ 1953 Mercurvs. One owner cars. Stock key locationa between 5 p.m. and Wassung of Westport, at the club tion to her hoiwe on. Meeting- roiiDcll Meetings contended; ___ 9 p.m. on Thursday offering the The thlr quarterly meeting of ment charge that thd father waa^ Noe. U245A. U253A. $1695 $ 1 3 9 5 ‘l.aee no real difficult; if we are meeting tomorrow. He is clerk of House Lane; Frederick B. Bre- neglecting them. peanuts fOr sale. - the Hotise of Representatives. Tho hanti house; Jacob Kghsman, road­ the Church Council will be held prepared to bo logical, we could at the Community House Thurs­ admit as successor the eldest child, club will meet at the home of Mrs. side stand near his garage; Mar­ SPECIAL DELIVERY Horton at S;1S, when a aominat- vin Dickinson, addition to his day at 8 p.m. Very Important mat­ 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air. Beautiful two- irrespective of eex." tes will be discussed and all mem­ Albuquerque, N. M. (P),~It final­ $ 1 2 9 5 There has been some oppoeiUon . Ing committee will be appointed to house, Amaton Lake; Joseph and ly''got here. A letter from the $1495 ’ prepare a slate of ofllcsra to be ap­ John Surwill, house at Amaton bers-of the Council are urged to tone. . tn Lords to admitting women, TOP C ASH - attend. South African Gold Coast to a however. proved at the next meeting. Plans Lake; Samuel Sarensky, renewal trailer company here was ad­ '48 FRICE5 PAID! will also .be made for the coming of building permit; Eugene Olrard- ’ The first fall meeting of the i Lord Llewellin. 82, raised an ob- FOR ALL MODELS Ladies Aid Society will be held at dressed originally to Albuquerque, 1953 Sunbeam Talbot Convertible. This 'jection when the admlision. ..of election, Oct. 3. In. cottage at Amston Lake; Hed- England. The International Postel $ 1 2 9 5 OF USED CARS Retums to Dvty^ ley Hill, addition • to house at the Community House, Friday' at is a real bargain! $1595 women came up during a debate: l:W p.m. There wlll be a dessert Union in London pencilled a nota­ PONTIAC "One of the difficulties about Fast, Prompt, Reliable Miss Lucille Mitehoil, (laughter Amston Lake; Arthur ,ind Alvin Buying Service! of Mrs. Thomas Badore of the luncheon followed by an ’exchange tion ‘‘try New Mexico. U.S A."'^ political women is they are in­ Ostrow. garage at Amston Lake. and sure enough it arrived. HYDRAMATIC OPEN 9-9 DAILY Millstraam Rd.. has returned to hdr These permits have been issued of vacation adventures. 1950 Packard Convertible. Power seat, clined to be bossy. We cannot af­ Joseph M. Daley $ 5 9 5 ford to be bossy in your lordship's duties in the U.S. Air Force at during the past six month. windows. AH leather. $795 lARLOW MOTORS Colorado Springs, having spent Joseph Michael Daley, a retired House; we are not bossy and don't 485 MAIN ST.-^Ba 8-1888 the past 20 days with her family Manchester Evening Herald tobacco grower, died at his home $ 1 4 5 let ua introduce the bossy element on Pleasant Valley Rd.. Sunday. hers. Hebron rorrespondtWt, .Miss Susan 1951 Mercurys. One owner cars. Stock amongst lu.” Appreciation Given Pendleton, telepheie, ACademy 8- He had lived in town for 50 years. hn«$M8ct| $ 6 9 5 Kenneth Simpson, chairman of 8454. He leaves his wife. Ratrlcla Nos. U528, NT441, NT387. $995 the Columbia Red Cross Chapter, Kancler Daley; two sons, B. Ed­ ■* including Hebron and Ahdovec, REM SPCaALISTS ward Dale.v of South Windsor and wishes-to express the appreciation Tokyo WPi—Peiping radio says Victor J. Daley of Manchester; Many Others to Choose From. Out They go! Look Today . . . Buy Todayl of the ofliclais of the Oiapter, for 50,000 young specialists, one- eoMMWi '49 their generous response to the fourth of them women, have been Howe’s Boys’ Shop Flood Fund Drive. Collections graduated from Red Chind’a col­ ■toUl 21,877.1*. The money has leges and universities this summer. FOR RENT PACKARD been . turned over by Dr. Ralph That is 10,000 more than a year ■ and 18 mm. Movie Prejeetoro— Wolmer to Miss Dorothea Ray­ ago. Ting Hua, assistant minister BLACK mond. local Chapter treasurer. of higher education, was quoted as aeoad or aUeat. also 55 mm. slldo projectors. MORIARTY BROTHERS Ellsworth'Bunker, president of saying the number "still falls short "ON THE LEVEL AT CENTER^AND BROAD" BOV e c o irr the NaUonal Red Cross, Washing of the needs of the large scale WELDON DRUG CO. YOUR LINCOLX-MERCUBV DEALER—Listen to Sfation .WHAY Every Night 9:50-18 ton. D.C., has sent a communlca contribution goals under way in 981 Mala B t^TsL lO-S-Utl SOl-515 CENTER STREET MI S-SIShr-Open Bvenlagq UaW 10)00 tion to the Chapter sUting .that different parte of China." the contributions anil jusdgfd ORMS gifts to the Red Cross D‘»M ‘ *|r un fund, now total more than flO,- 000.000. . , This assures, the organisation of « It, saH cafaio* '^(sufficient funds to meet, all Red Cross requirements in the floM M PRATT STRUT area adequately, fherefore addi­ tional contributions at this time THIS HARTpOBD are not necessai m i l " M OPEN THVRSlfAT CVENTNOS The birth of a son, Craig,Jraig, AU^Allen, to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ryly c lC a ^ e Troy, N. T., area, U Ipeatiteatad. Mra 1954 Rych la the former Miae Jenna MEAIIS S M A R T H IS ! Ivea, daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth oougafiFYO M esM rafieolb CHEVROLET Ives. Ths Rychi hav# two othsr L fr e m t Y t i t ow M m Y e u r HAMILTON STANDARD PEOPLE HELP •ons. Nov8 you tvor sold to younolf: "IF only I coiild find o Father StrlHiaa utem iooFiOir.m /rifyou ^ Convertible coupe, ra­ Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Iflrit- mmTfiSAVi oNYoogmt GOOD usod cor . . . somtthing out of Hit ordinary!" dio, heater, power CUB SCOUT UNIFORMS EACH OTHER WHEN FLOODS STRIKE- ham spent the weekend in Lenox, m s H C F » , c o m r o * WE AT ROY MOTORS HAVE THAT CAR! gUde, power brakes. ^ — Maas., whera they were called on More than 55,000 pounds o f food, dothing, and houadwld'' account of a serious heart attack e o m n im ii m EXPLORER SCOUT UNIFORMS of Mr. Kirkham't father. Fred­ items were contributed by Hamflton Standard onployeee ^ erick Klrkham. Mr. Kirkham 8 distrilnited by company trucks to Hamilton Standard families had been on the point of leaving lEFORE YOU lU Y . , . STOP IN . . . LOOK . . . COMPARE! who suffered in the recent floods. The flood relief drive was for hie usual fall and winter in 1695 conducted by the BeCTeatkm-Welfare Counefl, to whidi all Florida,- when he was atricken. BREAD Memorial Service employees au to m ati^y belong. Contributions were received A short memorial service was in tW recreation building, Bort^ and packed by vdunteen,' held at the meeting, Thursday of ' then transported to depots near the arega where the floods Colonel Henry Champion Chapter, DAR/ for the late Mra. ,Anne C. 1954 OHEYROLET 1953BUICK l9St PLYMOUTH 1950 PLYMOUTH did the moat damage or quickly shuttled to'employeee’ homes. UNLOADJNO PtOOD RILIIP S U m ilt- CONfM M ITIONS CAM I IN JtA M O lY -H cie, donariona o f. Gilbert of Hebron, a past 'regent ' lo a d s were takmi to ten towns in Connecticut and western 8u|ier Riviera coupe, fully Cartons packed with food, dothing and other garments and food are bring brought in to.the ezttranoeS ef the chapter. Mra. Alfred B. Club Mdaa, radio, heater, 4-D oor HCdan.. Suburban 2-door. low mlleaxr. equipped. Outetandinx value. ^Maaaachusetta where some 450 employees ,live. flood relief supplies are unloadrf at a central corridor of the Windaor Locks plant. In addition to HMaal ' ~Neal' presided as regent. Mra. suppliee, employees: gave several thousend dollars in carii McKenzie^., state regent, was also flood relief depot eaUbliahed between the towns w l 'f- present. ' o f Westfield and Southwick; Maaeachueetfa, meet .specific needs of the flood victims.. The Hamiltonj A discussion of ways and means You’ll be money ahead when $ 1 3 9 5 $ 1 5 4 5 $ 5 9 5 $ 7 9 5 for Hamilton Standard people hit by floods in Standard plant buildinga, w fa^i are above the flood aone.1 took- place, with increase of mem you trade with us. Oiir this area. Some loat their homes, others eua- sheltered hundreds of people flrom the nearby Rainbow - hership a feature. Members from tained severe property damage. ..iwlu> were forced from their own honwe. \ Hebron attending were Mre. Ger- years in business is your trude M. McHough, Mra. Albert protection. It pays to trade 1I50WILLYS 1954WILLYSe IMD rSOTO 1951 PLYMOUTH W. Hllding, Mise Marjorie H. Mar with GORMAN MOTOR Flredome '4-door sedan, ra­ Club coupe, radio, heater, SuKuriMHi 2-8oor. SALES. 2-Door aedas.* dio, heater, itowef ateerinx. very clean. power brakes. -1912 lUICK SPECIAL Here's a 2-door with radio, heat­ $ 9 4 5 $ 1 2 9 5 $ 5 9 5 $ 6 9 5 er, dynaflow and whitewall Urea. This car is gray with ANNOUNCING light blue Interior. It has had bm one owner and driven only 1953WILLYS 1952DeSOTO 1951 DeSOTO 1047 PONTIAC THE RE-OPENING'OF THE 25,000 miles. m u O Q e \ Club eedan. Nicely equip-’ 4-Door aodaa, autoautlc Sodhu, radlez beuter, very Buy It at, 4-Door Mdaa, radid, heater, l>ed, exceUenz tran*|iorta- power steertax; teaasaeiasiMi, fully equlpiied, clean. 1 'J UoB. Ideal aecoad car. v e ry eleasM..,: 1952 lUICK SUPER" 4-Dbor hedan. This one triU stop , - r . • - . J - J r V the rye of everyone, ft's maroon $ 4 9 5 1 $ R 9 5 $ Y 4 5 $ 1 4 5 net off with cream color top. VERNA HARE It’s equipped with radio, heater, dynaflow and •n-hltewall tires. One owner car and I M OLDSMOBILE m i GHEVROLET 1950 DeSOTO 1f47 PONTIAC he had for only $1495 Super ‘^ " . Holiday coupe, B el A ir cou|ie, jw w rr xUde, 4rI>oor. sedan. F u lly equip- Club iBcdaa, radio, heater. CUR I ROY SCOUT elran, ecarcc model. radio aad heater. ItSd. N lo e car. ^UNIFORM DANCE STUDIO 1953 CHEVROLET UNIFORM ICMIlPPID BY HAMIITON STANDAtD^ !■* ^ lEL AIR This supersonic Navy jet fighter, tlw ( Vlralet'n best 4-door at a $ 1 5 4 5 $ $ 9 5 $ 5 4 5 $ 1 4 5 > $ 9 j o Chance Vooiht XF8U-1, owes part of |22 OAK s t r e e t : price to brat the rest.' This Bel MEWS BRIEFS ito ontstending performance to two viUd Air Is a beautiful horizon blue. COMPLETE (With 1 Celor Neckerchief) probicts buflt by Hamilton Standard. : MANCHESTER : The Interior Is exquisitely rolor MANY, MAF^Y MORE EXCELLENT RUYS SO nM U CMAMW-For the second year in a row, 1 1 ^ are Ha li^tweid>t. higb-oqtput air keys'd In dark hiue offset by Hamilton Standard's eoftbaU ezperte won the H a r t M white waU* Urea on WOLF ROOKS coitditioning system and electronic fiid ehromo wheola. Industrial League championahip. The team was n n ^ contrri. The new jet, buflt in Dallas, Tkaprtee REAR ROOKS fasted. Playere were Larry Rastk, Tom Ed Tazaa, is one of 38 new turbine-powered Take the I F out of your used car buying. UON-WEBLO ROOKS Kiesuk. Mario Rocaedni. Charley Doriierty, BiU Gau- SPECIAli. \ aircraft typea Uiat depend on vital Haanfl* CLASS AND PRIVATE INSTRUCTIONS IN 1953 DODGE tUw, Paul Conenti, Frank Farina, Ted Kadmowaki, Joe ton Standard equipment- CLASSES'"^ CORONET FOUR COURTEOU5 5ALESMEN TO SERVE YOU., |{j%]NO0OOK b o y s eaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Novak, Lao Day, Bob PereUa. John Solak, M att Formon 4-Door. It’s equipped with gyre- e x p l o r e r h a n d b o o k aaeeee»aaeeA*l***8*> *7 5 6 ' and A n Regan. C o a ^ are Jack Fox and Cliff Magnuson. BO -W A R V n O IA m -H a a r ilto D SUndairi’a roster of entploye^ TAP—BALLET—ACROBATIC •aatle traannsiialea. This la * In basriwU, tha division’a Hartford T w i l i t Leagua team • Adult Bailat, Tap, Ballroom. 29 YEARS OP CONTINUOUS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. ■FIELD BOOK •# eaeaeaeeaeee»'eeea >$1 #00 30 years of aervke n aa to four in August when Harold L. HaBri 8-teue Job. Dark greeu offset HEN^'MOTHER BOOK •■•!*##a * I r *756 w o n l ^ v i t t trophy in three pky-off vktcriea A u g ^ • Pre-Bchoot Children witk pair green top. fllita strik- beouna a member of the earinrive group. In oidzrofsanisW I^ BALLR(X)M-^BATON' iug car has years of > . HOW BOOK OF CUBBi;The BloodmoWlB of the Hartford • Taanaga Girte OrlU Team ENT AND ACCRSSORIES Chivtar. American Red Croaa, madeita aacond virit of tha ton. The Divirion’a fint 30-yeer veteran wee the late P w i A( 1 ICIAL SCOUT SHOES year to Hamilton Standard at Windsor Locks on August , REGISTER NOW lY PHONE Ml 9.9TjS3 OR / I ROY MOTORS, Ine 17th. Vohmtaiy donon gave 341 pints of blood, for a t < ^ i2 LOCATIONS, Ml 9-4793— OR AT THE STUDIO AFTEk2P.M.‘ j o f 700 pliitG to dote ilk 1965. Contibutiont o f blood onoblB GORMAN 241 NORTH MAIN ST. ST. tb » Red CroM to provide blood and Mood derivativea at H A M I LT O N 8 T A N D A B D local hoapitab without diarge. f DIVISIOM OP UNITID AlflCHAPT «0 »P 0 «A T I0 M 18 lU re Is a member of the National Association of Dance end Affiliated Artists, OFEN9AJy|.l»9F.M. CEMOIISESSON kBbd gtadied at their New York Conservatory'. , . ' MOTOR SALES T ^ .M I 3.S113 . r WINDSDE LOCKS. CONNECTICUT ., , , 285 MAIN STREET GIVE AW GREEN 8 T A M B S ...... ■ ’’


r J' 'V ■v 'I i


lit « / ■ ' -¥ IIANCHUSTBR EVENIN* TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 18, IMS ' “ j ' -1 V ij.' '•jer.-'j]^^ ICANCHlSitiS EVENING HERALD. MANCHESTER, CONN- TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18,1955 r — ■ ...... —

stru'cUott W6S in tobneeo, with an F arm ers Lost estimated 81.300.000 to 81.800,000 ience Shrinks Piles ^^nent Ice MhsUes Union Threats loss. Th* vegstabis crop loaa war Le^on Clears UNESCO S, * • 'f Flood Fund act at ona-hsdf million. Loaaaa to I ' $2.5 Million in other cropa were: hay, 8118,188; W ay W ith o u t S u i^ ^ Pij^ible Test Device At State Mental corn,'8111,480; awcetcorn, $18,780; Ne O f Com iniiiiist Charges DonaHomrr potatoea 8131,885 .and mlacel- d i H w lia t SubaU iM R TliR t D o m Hospital Cited I Flood Damage laneoua cropa, 838,314. Paaturea R alitroa P ain— SiifiB ln H iM arrh oH i ■uffered 8180.671 worth of dam- V. (Sexuii - Par the nstealshlng ateteiroSte. like "Fflee As for UNESCO publlcaUons, ^ Mr. and Mra Miller Haughf 10.00 age. T*f) 1, ’ n. kaveeeasedtoheaprehlemr Washington, Sept. 18 MPk—A6 u n u ofltk u t dactend Mc« v t k « HMttorltM navtr h u Arst tin a science has found a row ■peclal American Legion commit­ the, report arid Uity rangad from Hartford, Sept. IS Dr. John Curtia Bllake, Dwight and Storrs, 8spt. 18' (F)—^Thq Col­ h ^ in t snbtUnc^'eith the astonish­ The secret le a new healing nah- U id a "ihraw d Dopoam t” bean proven. Losa to farm buUdtnga waa set tee baa termed "utterly without “the boring e Interestingly MAKERS OP FACTORY TO YOU PURNITURI OFFERS J. Hlasko, State mental health David McQUade ...... 8.56 lege of AgrlcultuA at the Univer­ St $344,085, wbOe machinery was ing nhllty to shrinh htmorrholds stance * t**t war BudtUiu read a p*p«r on hia In- commlaaioher. aajra the uae of P. and G. Motor Freight, and to r illsve pnln=wlthout 'urgenn world-lamero raaearch InstUnte. foundatloit” charges that the Infomattva," but were “ m aub- HOME T OAlUOIl TIME sity of OonneLticiit reported today estimated at $83,743. Uveatock This sttbatancs is sew avallahle ta vtrriva at worst aa tha talaa off eonatry w lU i iat«r> vaatlgatlon before the Interna- threats by union members in State Inc...... 10.00 In Cl II iftir cift* United Nationa Bduoatlonal, 8cl- Uoau Metaoritlcal Society, which a preliminary and incomplete eeti- and poultry were $80,030, and 838,- riUiciiiff pilB.Victuil ridueUDu •noMtitarif or ointment /orm andor' entifle and Cultural Organlxatlon Hana Chrtatian Anderaen." 1 ard facU lta asad* o f lea. mental hospitals U lowering em- Toaatmaatera Club o f 160 reepectlvely. Land Improve­ tha nemo PrtpontUin H.* At yoar objoet of tha tea m Uatla waa to end ita two-day meeting to­ ploye and patient morale. Manchester . . ‘.".■i'.;.';’. . 28.00 mate puts the flood loss suffered (shrink 1(11 took ^ - __ druggist. Money bach guarantss. (UNESCO) la Communistic. The epectal committee—euithor' day at the InatituU. J ments suffered heavy but un­ Most im iilnf o f ili—Mi^iiti wiw Summarlring an 18-month In- iMd by the 1968 end 1984 Legion „ ba to datannlaa aftactlv#- Blaako charged last night that Anonymous ...... 6.00 by Connecticut farmcis at 83,- determined damage. • a m att. a< ranga far a atiaaila M tha La Pas haa aaid repeatedly he union members had actually used Herbert A. Phelon J r.... 10.00 veatlgatlon of the controversial conventlone—eaid a eeerch of 10 believed the myaterioua yellow- 800,600.’ . -- Hartford County auffered the U.N, affiliate, the 6-member group yean of Communlat Daily Worker NEW FALL STYLES threats of physical harm to em- Plnehurat Grocery. Inc. . ’80.00 green fireballs—epotted capeoiaUy The eatlmate conies from re­ heavieet loaa, $1,600,000; Tolland M id in iU report; edltiona turned up "aurpriringly ployes who would not "cooperate." Tober Baseball Mfg., Inr. 80.00 ports from federal and State had 8200,000; New Haven, $83. tha OW aaraity of N aw M axlco a la the aouthweet. during the past 8.00 "UNESCO is not favorable to­ few’' references to 'UNESCO. decade—weref of earthly origin. H e. said in one inaUnce two Unatex Corp. of America agencies. 000; UtchOcld. $505.0()0; Wind­ ward world government . . . la Xaidituta of M a la orit^ union ward aides had warned a A. H. and Emily Mac- The Legion group said Rueria ona of lU W ad In tha W aaU m The ^rCbalia make no sound aa T he. full amount of damage ham, $182,000; New London, 827,- iW i s k i |M r " not atheietlc and , . . la in no had had no part of UNESCO un­ they Boom through the sky and no non-union ward aide that, he would Gowan ...... ;...... 10.00 never may be known, the report 000; Middlesex, $35,000; and Falf- aenae or degree Communletle." not be helped if he were attacked ^ A, Patten Co. 13.00 til laat yaar. ’ « . T » W . t ™ . portion of a fireball ever haa been said, because of difficulty In es­ fleld, 815,000. * At Odda with Other Study ' The report waa aigned by Chair­ “ t l x ' V by,a patient. Mr. and Mrs. EMward M. saying the annual losa In produc­ "la huita*taa8nf totarcooU naa- recovered,' if they landed. ’’ 3.00 Agencies cooperating in making ; The special group thus placed man Ray Murphy, former national Plane Oenid Uuuwb Mieelle Blaako said the union methodsi -----; tivity on damaged and destroyed the survey were the State Depart' O p e n tiU 9 p .m . iteelf at- odds with the Li^ion’a ta l haU latio m iaatlaa ta paaca tune, were designed to "connive, persist Colonial commander from Iowa who., now a ahraw d opponent for oM oua raa- La Paa aaid an ice projectile land, . the indirect loss to crops, ment of Agriculture the Agrtcul fim fk$\. Amerlcantam .Commission which llVea in New York City, and the could be ahot froni a plane at high and annoy” Jn order to fulflll de- ...... ,88.86 especially the deterioration of .to­ tural Extension Service of the aoBB arould aaak to mands that have been' particularly I Falls Creek Refractories, has said it haa evidence there are five other memben; Jacob Ark of jacta laaalng no tangible trace or altitude many mllaa away from the bacco in storage, and the amount University of Connecticut, the fJwwW • o • a number of Communiet eympa- New- York, Paul H. Herbert of United Statea. Moving at aufficl^ Intensifled in the leat six montha ------‘ j ’ ‘ I ‘ ' V ‘ 5.42 of destruction oC land improve­ Soil' Conservation Service, and their a:datanca or uaa. ^ ^ . 67.8.6 thlzers in UNESCO. Ohio, Rev. (Jordon IL Kidd of New ^ Plenty Of la for thla raaaoa ^ t i^ a ently high apeed, it would appear Three union' represent workers ments such as farm ponds used for A^cultural SUtbilizaUon Service The 40,000-word report waa from tha ground much like a in state hospitals at Middletown, J ;" " ‘ 2.00 and the. Farmers Home Admlnl- York, WlUlam G. McKinley of Itfd . reBcaaantatlvea o f the Inatl* irrigation. mftde laat May 5 to the LeglblPa- New Jersey, and-. Mrs. Haloid S. to u iT kataoriU ca have habitual­ meteor or a ahoottng atar. Preston and Newto^/n. One of the **ra Willard Hor- . The losa estimate was based on etration. . National Executive. Committee ly aakad ohaarvera of tha yellow - The ice .projectile, melting rapid­ unions denied such activity. L , , ' ...... 10.00 Burdett of Naw York, onetime n Helen M. Gould 5.00 reports from 3,700,farms, 922 of which 11 montha ego refused 51-6 head o t the Legion AuxlUary. m a n flraballa and other •nom a­ ly aa it ahot through the atmoa- which suffered darrtage. te eend a representative - to the FREE-PARKING TO DRESS UP YOUR HOME 3.00 UNESCO la an Independant s ' Im ninoua phenom ena w hether phere, then would be photoj^raphed strong feeling that union actlvi- ...... U S. commleelon for iniESGO. A or aot ptaeaa of lea or dropa^of or traced by radar. On a photo­ ties in Ctonnecticut hospiUls have return from coin 3,200 Acres Eroded affiliate of the United NaUona. 7.47 The Incomplete reports indicate Throw Tbaai printed copy of' the report became It la Bupported by a lIl-mllUon-aK- w ater w are detected falU ag from graph; It would look like any other helped to raise standards, and I available today.". the aky at the tUna of the oh- meteor—a long atring of light, Tha am lit complete sympathy with 1 f'*_tvian Evangelical that about 2,200 acres of crop land DONT Away year budget, wl^i the United Lutheran Congregation 80.00 was seriously eroded or is cov- QUINN’S The report la 'deatlned for eub- .States contributing little over 3 aerfad laddan f* opponentent then woiwould have a fair union principles and goals, but I Still plenty of .way left In . mlsaion to the Legion’s national idea of where-the-rreW-thing-wduld- nto- not^ think thar The—methods } IP ivi diuv'^nupiiiniv>_ > •L... lO.OOteeeiF wlth-^dlLxlMi d*br4». Some,. jthoH wlwn brought hero for ■mtlHon--o f-thiF. —-1 ./mi mwoic ■ ^mwimjtp Mr. and Mrs. James T. this land is permanently loal. to '"ESHronTTbiTTi, Miami,' P1arj“ O c r dropaofwaten hit. ahould be the aatne as those Used expert repairing. PHARMACY 10-13 where it may etir up a fight cltisena work at UNESCO head­ But aaothar awtaorlciat, John ' And the United States woUM be in private industry where . one Pickles ...... S.flk) production. WORK DONE WHILE acceptance or rejection. quarters In New Yorh, (With hbout left with a puddle of water or a M'r. and Mrs. Bert Juat how much land can be re- 26 othen In UNESCO miaalona Savla Buddhua of Paaadena. CaUf works with machineri on a one YOD WAIT Phone Ml 3-4136 > Seaborn ColUns, the Legion’s aald lea dlaeovaied in OaUfomla small piece of melting ice as the shiftU day 'oasli, or in paper work McConkey ...... 5.00 claimed is not known, officials of throughout the world. which came from the aky el""— only trace of the test projectile. production. Anonymous ...... 1.00 the agencies agreed. national commander, was out of The organisation's atated aim Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reclamation will depend on a town and could not be reached ia to work for peace through edu- 'We are dealing with tick peo­ SAM Y U LY ES for comment. ' ple who need treatment and care Parks ...... 10.00 number of factors, the extent of SHOE REPAIRINO caubhal, sblentlfic and \ cultural morning worehip in the Vernon .’the damage, location, cost, and The report diacuaeed more thiui - PIECE Church on Sunday at noon. They sU'ound ' the clock, eeven daytf a Mr. and Mra. Norman OF THE BETTER KIND channels on thla premise:) 1 50 I other factorji Involved in the or­ two dozen charget against are requetted to bring a. box lunch week. R. A r e y ...... , 18 Blapla SL—Acroaa Fnaa UNESCO and said it found none "That since wars begin In the along with their registration fee. So when they (the unions) use ganization and management of the minda of men, it ia in thq minds SAHARA GREY MAHCXiANY - DuPONT DELUXE FINISH Region Board farm at a unit. Firat Natlanal Parkiag Let to be borne out by facts. Among Theme of the rally vrlU be "My their methods so successfully with the charges: of men that the defenses o f peace The heaviest reported crop d«- muat be constructed." \ life in Christ." SIllNatlonwhle Firm 1. That Alger Hisa called in a " i ■ . Narrows liit Tsalght’s ActivlUcs Communist front organization to Tonight’s scUvitiss. includt ths well aa good.” help the State Department- plan Of Candidates Cub Scout RoundtaUs in Man- Mrs. J. Patricia Smith, director Mark^ 83rd Year UNESCO. Hies ie a former State choater which will ba attended by for Connecticut government end Department official who served a GENERAL Andover den mothere; a meeting civic employes of the CIO, said prison term after his conviction of her union dirt not went to “en­ Montgomery Ward, Arst mail | Andover, Sept, 18 (Spedal)' — of Ibe Board of Education at the l.ving .in denying he passed gov­ Andover ElenMntery School at gage in a public controversy with order house in the nation, will I T V SERVICE Nine a p ^ c a t l^ of the 8*. >* ernment secreta to a prewar So­ j).m.; the monthly meeting of the the commissioner.” celebrate its 83rd year in busineis viet, spy ring. The" Legion com- Days M G S ^ She added; New Model 'Dry Cleaning ads an extra calved for the iiosltlon of auperin, (3iuolsy Skoog Benefit Fund Com­ this week, and the outlet in Man-1 niitttee said "there is no record of NIghte n « a Parts tondeat brllj be given further con- mittee at the Firehouae at 8 p.m. "It is regrettable that a serious TEU 90 8-5196 situation does.«xlat. and that acute I cheater, which opened In 1928, will I touch to the, spic add span appearance of any activity by Mr. Hiss iff- con­ aideraUon by the Hegtonal High and a meeting of the Board of nection with the formation of • 6 DRAWER DOUBLE DRESSER ^ Daacona with candidatea for .mem­ problemi atemming. from imfalr | join in the ceiebrntion, sharing the School Board. the man-about-the-campus. That’s because UNESCO.” bership, at tha First Congrega and imjust treatment of mental anniversary with customers by 3. That the late Harry Dexter A t teat night’s meeting In Marl tionsi Church at 8 p.m. hospital employes have led pie em- having special sales. • borough, Donald P. MltcheU and only the most modern and scientific meth­ White, onetime high Treasury of­ Gohi Wffiqlit Quickly • HANDSOME CU bT OF DRAWERS ApartMeat Reaerved ployes to seek out bona fide unions In 1872, A. Montgomery Ward ficial described by Atty. Gen. with MORCAL the new appe- — C ^ l O. Sargent; aducaUonal oon- to rapresent them." started the very first mail order Bultanta, preaimted tha Board with Mias Jlslen Jewett, Rt. 6, is re ods of cleaning are employed at New Model. Brownell as a Russian espionage rising high calorie food supple­ serving the npetaira apartment In She aaid the union Intends to house. Up to that time people In : 4 agent, gave particular attention to ment, with Vitamins B1 aad • BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE MIRROR a slate o t ,' 18 applicants ‘whom discuaa the situation with Gov. rural areas traded at small general they oonaldered moat suitable for her home for the Karl Klein family Send ps a auit and see. the eitabUshment of UNESCO at B12. Good for the nnderwelgkt from Germany. Anyona who has a RIbicoff. atorea, or depended on the itiner- San Francisco In 1945. The com­ child or adult. Good fnaa the the poMUon. . rsfrlgsrmtor or other furnlshinis Meanwhile, Bernard McChisker, I ant peddler for the necessitiee and | spoon In eooldag, baking, dea- •. ROOMY PANEL BED Cwdldatae ware considered on executive director of the Connect!-1 small comforts of life. mittee said a study of UNEISCO avnilable '^te requested to contact documents showed the agency was ■erfa or la beveragea. 83.25 the basis of educational baek- the Rev. Stephen Chamberlain. cut State' Employes Assn. (Ind) Progreaa waa slow in the early pound. ground, eiqierienee and references said: I months after the stor'e'a inlti^ not eaUbliahed at San Francisco, A recent letter from the Con but at London, and that White had • TWO COMFORTABLE PILLOWS and their names were omitted so gregatioinal • Ghrietian Service I am confident that the impli­ opening, but the public waa soon WELDON DRUG CO. that tha Beard's decialaiia might cation In the commisaioner's re- impressed by the statement, '’sat­ I not "the remotest connection” 901 MAIN ST. Oonmiittee quoted a memo from with It be made on a completely Impartial the Worid Obuncil of Churches in laaaa does not involve the Con- isfaction guaranteed or your • STURDY CONSTRUCTED SPRING nacUcut State Employes Assn., aa money back,” which waa, up to | Munich: "Medical clearance ob­ ■ la in ' Aa an addlUonal step towards tained: April 14, 1SS6 security these are not the type of. methods then, unheard of. The usual policy securing an architect, the »>ard employed by the association.” of the day had been, "let the buyer • FINE INNERSPPRING MATTRESS check IniUated: April 82, 1M6 ' ^ ^ __ win conUnue lU prograin Of In- visa teauanca expected any day. Officials of the third union, beware."' apeeting outstanding new school So now the last problem In eon American Federation of State, Forreat Ladd, manager of the buildlBga in the sUte. neetton with bringing thi Kleins County A Municipal Employes Ward outlet in Mancheiter, said New yott'eon hove Hie beouHfiEly furahhed heme eff yeur dreams Tomorrow evening they will to Andovtr haa bten solved end a Council (AFL), could aot be "Warde still follow the generous eur eemplefe deeereter-essembled yeups. See ear wide selec* visit the Buckley School In Man- home will be waltlM for them reached for comment. | policies laid down by A. Mont­ Teacher Hind gomery Ward in 1872, and the eheatailr and unspecified ochoOlB In high standards of quality . .and NEW MODEL ^Heu ef bedreem eusemblet priced te suit every Iwdfet. Shop uew. Windsor and Hartford. On Frt- Mrs. Dorothy Rose, of Msnehes' ter, was hirtd ysstsrday as a firat value in the merchandise 'we sell | day awning they Will tour the New London Sets are unchanged." i m m t DRY CLEANIN6 Berlin Hlgh’ School and. possibly, gnide teachtr for ths'Andover Etc mentary School to fill the vacancy • 1 Ladd added that Wards annlver- a new school in North Haven. K l l l l O I l L l e c l l O n aarlea are shared each year with | OUR DELIVERY AREA INCLUDES V \ On Saturday afternoon at oreated by tbe unexpected resigns- BOLTON • COLUMBIA 73 SUMMIT ST tlon of Michael Setev.K«..(n J^a t their cuatomera with special sales, o'clock the group win mmt in Ool- and that preparations began I ANDOVER • COVENTRY diester to visit a new school in July. V A C H t 1 I i; Mrs. Doris E. Chambsrtein, prin New Tendon, Rapt. 18 IF)—One I months ago to make this year's Groton, - — , ' clpal, has bsen carrying tha doubts seat on the Common Council and event a truly memorable one. New GREEN STAMPS - The next regular meeting three seats on the Board of Budea- merchandlae has been brought into b e '^ ld in Andover next Monday load of tsaching tha overalsed first - PIECE grads class, in addition to her tlon today remained to be filled in I the store; many prices have been at S. The following week, the ■uparvlsory duties at the school a run-off election scheduled for | reduced, and colorful new displays Board will meet in Helwn «m which are always psrtlcnlsrly Sept. 26. win add s-^‘happy birthday” note | Sept. 86 for another session with heavy the first few weeks. In yetteriiay’a election, only to the entire store, the consultants at. which aeleetton Mrs.-Ross haa had 10 yssrs of thi'ee out of 13 candidates succeed-'] ' ------:— - o f the architect will be the major ed In meeting a charter provision x i -s'* * i LIVING ROOM teaching axpsrisnea and formerly consideration. taught In the BUington school sys­ that a canWdate to ba elected muet L x t e n C i e f I T O r e C R S t o Ubnury OemmlMoso tem. H m large alae of the firat get more than half the total vote] ' Three new committeeo were ap­ grada claaa made it'particularly cast. KEEP ’EM LOW, FAST pointed at last night s maMing of Important to aelaet a teacher with Incumbent Anthony J. ImpeUlt-1 Boston, Sent. 18 lF>—The temp- • SO FA hendsemely styled the Library Board. Mrs, Howard a wlda background of axperlencc. ten and former State Sen. Mosea perature in New England d u ri^ I A. Savin Won Common Council | the next five daya, Wednesday j CHOICE OF DECORATOR FABRICS Sprenkle, Board chairman, Mrs, Teswhen Meet WlUlam Snlgg. librarian, snd aeaU, leaving Frank N. Kelly aqd through Sunday, will average 2 to Tha Andover Teachers' Assn Jamee A. May to compete in the 6 deffreee below' the aeasonal Carl Barton will serve on the Book hsld its Brat masting of ths school Oommlttsf. runoff for the remaining ' Council normal. Cbol Wednesday becoining yssr .yesterday afternoon. A gen. ■eat. warmer Thuraday and cooler again | • ARM CHAIR Mrs. Walter Chamberlain, Mias eral diacuaalon waa held concern Dorothea Raymond and Mrs, Roy Thera were 5,874 votes caat Saturday. READ CHOICE OF DECORATOR FABRICS Ing projacte for tha coming year. Darwin are the committee on In making 2,788 neceaaary for elec­ Some normals for the period Guy Outlaw, prasldent, and Mrs tion. Here was the vote: ImpelUt- side building maintsnance an! Doris B. Chamberlain, principal are: Boston 68, Providence 63, Mrs. Howard Sprenkle, Mrs. Cterl teri, 3,040; Savin, 2,986; Kelly, Nantucket 63, New Haven 64, Con­ Wt liavt Mvtr fit |ivM away aa autaaiabili, aad wt^ara aot ttartiay aow. Oar will rapraaent the group at the 3,718. and May, 2,447. cord, N. H., 59, Burlington 60, [ • 2 END TABLES Barton and MUm Dorothea Ray­ Connecticut Education Association mond will be in charge of extern^ Edward P. Netlan, current presi­ Portland 89, Ekiatport 36, Green­ Oonfsrtnes which Will be held Sept dent of the echool 'board, was re­ maintenance which includes the 80 through Oct. 8. The conference ville 58 and Caribou 54. ‘ asad aar paliay caaaaraiay priea ia that wa art datanaiaad to kave tha lawaat aaad care of the ground and general up' elected, drawing the highest total At Boston, the normal maximum I • 2 TABLE LAMPS waa originally acheduled for Lake­ of votes in the entire election. Six temperature during thUr period le keep. It has been decided to con ville, but flood damage to that WITH SHADES ' ' tlnue the clearing of the) brush candidatea will participate in. the 73 and the normal minimum temp- | aar priaat la this araa. Ohaah thasa aaiapla valaats .town, haa made it necessary to run-off for the remaining three va­ erature is 56. and pruning of shrubbew sur­ tranMsr tha masting site to N ot- rounding the library and the Fire cant board: poets. Precipitation during thie period j vrich. There are seven Council mem- will on the average total 1 to 8 irmhiitj.'ij Department will be rehOested to ZBA'BbuMhaeter Ooeets • co*ckTAIL TABLE burn off the overgrowth on the bera, each being elected to a two- tenths of an inch occurring as rain | 195 Memberp of the Zoning Board of year term. Thursday' night ,qr Friday. T MERCORY-^ A 1951 PLYMOUTH. I Beautiful - land on Long HUl Rd; oppoalU the Appaals wera guaste of tha Man­ 4-Door ^ a n . Liglit grten, .now whitewaUs, • church* . 4-Door. Radio, heater and signal lights. 5 to Wrought Iron chester Zoning Board of Appaala radio and heattr. BeUeve it or not, just 33,MO • / ' The committM on Instdi raainie- at Ite meattng laat nteht. Among choose from. * . "BEFORE LOSSES HAPPEN, ^ • SM O K ER nance la arranging for the instal­ those attending ware Walton Yer-' miles. Full price . TAKE YOUR CHOICE-^ lation of a delayed, action lin t ger, Joeeph Carter, Andrew Ver- switch as a safety factor so that prauakaS, At Hunt, Russell Galipo. INSURE WITH LAPPEN" the grounds will remain lUuml' Slid David Oslktns. nated for a short period after clos­ The Manchester Board waa com­ ing time. The committee wrtll also mended by the local grqup for Its ■506 look into the poaalbtlity of Inatal- hospitality. Copisa of thi Hanhea- OOifPARE * ling more adequate interior light tet book of Boning regulations were J distributsd to .-ths out-of-town ***^Urther action taken bjr the guaste and the - locations Involvad m nm: Board Included i vote to .joln-4he prj. Look at thla terrific value. Thla carefully coordinated Ui ths appeals pressnted btfort the enaemblc givea you a handaomely ufdiolatcrad aofa Connecticut library Assn., • with. Board vvere clearly explained so 1952 CHRYSLER 1954 CHEVROLET ^ , memberships for both |te library and chair plua 6 other beautiful pieccar-and all at that ths vialtora ware kbit to un- ..New-Yorker NewporL Gray and sand with high­ -Model 210 4-Door Sedan. Radio, heater, td-tone and the librarian; dsrstand ths Issues involvad. lander upholstery'. Radio, heater, power steering amaihigly low price. . . made poaaible when you buy Mr. Akes, of the SUte Board of punt and very good tires.'"You are not dreaming. direct from our factory ahowroom. Kdueatlon of Libraries, haa been Eveniag Herald * and power brakes. New tires. The price is only iillil i'.'tl invited td> inspect the Ubfary.und Aadavar eenwepeedeet, Mrs. Paul ■iigil to make recommendations for Ite iPfmroMahl. Salephew FI 3-6886. liim general improvement. :::a 10-Pe, lUNK lED OUTFIT Spejeiaf/y P rice Floor Saiuplos Bid received for roof - repairs ■ 1 1 4 6 SCHOOL DAYS - is::i have hem submitted to tbe Board ■ 1 2 2 3 Two beds, guard rail, ladder ^ a a A g o f Finance. Since the amount of McAdams Returns FIRST COME -> m S T SERVED -tw o apriaga,. two mattroeaee, 2-PC. SECTIONAL LIVING ROOM "Len” Rivard $ $ $ DAYS - aad two plllowe. work which will hava to bo done GROUP K - $ 9 6 .6 6 win amount to more than the li­ From Long Trip tin: 4.PC. COLONIAL KDROOM brary bufteet permits, arrange- UU:: 2-PC. SECTIONAL FOAM mente for financing will have to be When your children return to school or col­ OLD COLONY SLUMIA-SOFA Double dwaaer. oh eat voted upon' at the annual Town tiU;i lege, they take a lot of valuable clothes and. Apartmeat size, comfortably RUBBER $ 1 4 9 .9 6 ata, framed mirror 'J i S S j 6 3 ( 9 6 . Jamaa W. McAdama of Califor­ tleepa two, vhok« of decorator Meeting on Oct. 8. nia, formarly of 108 McKee St, ( IS A CONTRACT— personal belongings with them. Ask us about ■MM bed. Plcnio Enjoyed fabrics. Hero’s a coaverrible S-PC. CONVERTIBLE LIVING ROOM has returned from Europe, where NOW anxinexpensive Personal Effects policy which sofa with a comfortable mat- In spite of Sunday’s unfavorable he had the pririlege of vtalUng llilH OLD COLONY SLUMBA-SOFA* A T will cover against practically all loss. Full in­ iiiiii treeo that truly is miles ahead weather, the Sportsmen’s Club bad coualiis, friends and Gerald Mc­ C f tisiiRSit or iRcowipsttBcs In writhif It e Ym ioiow OUR pfteos, eompora Mmir rnywhors— radio, TV or oowspopon. 2 CHAIRS a % # / 3-Fc. CORDOVAN MAHOOANY O IL n good turnout for the annual Donald In Portadown. Northern formation and rates cheerfully quoted with­ ill la design aad coaafort. family picnic. The event was so Ireland. He Mro vlaited England, ^w^Euw^ff savAama WnMuklA Am mmWWAmjmmmA ca^^w^HWomlmAmmA out obigation. iiiiii 4-PC. COLONIAL BEDROOM, aajpysble that it was deddod to Scotland and *1116 Netherlanda. INNEKSPMNG Draaacr, Cheat o f Drawera, Framed held a Mmtlar pfenie ahortly, with The wanther te Europe thla sum­ . .__ t. $ 1 9 8 7 r $ 1 2 7 5 7 tlM date to be announead la tbs mer WM almost perfect. While la MATTRESSES Mirror and Bad $68.53 •sar future. Portadown ha had the pririlege M ijiii: > WaOlMd Ragy speaking In the open airUr and he RasawHwV w v v i w Ya^vo aw m^^wa^^WsWi THEN J sk n H . ^ i!:ki Tha Rov. Stephen Cbaabarteln, fbund that many paople listened to jiiii^ • chairman of'the Youth OMunittee what ha had to eay. Many moro ) too tWs ot sooy. Cooio io ood MO tho q ^ i t y o f OUR ootomobHtt. Not tomoiraw, af the Tolland Aeaociatlon of Can-leaam to ba mtaraatad In apiritual lappen grtgatioaal • Chrlatiaa CZnrehM. Uliiifff iMrt. -oot M xt wook, oot ooxt mooth. Sm thooi N O W , t o ^ i laa announced a weekand rally he arrived In Menchqeter ^ ^ iN S v e a N C f VISIT OUR OPEN which win be held Dot 6 aiid 9 he bed a hurriad call to attend the at the Varnen Oongregational funeral o f htt brothar-in-law. PEACE OF MIND IS O r » lUSANCSS** NEW STORE Church In Varnon Oaat^ Archibald Oouriay, formerly of BEZZINI BROTHERS TILL The priadpal enaakar wUi ba thie town. , M A IN ST. the Rev. Raymond Fanner, diroc- LEONARD Da RiVARO ADENOY, iRta 164 EAST CENTER STREET-—M l 9-6261 1014 FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS MANCHESTl R, OQHi iar n f the youth program at the NO OEOAN8 HEARD aoi MAIN ST„ MANCHESTER I P it SCttilMMit CpMRriRStlOMSl CSiurche Open Thursday Evenings Until 9:00 HARTFORD Jackeonville, Fla. Iff)—Tha city T IL M I 9<«271 . ; AfiRhM Aim UIIJJABB idAMCHiSTlRwMMI 9. 1R44 ' B aU PK MOTORS, liK. ' and Saturdays Until Noon . 1,. to tha high aeheol la aaaiag up on tha tax lavlad eenfaienea win he uahist one orofeeelon here. T h e 3M EAST CENTER ST. MANCHESTER. CONN. UV-'-'.T in vernen hopaae City Council haa reduced the oocu- OPEN 7 fo 9 P.M. THURSDAYS which nriu hegta with natienal lieanee fee from five to OPEN EVSNINOS TIU 9 P.M.SATURDAY TILL S P.M. thrpe^ doUan for profoaaiopal. ivs66tSon» £-

J-.:--' A


and where man falla to cultivate leave. Hs wouldn't fibs pmliad Zoners Reject Schwab Bid Democrat Hits Hurricane Hilda to Hit Bolton T ew Farmers or rsmevqa the grass, tha old dame BMfrgfncy Doeton Health Agent him Into S'pond, Hs le ft Production stepa In and puta tumblswesds oc While Croaamsn stood pat on 1^ , Moscow TaUts Buried by Crop o(her wseda aa her mm cdnatrva- phyrtciana o f tho Manches­ To Drop Suit bis announcameht'; fefustng to am­ For Permit to Sell Liquor $250 M illion in tlon measure." . . ter’ Medical Asan. who will re- plify it or answer questions about Splirt Held Cuba, Bahamas Tonight Caucus Picks Incumbents; sp Campbell Council Democrats Favor Veterans 3-5629 and Dr. William Stroud, Comer Store, 489 E. Middle flee"" and ’ “ that ‘ ^ Dr. Nicholas Mar •-P— — ' * San Angelo, Tex., Sept. 18 OP) Weetport Sept 18 (JR—The aren’t going to sue each other, al-' Soviet Myth Tpke.. wak barred for. the second sialo would have the other. He said lOaaUaaed from Page One) Forecastar Wlaltar Da via pf the Te|. M I 9-4708. cas4 of the town health inspector though he ^alms a back Injury and time In five years last night by the he was not-sure how much the new Deaths A great many farmera around here Planning Minstrel she claims hs serstchsd her left I rag* c**) , Miami Weather Bureau aald Bolton, Sept 18 (Special) —4to accdmpUah this ramsrkable re- Who set out to trace the aoqrce Zoning Board of Appeals, which building would lUtlmately cost. tee, which hs heads, will make an Oemocrats ranamed ssvsral in- atilt. face aome pitchfork drill this fall arm. (Oealtaned (roM Page OMe) refused to grant an application by Others were from Ralph Rooke, weather men ai* atUl waiting for of pollution in a brook—and ended WMt' CHtnua vUtton. Gtrman Poiic^ Arrests intensive investigation of the de­ Mr*. Rachel T. Elliott oumbantaior town offUea in their Ernest Amiot of Bast Hartford, and Wlntar. Thay'U harvest a crop Plana for the minstrel show to Chlldrp^ and also, aa last year, to 2. A ll toWn employes whose ^oSkM iiun Felix von Harry Schwab. planning an attached breezeway "aome definite eign” aa to whether w m of the' male agricultural labor partment looking for Inefficiencies " Mrs. Rachel, Flavell Elliott, 99 caucus last night at the Communi­ a noW-profssaional", acted aa auc­ they can't sell, can’t eat, can't feed be presented by Campbell Coun­ the Enfield Prtaon Farm. up in a pond where he pushed duties bring them In contact with SStM dt MlS the dleciuiton mt ^ Joseph Cherrone, owner of Cher- and garage at 40 Hartland Rd.; and waya to Improve service. Charter Oak St., widow of George Hilda will continue her preaent tioneer for the event A coopera­ their Tcattle, can’t afford not Jo tho public are given identifi­ weat-northweet eourao or turn ty HaiL The meeting waa attended cil No. 573, Knights of 0>1 mbus, A s rehsarsals prograss and com­ by an Irate housewife—has been putjr might give a ‘^ytain lift^ John Wallentln. 64. of 76 Foster fore.e. . Tone's Package Store at 622 E. Joseph Then, who will build an A He said the Elsenhower adminis­ U Elliott, died yeaterday M the about 40 people. Incumbents tive profeartonsl among ths hftrvMt. cation cards, complete with finger­ northward. ', are now well underway. Th f show mittees meet, more announcements amiably settled.” to the conference. •Even in Italy, productivity Middle Tpke. — represented by Zone dwelling on a lot in A A 2k>ne tration had put "the aevereat Manheater Memorial H o sT) i t a 1 rs. Psarl Jawell snd V ln a n t patrons, recognised by ths Smiths The plant to the tumbleweed —' prints, photographs and ths town St., waa arreeted early last night south of 54 Grandview S t; and "W e hope to so# tho light aome S will be given at the "Verplanck about ths program artll be misde. That's wtMt it sa^s in this an- No siga o f Aocord __ passed this point some 30 or 40 Atty. Jerome Walsh — and Rev, pressures*' on Congress to raise after a short illness. Krsaaipkt wars nominated to poata aa a Norwich auctioneer, good-ria- a joy to romping ohlldren, a ghoat School Nov. 10, 11 and 12. clerk's official stamp. ■u by Patrolman Rol)ert Turcotte as John Neubert of the Community Qlfford Joyce,, who will put a time tonight," Davla aald. houncemsnt by flrst Selectman yT. tito to thla morning, there wme years ago," the Elconomist said, rates "to ruinous levels.” Born In Northern Ireland on 1 on the Board o f Education. tuiM ly plneh-hlt for Amiot early to a scary horse .and a burden to 3. Mrs. Behlow will "welcome' the reiult of domestic disturbance Baptist Church spoke in opposition permanent foundation under a I f Hilda puraues her preaent As In the past, the minstrel la Clarke Croesman: X no indication any eort of ajjee- Average food consumption in President Elsenhower and Post­ Nov. 11. 1884, she had lived here ' The only oonteet oourred on the in the afternoon while the latter dryland farmera. a Health Department agent at her store at 34 Church St. path, she will akirt the north eoaat under the able direction of the home to run-the dye test. LET US F ILL YOUH Bient Vrould teeult from Aden­ at his home and charged with in­ Russia la lower now than it was to Schwab's request. master General Summerfleld have for 40 years. BcfbM retiring she poet of Ragistrar of Voters held had Some hiheh- The Smiths report Many UUlons of the weed are Settle Matter AmlaMy The Rev. Mr. Neubert raised Then was represented by Atty. of Cuba tonight and noartbta move Rev. Robert Canroll, chaplain of auer'* vUil to the Soviet capiUI. toxication and breach of the peace. in 1913 before the Communist Rev­ repeatedly urged a boost In rates was employed at m n eer Para­ for many years by Alice E. Lee. a good c^bwd on hand with some ripening In unused fields. High Manchester " A representative of the Health the point that the property on John D. LaBelle, who said the lot inland. The ragged lafanda, 75 miles nds last weekend loosened a feW I Knights of Columbus. A lively *We are now Juet where we He is being held pending porting olution, Clark said. to wipe out as much of the postal chute Co. She was a mcqjber Of the Nominatloiia from the . floor in­ dealers among the group. program has been arranged with Department, the first selectman, s t a it ^ " Von Bcknrdt Mid yeeter- which the Green Corner Store, is was so Irregular In shape that this deficit as possible. The deficit was north of the Cuban copat and 175 cluded Claudia M. Jones and Eva Aeatotlax Putaaas million. ths town counsel, and a rspreaent- of a $100' bond, police said. "Whatever else Soviet agricul­ South Methodist Church.v miles to the weat-northweat of several of the part performers Date 'Book day. After the Kremlin reception Yesterday also, Sgt. Henry located is less than 200 feet from was the best way, for his client to $362 million in the most recent She leaves two daughtet*. Mrs. Morra. Tha ballots wars 20-13 in E. Pierce Herrick is currently They whipped acroaa level afivs of Mra. Robert Be blow met ture can do,” Clark added, "it can- Great Inagua, are expected to feel making return uipearanccs. FVom Uat night the only delegation the Church land, which prohibits li­ build a house there and meet other Donald Carnell of Vernon anikMrs. (aver of Mre. Jones. saalsting in the re-saseasment ground unfit they hit a fence or in the selectman's office on Mon. Gaurudcr arrested. Richard Brim­ pot feed the Russian people prop­ building - requirements. financial year. the force of Hilda’! atrong north- now until the flret night of the member from the SodalieUc op- quor sales under xoning regula­ Johnston said one question his James Centura of Babylon. N.'-^.; Oaear Kreyrtg was nominated aa problems of Putnam as it con- other barrier and then they plied day. Sept. 12, and tha matter has mer, 32, 'tSi no certain address, and erly,” Joyce said he has a display case aide winda early" tonight. These show rehearsal* will be held twi^e Saturday, Sept IT poelUon, Carlo Schmid, told re- tions. ...—• , committee would consider was a -son. Thomas Elliott of Manches-; first aalectman; Incumbent Stanley tinuee its efforts to gat back to up. They buried tha fence. been amiably settled to the satis­ charged him with operating a Nearly 150 scholars and political which weighs about a ton and the islands are populated only by a weekly at the Knights o f Colum­ Family fair. Orange Hall, iO CALLED FOR AND * ^ e r e the reaulta of the confer- Liquor outlets are hot permitted whether the postal service should Patnode as aalectman; Republican business as usual" after tha Au­ Sheltered lawns also were buried faction of all parfiea." motor vehicle without a driver s leaders ■ from 30 nations are at­ weight was causing the floor of his bus Home on Main. SL a.m. to 5 p.m. DELIVER^) PROMPTLY were "rteolutely sero. , I h * is being held unUl he within 200 feet of churches, be treated as ^“purely a business" o,f Mancpesler and on^fn one in ireiano,Irria'nd V > ' natives. David C. Toomey and Anthony A. gust flood. several feet deep. OIL MIRNER tending the conference. shop to sag. ZBA approval was lolice were made yesterday. They its maximum development." shop, where ‘dry cleaning would long list of non-postal services to Friends may call at the funeral mlttes before the meeting. a.m. Mre. Behlow asked Osllagher, OIL SiRVICI He said the greatest growth be done, was tabled for further in­ Hideline Exception ^ home from 7 to 9T30 tonight and Small craft ownbrs on the Florida ■esaorfe; Charlea F. Volkert and Mr. and Mra. Oscar Kreyrtg from them almost as fast as from FiitLMtiPhanMil those of David Coury, 45. handle: east coh^t were advised to stay This year the Knights’of Colum­ Nov. 10, 11 aad U a stranger to her, to show her his , 8 N EABS OKMTBB BE. period for Soviet Industry was just vestigation. ■. > Other applications approved by "W e should stop calling the cost tomorrow from 8 to 5 and 7 to Arthur C. Kehl, Board of Tax have returned from a visit with a ratUesnaks's buss, r ” iif^ e ^ m tte ^ M ^ o m lC i d Winsted; and Oredore Beudoln. 26. Where the weeds pile up, thSy bus plan to take the minstrel to Knights of Columbus minstrel credenttsls. * •■ TEL. M l fi fifififi ™ •»t. .trl-Hanfg«l.tmttiT:tiaa:iged withspeeA- before-^y orld *Wftr II fov -t.hp A tty-., John-S, G. which wilt allbw con- of-lbesh-needed-aervicas^a. deficit,” 9.;3Q-P,in...... close to pfHd. Revue; Robert LI Boake, John their son, Pvt. Richard Krsysig, MI-9-4548 — 'Hiiaarthe eighth ,-tr ^w%a Walter GuUmer. To meet the challenge of. ad­ ranged a demonstration. He had a as they should —that their depart­ The funeral of Mrs. Bertha L. : Soli conssrvsfivea blame two vancing Soviet Industry, Wiles said a dwelling at 33 Sanford Rd. Four previous storms born In ing Board of Appeals snd R. K. Ih e The intersection at Woodbrldge pall brought In containing some of ment creates more in wealth, taxes Fletcher of Bolton Notch will bo things for the severe '.nfeatation; to Adenauw s sti^ m M U tbiU Oakland Sts. was the spot the Free World must maintain full the cleaning fluid, cloth waa soaked Permission to have slgna was and employment than any other that area hammered Florida dur­ Jonas Jr., ths 1956-1961 term. Sales at Auction V. held tomorrow morning at 11 Jasprin Morra and Burton W. dry weathsr in the early summer Annipersary granted to three applicants: Green ing the past 30 years. The great wlsraera n>“ t wh three drivers were stopped employrnent with slight inflation. In the liquid and a match applied. federal agency, people would real o’clock at "the Vetkins Funeral which caused fields to be aban­ To achieve this, he said, the West The cloth would not burn and the Manor Estates for a temporary, aze that for millions spent, billions 1926 hurricane that raked Miami Jackson were namsd-for the IPSS- Amount to $1,%5 hy two different officers and Home, 142 E.-G«n£a-. St". The Rev. V 1988 term as fire commissioner; doned for the cesson, and later rewntflosUon be charged with passing stop signs, should have a controlled mamt- match was extinguished by throw­ free standing ground sign cast of are earned." came from there. So did the J. R. Yeager ofjLhe United Metho­ -Mortimer Harlow snd Walter J. rain which nurtered the tumble­ tween Boim M d Moecow could be patrolman Thomas Graham ar- facturing system, leaving trade ing it in the pall. the pump house on W. Middle Johnston defended the lower 1928 storm that moved inland at dist Church T f Bolton, of which ^ s c h u k tha 1956-1961 term. weeds. •^ormtlls^ 1. rested Allan W. McLean, 62, and agriculture completely free, Mrs. Margaret LaChapelle, ask­ Tpke.. Intended to advertise the rates charged for bulk third class the deceased was a member, will Palm Beach and lashed the Okee­ Total sales at tha Manchester Nmnlnatlona for the Town Plan­ Auction Mart Monday amounted Elmer. Kelton, San Augelo S p e e ia is lleldB Only War CrtmlnaU I gprtngfieid, Mass., released after ing permission to convert a l-fam? tenants of the nevir shopping cen­ mail, largely advertising circulars. officiate. Burial will be In East chobee region. ning T^mmlsaion iniuded John W. Standard-Hmer agricultural edl ^asserted that his g o v - K , posted a $12 bond; While Pa- ily dwelling to 2-family occupancy, ter there; Malcolm Barlow, who He said the users of this class of to $1.965.3.5. aa 671 half-bushel Bulganin Cemeter^’. Bavoartxl955-19S6; Alfred J. Lewis tor. has his own explanation: received the only other denial by will have a free 'standing, lighted mail performed 7 of 11 operations baskets, 521 of which were No. •mment was holding no German frolman Walter Caaseila Jr. ah- Friends may call at the funeral 1996-196Y; Stanley Patnode 1955- "The tumbleweed Is nature’s prlsoners of war—only ,9,626 war James O. Gallant, 23, of the ZBA The property concerned ground sign at 435 Main St., with which the department handles for home from 7 to t o'clock tonight. I ’a, were sold. Lone Bid High Coventry 58; Jack e v ly . 1953-59; George R. The day’s high was $4.25, the way of trying to provldo cover for ertmlnals convicted of atrocitiea 499 q . Middle Tpke., charged also Is at 37 Marble St. In an Industrie no part of the sign to be closer first class mall, and also that third Zone and it has been the Board’s Davies, 1955^; and Raymond P. low was $2.70, snd ths avsrsgt barejxouniL.__ ReunlflcaUon, the SovleU said, with operaUng an unregistered than to feet to -the street line; class.mail Is handled only In lull Mrs. Herman A. Behrend I'Nature can't abide a bare spot. policy to restrict residential use In and Dr. Robert Alesbury, who JeweU, 1956-6: was $3.38 per basket,"^ was an Internal 'German matter I motor vehicle; and Harold W. On Totvn Notes periods to keep up the work load The funeral of Mrs. Herman A. Jacobsen Wins CD Project ^'Beooamiended such zones. . plans a small' sign at 139 E. Cen­ of postal employes which should be worked out by Howe, 35, of East Hartford, Behrend of 144 High St. was held Local Civil Defense Director the West and Bast Germans to­ All 13 other requests were grant­ ter St., the building housing the " I f we were to further raise the yesterday afternoon at 2 o’clock ed. although some carried restric­ GOP Nomination John D. Avery has received copies gether. Faced with high Interest rates Manchester Chamber of Com­ rate for third class mail, at the Holmes Funeral Home, with an director, the ap­ cost by reinvesting some of the fy telephone conversations between For Liquor Vote Tuesday 119 Maple St., was held yesterday his capacity as clerk of the Board would result from the talks. The I due to Mrs. Beck’s Illness. plication also Includes his state­ mbney immediately. two distant points—must be about afternoon at 2 o'clock In St. of Finance, waa defeated by a vote BUY AT ASHAWOG’S Chancellor said the conference | Mary’s Episcopal Church, with the of 307 to 170. ment that he strongly recom­ Plana were di*cuM«el, O' Hall, 337 votea to talk and dem olifIm itm -by MUs froitlno—na fre«l ta defroitl dr lulltImtWietfiabIgHelpetol been picked to be among the gve school from flrst ara4e to super- tions "governing construction. Campaign Underway . . mow $4180 a yard! tion is made. Drive A ; Miss Hilda Robinson. 131 Coventry,.Sept. 13 (SpeciaU— Herbert E. Rose’s 121; Constables, Buckley, Preoaera— hgt ks.awn freoslng ♦-H youths to represent Hartford vising principal SndV later superin- Martin hopes to be able to oper­ •Included was one from Dr. John' Meanwhile, the election cam­ Summit St.; Mrs. Mary Simmons, fir Dolry-Ster (er butter, eggs Prlgnano, who plans a 2-office pro­ A t a Dejilotralic caucus iiruch Louis E. Tuttle, Delmar W. Potter, 8488 ReaUzed County In the Eastern States Ex-1 tendent. ' ate oh the $1,200,000 untlf after paign itself is beginning to',pick 152 Bissell St.: Mrs. Helen Kjell- milder than its Republican coun­ tyttoffll Inwiatad on 4 iM**l fessional building just west of 7 up momentum. Opponents of Sun­ John T. (Joualns, Edwin Brannon: Net profit on the auction held 39 IncW Wool ' end'ch**i*...3 extra-deep poelUon. ^Th e exposition . will I President Mrs. Gustafson an- Jan. 1 when rates on short term qulst and daughter, 22 Union St., terpart last night, a crowd of l05 Reglatar of'Voters, Helen West- Plain Corduroy W„Middle Tpke. He said last night day sales, who are being spear­ at United Methodist Church Sat­ ek/minum deer ihelv**...alumi­ ■tart Friday Ih West Springfleld, nounced the following committees notes are likely to drop. Rockville. voters nominated-Christian A. Wy- land. First .District, Gertrude A.’ urday was 8492.85, Mr. and/Mrs. Remnants At (Interlining* -dr Slde-epsnlng, lolck-lypo for the year in prospect: Ways headed by the social action com­ num-fell dbpenter. i. fruit reck. DISOHARGEJD 'TODAY: Mrs. gold for the office of First Select­ Haven, Second Dlatrict. Grand _ Albert Sinith has snnounerfd. The $1 A Yard 25c A Yard daer...tnwlation on oil ildas Miss Wilcox will exhibit a Jer- »nd Means, Mrs. Ruth J. Spencer, mittee of the Council of Churches, Martha Montany and daughter, 38 man. He will oppose present In­ Jurors, A. Harry W. Ilsen. Wln- are placing newspaper advertise­ Smiths have expressed their sln- ■sy heU«r. while Kelsh jvill show chairman. Mrs. Alice CTampet, Grandview St.; Stanley Mendall. cumbent Ren. Goodwin W. Jacob­ throp”, Merriam. P. Raymond fir Two hl-humidity vegetobla (i.oksslnuni liner4 atsab ments and writing letters to The cera thanks to sU those who helped an Ayrshire heifer. 'Ibese two Mrs. Kathryn Hendrickson, Mrs. Illing Tells 330 Teachers RFD, Wapping: Mrs. Soiphia son in the biannual election Oct. 3. Broga. Dudley Ferguson: Board o f erhport i i. «lido-out MeW Marti sum Ifireo-rew Ice frayil srere among the winners in the .Kathleen Thompson; Budget, Mrs. Herald ' Open Forum denouncing Glowackl and son. 9 Golway St.; Other nominees are Ronald Education. Russell Potter, Alma HUNDREDS OF DOMESTIC WOOLS! \ »M *nt Hartford County 4-H Fair Justine Scher, ch^rman. Mrs. the proposed ordinance. Mrs. Caroline Ganzer and daugh­ Glcndcnning. town clerk and Heckler, Lawrence ' C. Latimer. HUNDREDS OF REMNANTS And today, backers of Sunday keld in Suirield. J u «» ter, 192 Hollister St.; John Karam, treasurer; Besse A. Strack, Albert Thomas W. Rider with Donald *C. Be Ready Jto Back Methods sales, the town's restaurant own­ each prospective representative j Chmrlott^ ch^rman^ Miss 8 Lincoln S|.; Deborah Dlcltlnion, A. Rossi, Board of Tax Review; Smith withdrawing.' to thoroughly screened before be-1 B«ralco JUul. Mrs. Grace Fraser, ers, are bringing their campaign 67? Hartford Rd.; Bernard La- Riv e r /. ro ute George Moberg, Leo Duchar™, Also Board of Finance. Albert W TOR THE KIDplES Mrs. Kathleen Johnston; Clasalflca- to the public in a newspaper ad de­ Pine. 90 Branford St.; Mrs. Anita Kenneth Spex.eer, Waiter Mather, J. Booth. Anton M. Lassen. Ford M IL U GROTON Iiig nominated. Inspectors from Superintendent of Schoola A r-» you are personally subjected claring that the eliminatibn o f ^ , Largo AsoortaoBt ASHAWOG the University o f Connecticut Uon, Miss Jessamine Smith; chair­ ‘Olrardin, 16 Trotter St.: Stanley grand jurors; Josephine Plaster, Morgan. Fritz L. Anderaon; Board thur. H. lUlng yeaterday warned to attack. Sunday! prohibition would Increaae. Ajphcultural Ehctenslon select a man, M ra Leoria Beck, Mrs. Mary SzarneckI, 51 Davis Avc., Rock­ tax collector; Andrew Palus, A l­ of Welfare, Aline Bennett. Fred Long HiU Rd. Open 9:30-5:30 ExMpt Sunday Besides the specific criticism of the town's tax revenues. ville; Mrs. Morence Jackman. 15 number of contestants on the Taylor; Project, Mrs. Ruth Spen­ Mancheatqr’a ^ school teachers to the Fleach book, Illing discussed bert Rossi, Ernest Peloquin, Stew­ Wllmot; Planning and Zoning An end to this prohibition, dhe Wadsworth St. k ArttHf Unis S itm 4 harts of the trueness fo breed of cer, M ra Josephine,Munson; Mrs. expect criticism of both teaching that class; o f ".critres whose mem­ art Hillman,' constables. Five • de­ Board. Donald C. Smith, Francis Elisabeth Ubert, regional dele­ advertisem*nt says, would lead to feated candidates included Fred Mullen. Arnold Carlson; Zoning the animal and the showmanship methods and of the schools. ber*' "fondly believe, out of their expansion and improvement of o f Its owner. The final pick is gate; Miss Juul, welfare chairman. nostalgic memories of the past, Bissell Howard, Crafty Raymond Board of Appeals, Russell Karker, The meeting Monday evening. But at the same time, he called restaurant facilitlea. "This would, Culver, HaroU McCamibon, Eu­ Evelyn Winner, Ftied C. Mohr, determined by competition. that In those good old days, every result in higher assessment of res­ Arrest Two Men September 20, will be. preceded by on tho teachers to be ready to de­ gene W. Conner. with FYitz Anderson and Ford As ode 4-H advisor in this area fend their profession and their body who went to achool got 100 taurant property." the message a tour of - the Munson Candy per cent In r,eading, in writing, in William Miller, Alice Stew^art, Morgan defeated. Board of Tax ]mt it, “ its really something when product for,, he said, ^ "today a continues, "assuring the town a Kitchen, Andover Rd„ Route 6. arithmetic. In epelliqg.” III Driving Ciaise William Edmondson and Mary Revieiy nominees were Albert F. a——* »»»»»— two representativesa to the Esst- «Mrs. l «. SJIMBIBUmJIl Gustafson gSTIVCU served VSlilltV dainty schoola are good schools.” greater tax Income." Hills were nominated for the Bray and Thomas D. McKinney. Hard to Bietlex-e In the pa*t, restaurant owners era States Exposl^n refreshmenU after the business AndTUing, speaking at tho Wad­ Board of Educqj-lcn: Adeline Hoff, Eugene W. LstUmer waa elected lMi(e That these critics made such an have argued that Sunday prohibi­ By the time Patrolman Ray­ from the same town, alnbe there dell School at an Introductory First District and Elsa Martin, moderator and Bertrand Hunt ••ciiir-rtrMMiricr, can only be five representatives ac'kdemac^em ic perfq^-mance, Illing said. tion is coating them business.vThey meeting of Manchester's 3301 ■ to believe "when w® note mond Peck wound up his inveatl Second District, for register of acted as secretary. SfktMfrlnl from the whole county." teachero, alaq vol^eed hit belief that j |U,^^.hey pointed out that those residents gation of what started out as a voters; John A. Hlliman, Stephen paint on their road dining out often want a co*cktail at least the bulk of M ^cheater ,hey write to the news- simple -case of one alleged speed­ Loyzin, Alanaon E. Stewart, WOW! first and if they can not get one Tn wlH*anive In West S p ^ gfleld I Suicide Reported cltlzens endorse Jhe schoola “ * I papers. Hi read on radio Manchester they will go out bf ing driver last nigh,., two men George Farrell, Board of Finance; Sun Seen Cause Tho Now ■'iPMday, and will display their ex­ forts. programs, ikw iney must get as­ Herman Maisse, Mary Tarrottl, hibits Saturday and Sunday. Mon- town. ^ were arrested. Board of Welfare; Harvey Morse, By State Police -"The citizens of Manchester sistance to fllk out income tax re Most comihunities surrounding • Popular 30” size SAVE $toy at 9:30 a.m. competition will Peek pursued a car reportedly James Bell and Edward Franz, Of 2-Car Crash have given ua ample evidence of porta, how t h ^ have to be di­ Manchester permit the sale of - WEU BE GLAD--Y0UU BE GLAD start, with judging by breeds. A t driven by George GosS, 21, Old planning and Zoning Board; Dell their fall'H In education and of rected to 'print -^don’t write,’ and liquor on Sunday, and thrte rom- ’•Master oven 1 p.m. all dairy group entries will South Windsor, Sept. 13 (Spe- how •directions h.xve to be made Lyme, on Center and Adams Sts. Audin, Frank Kai.mlian, Thomas $140 their desire for good educational munlties, the restaurant owners When two aun-blthded drivers compete in. fitting and showing ciall —Mrs. Anna May Kupchu pictorial rather thatv verbal." The ,.„.o^flcer said the driver Welles and Maurey Fields, Zoning facilities for their children.” IlUng say. are getting Manchester's burt- were involved In a rear-end colli­ b: . . you cams to Sovbifs ood Lsan for honw fiaaiiciiifi. \ • World’s fastest electric surface NOW— nilST TIME eompetitlon. Winners in various nos. 45. of Foster St.. South Wind- aald. citing the $2,100,000 appro­ , , The Manchester s c lw l superin- "rtvappi^ places - with one o f two Board of Appeals. groups may then be jentered Inl aor, ended her life yeaterday with nesa. other front-seat occupants as the Raymond H. Bradley waa elect­ sion about 7:10 this morning on unit " priation for operating a achool pro­ teifdent admitted thats today'! The theme of the opposition has IN MANCHESTER a blast from a double-barreled car stopped. ed moderator and Adeline H off Highland St., one car waa unscath­ national competition. gram "In a plant whose replace­ schools are far from p e r f^ , but been that six days of liquor salves shotgun. State Police reported. Questioned separately, Goss ad­ acted as secretary. ed but an estimated $350 damage • Hotpoint quality...... ment value would not be “tinder he went ori. "the very fact, that in a week should be enough and resulted to the other, police said. DMiared a. suicide by South mitted he had been driving. Peck $25,000,000." we are continually searchlngx^or thaf, on the. seventh, the Sabbath One driver's wife suffered a cut Windsor Medical Examiner Dr. Cites ll(gh l4fhool more effective methods' Is an ex­ said, and was charged with speed­ NOW ONLY should be observed. A ll ProtestaBt ing ondlopermUng a motor vehicle knee but was not hoifpttaUzed. .. Public Records Ralph Relnfrank, Mrs.- Ktipchunos He. also cited as evidence of town tremely healthy sign.” ^ ^churches are joining In. the opport- while his llce^ e . w,qs under sus­ Vagabonds Play Patrolman Samuel Maltempo in­ had despaired of llie future be­ support the approval of the new He also said that today's pupils tlqn to the " proposed ordinance. vestigated and said .both vehicles REST SERVICE IN TOWN cause of a/heart ailment. $5 ,000,000 High school, given at a themaclvea "are a refutation of the pension. ' . ' ‘ Warrantee Deed* H ^ e v e r, the Catholic churches Donald K, Babco*ck, 23, Lyme, For Elks' Dance were-headed east, facing the ris­ Hartley M. Burnham and Nancy State' police "found, her at home time when "town after town is not argument that teaching waa bet-^' and Hhe Jewish- synagogue have ing sun; A fter Robert B. Dougan after a complaint by her husband, able to secure voted approval for the substitute driver, tried to Ann BunUirtn, also known as Ann ter 20 or So years ago, despite not y it. entered the campaign. protect Goss by saying he had Jr., 44, of 40 Gardner St., -stopped Frank Kupchunos, that the house even the barest skeleton of a high If partied, the ordinance would Marie Burnham, to Edith C, Mc- the" disadvantages under which the been driving and added tha^ he Filial plams for ladies night, the suddenly, a car driven , by George doors were locked upon hiS return achool building.. We have much COmb, property at 15 Elsie Dr. schools of 1955 are forced to op­ permit thb sale of liquor between ■had a license. Peck reported, l first jqf, many gala affairs to be J. Hussey. SO, of 92 Woodlsnd S t ,. home, from wojfk. consider ourselves fortu­ the hours of 12 noon and 9 p.m. on plowed into the rear o f thb DoO|^ Albert H. Brown snd Dllys E. erate. The officer decided further in­ hrt'd at the Elks Horae, have been ....y r Brown to Harry J. Charette and Bom Aug. 20, 1910, she had nate," he said. Ihiplls Improved Sunday. vestigation was necessary and completed. The affair will take suto. Maltempo repor'leHT"^ Carman F . Charette, property at lived In South Windsor all her life In speaking of the criticisms "Our puplla,” he said, "have a told Babco*ck to drive the car to place on Saturday, Sept. 17. M ra Roma Dougan, 37, riding Yom'II ba glod horns IoOn fistvics h prompt sod sor FACTORY SERVICE Deerfield and Foxcroft Dre. and had worked as a government that the teachers could expect to poise and an ability to express headquarters since he had said he Chairman. Ronald H. Gates re­ with her husband, suffered a minor Thelma J. Escott to R. Gordon inspector In the Colt Manufactur­ hear, Illing mentioned specifically ports a rapid sale of tickets. Those cut on one knee, police said. . their thoughts which their parent Hospital Notes had an operator's license, accord­ QTTifliQV TnvnQiys Campbell, property at 94 Ferguson ing Co. Besides her husband the book "Why Johnny Can't generation did not possesa. They ing to police. members who have not acquired Dougan told pplice he mistook a Bd. she. leaves three daughters, Mrs Read." by Rudolph FI each, which must be acquainted with facta of A check with the Motor Vehicle their tickets are reminded that mailbox for a man when the sun Gilbert Sass and- Lillian Sans to Annabelle Lang of West Stafford, attacks today's method* of teach­ acience and ' 6f sociology which Patlenta Today i 162 Department, rovealed that Bab|^ they are available at the Elks got in his eyes and that waa the Oreen Manor Etotates, Inc., prop­ Mrs. Evelyn Kadish of. Hartford. ing reading. were unknown a generation ago. AD M ITTED YESTERDAY: co*ck, whom police said had first Home or from members of the reason he . stopped. Hussey’s ve­ * Prompt Approififlris erty o ff Parker St. Miss Elaine Kupchunos of New He said the book will probably They (have risen, aa during the Raymond Lambert, 3 Bancroft given another name, had no committee. hicle waa the only one damaged- Certificate of Devbe York City;.tw o brothers, Antnoy trigger crlUslama by "people who last war, to .meet situations un' Rd.. Rockville; Stanley Mendall, driver's license. f*ck explained. Music for dancing will be fur­ No charges were brought by po­ Bstate of John co*ckerham to * Ubsrol VohMtism Zitkus and Peter Luesrts, both of will read It. accept what they read precedented in history, and a very RFD, Wapping; Mrs. Anna Dim- Babco*ck was charged with, nished by Hal Wood's "Vaga­ lice. YOUR la f RRtone Mary Ann co*ckerham, property on Hartford: twq sisters, Mra Eve­ without questioning its accuracy, large number of them, by proven low, East Windsor Hill; Julius operating a motoi* vehicle without bonds." Highlights o f the evening Church S t * Qoick Dseifiioofi lyn Lucas, Stafford Springs, Mrs. and probably add a few telling tests, can road, spell and figure Rau, 4 Elm Ter.; Theresa Scheidel, a license because he drove to head­ will Include flowers for the ladies, Marriage Ueensee Nellie Nettles, Hartford; and one Illustrations of their own to cor- 188 Broad St.; "Mrs. Jean Burr, quarters—and giving false Infor gifts and refreshments. Donald Brian Edmondo. * » * « * ' I j far better than their counterparts Course .on Bible STORE roHorate Mr. Flesch’a opinion.” Storra; Mrs. Claire Leger, 82 'Vil­ mation to ploice. III ton, and Sally Ann Emery,_ 211 X r of 20 or 30 years ago. 1716. funbral will be Thursday Say Book Inaccurate "Our schools," lUIng continued, lage St., RockvlUe; Mrs. Emily Goss was roleoaed under $250 O.I., P.HJk. Csovsotisosl Homs Loom .Cunbrldge St., Oct. 1, Ceatar Con­ Schneider. Fairvlew Ave., Rock­ At Center Church AND at 8:15 a.m- from, the William P. But, he went on, "the bcxik Is "are crowded, our working condl bond, and Babco*ck under $100 gregational Churidi. Quiah- Funeral Home, 225 Main reported by coinpeteiit prlUcs to ville; Deborah Dickinson, 673 About Town Carl Stlners Petersen, Wethers tlons are not always ideal, and we bond, for court appearance Sept. St., followed by a solemn requiem be full of inaccurate statements Hartford Rd-; Mrs. Adella Sto- 19. Bald, and Lueretia BdiUt Wlntar, whrk in the face of more compet Our Lady of the Most Holy Ros­ Thursday night at 8 q'clock ths Maas at the St. Francis of Assisi . . . and there Is little doubt that Unas, Broiul.. Brook: Wilfred Ortumbla. SepL 38. . lita forces than had avan been ary Mothers Circle will begin its Rev. Clifford O. Simpson,-pastor Church in South Windsor. the author is quite unacquainted Clarke, 20 Henry St.; Jeriljm Basincfifi Hoorfl BulMlng Permits dreamed.’ of a Feneration o r two Rogers, Klm.HUi-Rd.'. Talcottvllle; 1955-56 season with a poUuck sup­ o f Center Oonfro|aUoiial_ Church, T o Herbert Hutchinson for Dr. Burial will be in St. Catherine's with prlnctplea underlying the ago. In spite o f all this, how- will bekii) his lOtn eowm on the Monday, Tucoday and Friday modern reading j^rogram, tha re- Maurice Granfleld. 245 Center St.; Postal Receipts - per at the home of M™- James E. C. Wsldm, for altaraUonsj Cemetery, Broad Brook. Friends ayer, J believe that a careful scru­ Fitzpatrick, 209 Hilliard St, to­ BlMe. ‘The topic for this fall will Until 5 P.M. may call at the funeral home this BUlta of exhaustive reeearch on the JanlcO OUdie. 47 Bancroft St.; Mrs. to a dwelling at 102 Princeton Bt. tiny *will: reveal that wn are doing Muriel ScMdbel, SJ Lsgion Rd.; morrow at 7 p.m. Mrs, Mary lo u be the Gospel sccordiii|; to St. Wednaaday and Saturday Until Noon evening fiwn 7 to 10 o'clock and subject, or the general improve­ Show Increase John. ment which la evidenced by care­ -more, and certainly doing it for John Hutton. 26 Benton St.; Mrs. Taylor. leader of the group thla Thnradaya Until I P. M. ii • ^ S t a n l e y BavUoais. for alter- tomorrow from 2 to 5 and 7 to JO more people, than has even been year, urges all members to attend. A cordial Invitation la axtendod p.m. ful testing results.” Milton Floutf. 119 "Autumn St. a dwelltpg at 151 Sti before. ADMTrTBD TODAY; " Robert Postal rroipta for the month of to anyone in the community in­ Th^ best way of refuting criU- terested in this class. In connec­ ^sim Bt.. $250. "Let ua, then, keep ouraelvea Owen, 37 Charter Oak St. Aumtat showed a rise o f more than Fall is evidently op the way as LAST BITES FOB BISHOP ciama the book, Illing tion with this moating thsrs w^^ t o WUliam K itU l for Anna Kit-1 .informed on facts of this Aatura BIBTHS YESTERDAY: A son $l,Tp0 over the "samo month a year both fire departments are now get­ suggested, is "by practical demon­ | ,..v ■* •si, for alterations to a storo buUd- asrt bring them out fo r public en- ago, according to Asst. Postmastar ting calla because of overheated be worship led by the pastor with stration rather than by vociferous to Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Msnn, tog at 20 BiaseU S t. $200. Porttowt Malae, Sept IS Vl>— Ui^tenmeiit whenever opportunity Thomas Moriarty. oil burners. At 7:35 last, night, timss of prayer and aeripture an4 In the- eplemn splendor of a debate." H e, also recommended 34 Lawton Rd.; a daughter to Mr. intarcearton. There will be a brtsf (pavings ^ £oan J TbCdward M. Wrtsst for.altera- prfsenta itaelf," he continued, add­ and Mra. John Temualak, 426 He said today that August ih> Haas Co. 3 of the 8MFD answered r i to a ^ o lU n lr at 328 Sprtog I peatmeal solemn Ugh Mass of that the ataff'of each school stqdy one of these alarms at 27 Nathan lecture each evening on the topic the "Fleach attack," adding. ing, "today's schools goott Broad Bt.; a son to Mr. and Mrs. comd this yeaf amounted to $2f,

'.A.?.? ■' V • r.

m - SCANCHESTER EVENING HERALD. HANCHESTER; CQNN^ TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18. 3g5S KANCRB8TER EVENING HERALD. MANCHESTER, co*kNw TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, I9BB 1 .V I ' 5 : (laughter of Mr. anJ Mra. Georga horn's from the W indham Com* Cop—W«n, you Mg, Senator, I tell you anything.—Cicitfj WUde. •everal yasra, aubmltted her realg- Btelnman, hat returned from a Auhlty Memorial Hospital. Y m /C m ' i Ipy Ifli9% ( wanUd to warn you about driving w o r n —14M Columbia nation which r/as accepted with BUGS BUNNY regret. trip to Charleston, 8. C„ with her m t k fast through the n*xt township. ]gy Uttle Margie; ’’Bankruptcy Answer to Previoue PustI* is when you put money In your Daily Madio w rrio —16M ' Elected as her sacceaeor was fiancee, John Young and his M aarbeatw IBvefflag BeraM O - Committee Airs Mr*. Edward Peterson. Mrs. nkrenla, Mr. and Mrs. , Bernard Sense and Nonsense On* should never trust a woman pants pocket end give your coat ActrMS WDBI>-iaff6 Baetera SHijrlight ‘tlaM, WHAff—fflf lumbia correspeadeat Mrs. Ftaak K- who tells one her real age. A wom­ to your creditore.—Fred Willard, James L. Yeung wsi elected third Young of Waahington. D. C. Gloria' Marchlaa, telepboae' AO S-6B66. an who would tell you that would Lexington, S. C. Annex Prnblema director and'-Mrs. Adolf Hlnrlchs will return to her etudles at Pratt Sf« why soM mort 6lMf6» I merely, "I am ninety’.”—Dr. H. ACROM SSOppeeed to lee The following program first director to succeed ' Mrs. InsUtuta in New York this waek- Ky neighbor’* ««t had three kit­ 86Cnieiflx *^gM?SK!S;'A..At ten*, a black, a gray, and a yellow. Spencer Lewi*. I Aebrecs, ulea are euppUed by ,thi Marshall Squler. Mrs. John Cragln end. I M S Q B f # fM f C»OTipCMy 9 9 9 9 9 OohimbU, ffep t 12 (Bpeclel) Tlie black had no tail, the gray BY DICK TURNER J a n e t— DOWN inanegentcata and are subject to Natiooai Hem* waa elactad second director .and Oatechlsm CUsee* BWHtlVIllSo A Jersey cow owned by W. F. CARNIVAL ctiaage wtthmit nettoe. Evening Goad Kuala Oeihmittee chairmen of the Co* half a tall, and the yellow a whole C She perforpn IT o w n la I i ------’* Neat Mrs. Edna Rlmlngton reelected . Catechlt-m - classes at St. $150 In Trade O^PARB AND TdV tL FlMD Allatata. the compaBjr ta u M Whitson, of Somerset, Ky.. gave lumbia Congregational Church treasurer. tall. Thl* really U true, though It Ontario WHAY—Muite Jlercbant IG—People Are Funny. Joseph’! School In WilUmantlo for by Sears, offera rates usuaUg lower than thoea of birth to four sets of twin* In four 11 Depends I met Suntey avsning at the home Tha ’following chalmg/en were For Yoor OM aound* like a tall tale. —Mrs. Har- 5 French regioa Ag^it both S t Joseph's Church and St. —a really battar auto inaurhnea valua! At the eaiN^ [(t . land h. Brown. New Boston. N. H. years.—Mrs. Gene Whitson, Som­ 4 1 . 12 Large A M can 2 Mortgage of the piaator^ the Rev. Henry O. named tor the coming year: Mrs. Cblumbia'a will start Saturday at ceB count on Allaute for flneat protection, friendly B«M erset, Ky. antelopes; 4 Lew haunts FHAY—Polleli NaUotiAl Home Wyman, to dleciiae the church pro­ Irving Lohr, hospitality; Mrs. 10:30 a.m. Claaset on Sunday at Refrigerator end tu t titt eihim M tttenutt.k.thmighottt tbe ifmtM i f gram for the coming year. . f: City Man • Is it a modern farm ItCencurrsoet SHOPS’ kiln I R l WUTH—Boston vs KC TOfe^ff'Daiby Georga Reams) membership; Mrs, S t OoiumMa’a and alaig In Ando end Canada. . .iTtf!;' What the world need* is a closer IS G irl’s The project of the moat im­ Allan Robinson, misaionary; Mrs. var wUI s ta rt a t a latar date to house ?. . ’ 6 Regular (sb.) *'i^A Y —Muiie Menslwai ^ WGTH—ig t, Presion Contact year local AIM eta IhBaiWM* Oe. d u le Real Estate Agent—Five rooms! on what the w o rld nicknaine 7 Drinks made St Wicked 29Evadcs portance ta the propoaed addition Donald Caufleld, program; Mr*. be announced. iY oorstoFoy wetX)—Ruooi’d Stevie* . ,■ Polish Necioml Hem* FRANK LANGMACK — Ml f-BilO and a path. % need*. 16 Mr. Musial with malt 26 Approach 40 Blunders WKNB—YeSS v».^Detroli to tha church. At a redent Zon­ 'Young, publicity; Mrs. Cfia^pn E. HoepItaUted —Oren Arnold. and Mr. 6 Short bw b 28 Near ( s la ^ ) e rb y ing Board of Appaala meeting the H unt hiMpital sewing; Mr*. Ray­ Albert Emersor. of Rt. B la Klwani* Magasih*. Laurel _ WClTH^gt. ^ Preifre e to u addition permit waa denied to the mond Clarke, church sewing; Mr*. Yeu'^re In Good Hands with flieck Mate 9 Chant 20 Greeting 41 Wise ones „ WUTH~Bo*(on v» KC S i* jiatlent at tha Wlndhwn Com­ Potterton's ItiSmaU vcrandaio Hatetid exclanutloD sew sh o o WHAV-Nile Watch church! as it would bring the Philip H. lahem, service; Mra. Ken munity Memorial Hoepital. I must admit the latest clothes. , Observation *’ w h a V—B etty Kimbell ScrricB and Rtpsiiv 16 Port of call n Grates 22 Bog 47 God of love WTIC—Blogra;^Iea building bver the town line. The neth L. Fox, ways and means, and Allen Blum, sen of Mr. and Mra. My dear, are what you’re made for; Along with spring (sb.) WCCC—Record Review WDRC—DiskWDRC—m ik DeiDerby Mrs. Paterson, delegate to the , 130 Center Strict 13 Clans 34 Puffs up 42 Period of tiim WKNB—Yenke v» DviroU WGTH committee, however, atlU feel* Saiil Blum, has returned'to hie J y i s T i K n But don’t you think it best we And blossom*, bud, 19 Fish WTIC—WIddei Browa 'Music Memories Columbia Recreation Council. • gU nN SuTA N CI COMPANY (jS-fj-ftOWfl w ait 19 Meaning ' 39 Feature 40 Preposition S lI S - that the plan propoaed la one (Cor. of Chorch> Comia tyou guessed It) 22 Woody fruit 20 Accomplish 37 Daybreak 61 Elders (sb.) WDRC—Cel Kelby WHAY-NIt* Watch which beat flta the need* *n to Sept. 1968 waa --Ned Wadllngcr 23 Dirk 31 Dinner course (comb, form ) 62 Dry, i s wine WDRC—Bin*. Croiby finance* of the church. The work — Evfl>T) Zemk# 23 Negative “ wHAY-Belly klmball stated as follows bx Mre. Hunt, — WOCC—Record Review WGTH—Muilc Memories contemplated .will be preeahted to \ .. prefix chairman: 692'diaperr, 36 eurgl- Two boy* spending a day in the WKNB—Yenke ve Detroit ' WRAY-Nil* Watch / the church 4>ody at a special meet­ Shortage we're rfioet concerned 26 Promontory 1 r r B9 r WTIC—Pepper Young cal stdcklngs, 67 sterile sheets, .98 THE OFFICE OF . 1 WTIC-Btogrephle* / ing in the near future, according country came upon a man who was j ubout: tbe dearth of mirth on WDttU—^ Ko|by hsby dresses, 18 binder*. 24 27 Huge tub W•*>•. ht the you just said. "Good morning. Sen- 26 Bom %M WDRC—Romance Meade John Him, Russell Sj>earman and is far I 28 Insurgents w ccc—Record R^iew l^WOTH—B. P.- Morgen University of Main* next week. WILL BE CLOSED close of life. ’I have lived', than | ator.” r & W W KNB—Baeeball Requeet MaUate Wilbur Fletcher. Hie younger brother, Doiiftlae,' 'will tSiSI- ■tating ip what US* pledges are 42 Pedal digit i WKNB—Joe dread WlfAY—Mtt Watch Mlaa-Gloria Ctelnman, of Rt. 6, ii.iiiiipW j IjO WTIC— 1U8U R a d io L e a d w n c —Trenaury Sian pub tCAPr-KAPP.' t ’M HOPE 44 African worm r ii> I %9i WDRU—Cal Kolby WDRC—Mooda (or RomABM WlftH*THERE 1 WUTH—Bob end Rey Sunday School will commence i-i-T O fle OOClC- 1 49 Coin of ' 1? WGTH-Dance Tim* on Sept. 26. according to Jehh' (tow I ’M e>oiK6> r o euM Switscrland - & m •;U— U:«S- •’JL'R.COACb^ 6IKAT I MB. d o h t m i WRAY—Dinner Dale WHAY—Nit* Watch Hanaen, Sunday ‘School superin­ TUB &*10, M A30R. AMDi H6H-HBH.' CAE$Ae.'/ Al.'JiN HEAR 46She U a — c i WCPO—Reconr Review WTIC—Trea«ury Start tendent. CUT PAOC— YOU actress h WKNB—Today in Sporla WDRC—Mooda for Romance P lid k A SONEi WTIC—IVSU Radio Lena WOTH—Dance' Plan* for a fall rafiy to be held TM6 e ’OVi lAOVJ M PUots r WDRO—Cel Kolby Werner ’$ , NICE COPT DON'T —Newt; Almanae Feester, pastor of Portsmouth HOW TO PfilNiT 22 Masculine r \ WKNB—Berenade WOTH—New. Congregational Church. Ports­ s appellation W T H i—N e w * ItllS - .AMO - WECV^.' 0(0 Sb W D R C — N e w e mouth, N. H., will be guest spesk- Just sort tMi>wrryv«AK» soon i WHAY—Encore Theater ^nternaiionai Sier/in^ w eve—Good Evening Good Muile Instructions and yam for aweal- Daya M OC A Call INCLUDING ALC INSTRUCTION METRODS FOR o-te . HSI..I WKNB—Joe Glrand Nlgkta PluaParta W TIC-iYour Star Tonight era and socks are ava(lahl* at the ALLEY OOP Is Thst An Order? BY V. T. HAMLIN W’DilC—'Tenn Ernie Red Cross office a t 69 Center St. TEL. Ml 1-8194 e.-^acclaiine(l Ly Youn^ Women VOICE. ORGAN, PIANO AND ALL OTHER INSTRUMENTS COTTON WOODS BY RAY GOTTO WGTH—Vaedercook Finished articles will be sent to WHtr nONT 1 HMfE THE .„BUT IT MIGHT 4.FIK8 FUCE SSHINQS AS LOW AS $24.T> (F*4.T*tl«al.) . WRAY—Encore Theater the West Haven Veterana Hospital, AL^O SECULAR AND SACRED SONGS WIT TO R d/B !6 e THIS NOT BE TOO LATE I a i n 't l e t t i n ’AABIWDK ...AN’ AFTUH WE 1 WCCC—Good Evening Good Music the Newington Veterani Home PROCESS AND BRING YET...MAVBE. IP SPOIL MY ------FUSTr GAMEG A M E V IN KItpCK DOWN THEM WKNB—EveiUng Serened* and the New London Submarine LEAGUES, FENCES TODAY WTIC—News nl World POPULAR SHEET MUSIC AND POPULAR BOOKS THAT BW.JTE UP ALL GOES RIGHT. ------IGI WDRC—Tenn. Ernie. Base: HERE WHERE I I CAN enuL WCTH—G. Heatter Ir«S— SotPesfSay DEWEY-RICHMAN COULD HAVE BEAT DO SOME* WRAY—Bacora Theater CALLS IT QUITS MUSIC AVAILABLE FOR TINY LITTLE FINGERS ^ ' HIS BRAINS o u r TUIKIC* Wl.'CC'^Jood Evrning Good M uilc 767 MAIN STREET - WiOnS—loe Glrand NE1MKEDTNR0WHH6WJ TO THE ADVANCED VIRTUOSO MTSeiF? WTK,’—Oo* Man * pamlly Victoria, Va. (A9—Sheriff A. B. WDRC—C. Cdlllnfawood Shackleton It taking off hia sher­ w ere—Armed ftree* iff's badge. At 63 the oldeat 111 OPEN FROM I P.M. to 5 P.M. DAILY end THURSI^AY ^VENINGS W ittY —PoUih National Home sheriff^ in the United State*. WCCC—Good Evening Good Muale Shackfeton has resigned prior to WKNB—Robin'* Neal the end of his term on Dec. 31, SCHOOL OF THE mUm I WTIC—People Are lYiany 1955, because of his health; He be­ came sheriff in 1903 after 8 yeara TcleYision, Program a as A deputy and. has been re-elect­ ★ ★ ★ ★ On Pag* Two ed for every four-year (erm aince. \ m BOOTS AND HER BUnpiEi . Disgusted BY EDGAR MARTIN aiv.t* *r* RE-OPENS WM*. \ SOT A S ViUCH \MA. MOtt WPMT V\ .M M .R O O ? BUZ sa w y e r BY ROY CRANK I T0« THAT AS. \ WMSl TOtt \ T>SAHM,€i .bORM *. ' lirr, SIR, IF Tu6 HEW fRoject tOOHT T NOJirSOMITlMS Monday, September 19 OAN& AOO ^ E V lS o h a ETMlH VA»bl iS m o n HUSU-HUSIl TNliN THE yi SUPPOSE YOU \ SUPn WMTDIfi HO ONA CAI^ WOHOQ OP . . , but she set him straight; 1 CAHi VWATCOMIfflTSt^ ^ MWEAHYIDEA IOOOKM6.FIAUCI D O X W N G STb MOOR VAWTTWS NEW yssMERETKNMY saw he know* you ra n get flni; AT THB OROCERV1 E> b l I I US.E OMTNMW need cars at Center Motor Sales ViME O O W • VT*. WMINLOIRII, ASSlONfflNr/ DOH SOMEOPITS I jC e s b l 2UTINSU I*? TOP-SECRET ORANGE HALL AT THE CENTER UPERIMSHTS. SOON KNOW, TODAY’S SPECIAL YMCA— NORTH MAIN ST. 19S0 STUDEIAKER

‘ CLUE COUPE Classes and Private Completely rebuilt euglne. rauz MIO CWifTY NUO FOR IWI MW MSNNMENT AT excellent tires, heater, gas Instructions •9 -/3 iDnuNSci wM5,iioTfsoTCFTiitc*iiscRimoiaRr. aavlag overdrive. Ideal sec­ ...... ' - —law noj;.- ond ear. FUll pries 8399.60. Too Young fo r... !FF COBB 3Y PETER HOFFMAN > TOE » THERE, I TOLD, SPUNKY, MICKEY FINN Bad Timing! BY LANK LEONARD m W6PCCT0RI INT YOU SPUNKY, PLEASE NOW, IF... INT TO PLANNED SECURITY TELL HE... 16 THIS 60 BACK BALLET LADY VOUR TO YOUR MOMMY? MOTHER? V ' 'f ■ ■ / TAP" Back-to-school time is a reminder that the fffirUi^ - in life younsr folks .begrin the habit of reguIffY'Baving, ACROBATIC the easier it will be for them to aehle^^ffndiiBl in- dependence in adult years. . ' .

imyllilHf ymi want, Hi* YHIOW RAOIS XENTfR TO JIE^ISTER PLEASE PHONE Tb RiWI The boy or firljwho niakes it a habit to gave jMnnieSt* • f y»wr TBtBpkt w OirBCfsiry. MOTOR SALES ■ " Ml 9-5767 dimes and quartars now for educational purpoaea, for 461 Main SL—Tel. Ml 6-0081 that trip to camp, a bicycle, a personal radio, will find .V ■ r it easier to save regularly in latdr life. ‘ \ . CAPl'AIN E Babn Makes .\ Call BY LESLIE TURNER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Rolds Water BY MERRILL C. BLOSSER . ,. 0 *...... Take advantage of the School Savings Progriim ^ff^ / CAPTAIN 6ASY STOW THAT_. THB OAU O' YOU CNARACTIffA. Y IT WAS . VSAHimSURStrWMi "HaaouxiPMtATOg, IT^ VKOffnl IT. OID RRE- £ A T £ f i . , ^ j Siaiix kaayim' THISU. HeiP PNOUYOWLtCt axpscTiwa TO win Yhoss tkipsi your Manchester School—to begin NOW a lifetima' s i j Alt s«: h a A UlSUNPtRSTANDiHS 62T UP DSPUTY HASNTT HAD A BATU ReAUY? \ CONVlNCiYOU/ 1. ACMLOCOUD I viNOiCTive n ^ 0R6ADPUL THAT STOLi MY SUIT SHKRIPP DIHON IMMea— HeMfYtMTF YDU SAY SUTHaUfNOU YDU MAO IT program of systematic savings. You’ll enjOy watching UlSUNOtR* AW WALL»T^ r'NIGHTV WdASMSOt THAT. DISSmMSi STANONG! WrtLLJYtXJ . OOU— your own savings account grow steadily week by 'weeki W OUt^T 1 MA01D . iMYCSr A And you’ll get a great deal of satisfaction in hieing KNOW FUU BUCK/ 4#' able to say to your family and friends—”! bought ft myself, out of money I saved at The Savings' Bank of Manchester.’'------4"“, ' - • -.... ' . '

ALERT TO SERVE 14 W AYS 1. Savings Xcceunta iM na on BaalSatata (all r*s«*«<.M.fc,.T.a«,,.u.e*Mee.r 2. ffavinga Bank Ufa typM ) ^ • 3 Inauraiic* 9. HonM Improvamant Zeoana 3. 8ch(x>i Savinga JLO.. Ptraonal Lgana VIC FLINT One Shoe Off BY MICHAEL O’MALLEK THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Farewell To Anne BY WILSON SCRUGGS *y': •f 4. Banking by Mail % . Collateral Loaaa ' ■ 1 a m p I oo NOT THSac LOUIS VOUt VOteiSAMtAKtNBP . YDURRSOOeO^ VON LONG 5. Safe Depoalt Boxea 12. 'Travelers Chaquss 1 * M g...80 StaffPY’ WMffN X A>ME.niAPUfNS WU.VOU 6. Chriatmaa Club 12. Raglstar Chacka * , TlHi ^wiL^FuSm* u5s YVtNT ID f«R..FOaeOY TO .TOTHBOOABT 7. Tax and VacaUoa Ouba 'lO Ji cwmeHTM I ■SSTLISS iUTTKRJtSi TiAKff ffUPPffftff OPP. 14. U.8 . Savinga Bonds •. SLSiP WITH Hfft SAW TOM? 1 SLIPPSHS O N ^ \ ' i S S S S S T w m ' “ SAVINGS BANK • r MANCHiStEf tha Baity Agtaricala DaearaUva' Art M iM t at (ba k l • kradi th li wgidCa

> , ■ r * Vi,. ' ■(.' ■ • ■ l~ t *) J MANCHBBTfiB BVBMINO HBBALD, BI^NCHWTBB. OONN« TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 13/196B yAWYiiiftTEB EVENING HERALD. MANCHESTER. COWT« TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 19B5 ' V M ay B e o n r N otifies 2 : Cubans Logout Big Twinbill Tonight; More Horaea for Fighting Irish Touring PGA Pros to Play Here Ulrich and Bia]^ Com eback Statistically Speaking Moore W ill Hurt Marciai^o^ Wins Decision New York; Sept. 13 VPy~: Kew ■Jrnrk, Sept IS WV-Figur^lO victories sinn then with an Ex-Joe Louis Mate Claims Chisox Still Confident Logart, a young Cuban welter'' Also ln( th« Amtrican'Leafue p«nnvit assist to Ray Xarleakl and Don I r I tmmkmmm weight from Kid Gavilan'a horn#' Mossl n e t; By-EARL YOST New York, Sept. 13 (JP)—Can Cleveland’s li/^-gama lead town of Oamaguey, ia malting •'He will hurt Rofcky, He knows survive the Washington jinx? That’s the next question in rapid atrldea in taking over as the Former Ilidtan« ^Ifer Mike Otrcia, Cleveland's trig At Kaiine, the brilliant Detroit all the tricks," George Nicholson boxing Idol of New York’s Latin- righthander who is scheduled to outfielder Who la teatllng the said in an Interview last week at the American League, pennant quiz—and the flag may be American set- Defeated . NettleUaidl face iVMhlngton in one game of American League" In batting with Archie Moore’s training quartern riding on the answer. The 22-year-oId speed merchant Local Sport In Playoff Lmi FaUt today's twl-nlght doubleheader, a .340 mark. Is hitting .S2S against In North Adams, Mass., after I The Indians look like they may have packed away the soundly drubbed Al (Sugar) Wil­ has had litlie success against the the Yankees with .25 hits in 77 at had asked for his comments' of pennant when they came from behind to earn a doubleheader son of Englewood, N,‘ J^, in a tele­ Event Sunday, Monday Senator^ this season. In 20 in* bats. Moore's chances against Rocky cast 10-rpundqr at St, Nicholas ''Chatter nings, he's given up 13 earned Marciano. Moore, the light heavy­ split Sunday against the second place New York Yankees, Arena last night Whgn it conws to versatile By BABL YO0V runs while losing His only two de­ weight king, challenges Marciano but Tribe Manager A1 Lopez remains cautious. He’s not n tlh win , TOMMY MARTIN waa elected Three touring name pra#4*il(Wi cisions to them by 13*4 and 14-S there’s no surpassing the Indians' one weekYrdiK tonight at Yankee It was Logart’a fifth win in six A1 Smith. He has played 99 games predicting a thing “until after tonight’s two games at president of tq# West Side Rec als, and perhaps mors, win bis on scores. Stadium in New York for the acrapa this jrcar. He may get a Bowling League laat night and In the outfield, 42 games at third world’s heavyweight champion­ Washington.’’ . ^ . chance to avenge that loss to con­ hand for the lOtb aanuaj Manchaa Hitting streaks of players on the base, 5 at shortstop and 1 game at “If we get by Washington,’’ says Loiwz, “we ought to be Ollle Jarvis waa elected vice presi­ ship. tender Virgil Akina of St. Louis— dent. Hank Wlttke and Mrs. Elea­ tar Open which Bdll be staged at contending clubs: Elston Howard second base. Who is Nicholson? You never in an excellent position, although it still won't be a cinch. o> Oct. 3. It depends on how Akina of the Yankees 10 games; Larry nor Howard were reelected secre- the Country Club course Rapt te* heard of the fellow? Well, he’s a I still think it will be real tough all the way.” _ fares in hia bout with Harold taiY and treasurer, respectively. Doby of the Indians 9 games; Yo^ Roy Slevers of Washington needs big, hulking Negro who gained " . "■ ---- - It’* a crazy race that puts the (Baby'Facet) Jones In. Bidlanapo- 19. Fred Wampltf of todisndpoHs. Berra of the Yanks and Bob NIe- only one more home run to break fame aqd a small fortune a.s Joe The loop will again comprise the Ind., Wally I ^ c b ag RochsaUr, .spotlight on z three-gams Mt be- lis tonight. 'The return would be West Side Tavern, Renn'.a Tavern, Minn., and Leo Biagstti (ri YUl* man of the White Sox 0 games and the all'time Senators’ mark he Louis' sparring partner'during the tween the leaders and .the seventh put on in St, Nicks where they Ted Wltliams of the Red Sox and established in 1954. He has wal­ Brown Bombor's hey-day. Nichol­ Indiea, Diul-Mrida. Armory Tav­ loughby, Ohio, . have forwarded K aline iNearsj place club. But that’a the way tha fought the first time. ern. Hartford Road Grill, Pagani’a their entries to Pro Alax Haokaagr. Bobby Avila of the Indians* "fi loped 24 four-baggers and driven son was on a onc-day pass from race has been aince the All-Star Like the Oavllan of seven of games. in 95 runs and the Nats still New York City the afternddn I Wally Ulrich F rei Wamifler I and McCann’s Service. Wqmpler, the former Intereqllagl- game break — Just plain crasy. elght years ago. Logart is a fast ate champion from the. .Uatvaimy have 15 games left to play. cornered him at Grover's Bowl. The Senators. ■ a whopping 88 flashy puncher, speedy afoot and The Indians Will have to keep a Moore had just completed going Batting Crown! HIPPO OORBENTI , posted the of Indiana, won laat yaaf'a blue ____ _ games behind, somehow have raan- solid-chinned. ribbon event at the 8. X bIb 8t- sharp eye on Mickey Vernon, the Billy Iherce, the Whitp Sox' three rounds with a sparring mate He even wears high white box' highest single, 141, during open­ Senatora’ srateran first baseman. southpaw ace, is _ over the 2.00 when the interview took p la c e ._ •», J . Tt-iit..! »«e\^ork boxing writers don't any requests yet." The Tigers also could raise a byrn, PniladFlphi*. CamiMmella. was Ike’s 38th tlctory agridst five .509 while Dave White of the Gryzb, Auto Parts 61 16 ?294 young fellow who la on the PGA the sUsUng ' ‘How many rounds did you box three hits in 20 at bats. However, deatha. Wilson’s record now Is 25- MERCHANTS’ GRID team will nee. like theTforth.Adams tnrining site Back to Moore for a wrap-up. fuss with the Yanks as they is1nd Broiiklyn, .3^: Klui>iFwikl, Cincinnati. championship Green Manor nine Alnslte, Medics 24 7 .393 circuit for the third aeaaon. Be against Joe Louis? ' Hia three handlers are (Jheerful AI Smith of Clevelanil and Vic up the '55 series against N ew By HARRY GRAYSON .31$/ FSirlUo, Brooklyn, .315; Po«t, CIn* 15,2. Allen, Medics .^1 practice tonight at 6:15 at the has yet to gain a top prise but "Guess I went at- leaat 1,500," and told me so. "Why, it’s in no Power of Kansas' City, Kallne’a T^atl. .314. * swatted the pill at a .500 clip. Ansaldi. Morlarty's man’s land." one arid. Actually, Norman, a giant Negro trainer. York with a two-game set starting NE.\ Sports Editor The crowd Was 1.700, paying Averages were compiled by league Sibrlnsz, Morlarty's, .377m I West Side Oval. The local semi- gained prominence wiien he placed Nicholson said. Big George, a few closest pursuers, are well in back —Snldrr, Brooklyn. 124: Pont. 62,300, and 4s-sounded as If they pros will also drill tomorrow and Yale’s Sophom*ore Center pounds over bia best weight of 215. North Adama ia an industrial com­ Tiny Payne, a 270-pounder who this afternoon. Collese football does not open Cincinnati. 110; Mays. W w York. 1CI9; statistician George Evans. Macione, Morlarty's .346 aecond to Doug Ford in the All- handles the sparring partners and of the Detroit star in a tie at .312. Third place Chicago, still hope­ flrp on all fronts until a week later, Kluascwakl. Cincinnati, 108: Aaron. Mil* were all shouting for Logart—and Pnntlllo. Green Manor ___ Friday’ night* in prepetratlon for America Tournament. helped prepare Louis for all of hia munity with a population of 22,000 waukee, 101. Baskerville, Vlot and White were Reardon, Green Manor 34 4 .336 and la settled at the foot ot the Marty Briscoe, a jack-of-all-trades. Campy Slumps ful though 3>i games back, has a but the great majority of the all in Spanish. the biggest noises In the National D. Simmons. Auto P arts 90 7 .333 Sunday's opener ivalnat the Leo­ Ulrich told Hackney a t Weth­ title defense! and found it more Roy Campanella of Brooklsm, In Runa Batted In'-Snider. Brookl>*n. H. Simmons. Auto Parts .... 63 13 .231 ersfield that he, 'Ulrich, waa quite Seen as Possible. Starter profitable as Louis' ir* i Friday famed Mohawk 'Trail In the heart Then too, there is 75-year-old twi-night twinbill at Baltimore to­ sehool.s couldn’t wait, so the game 139: EnniH. Philadelphia. 117: Banks, League. In addition to their bat­ minster Lions at 2:30 at Mt- Nebo. ot the Berkshires. It ia nine miles Poppa Dee who acta in many second place In the National night and a day doiibleheader to­ gets off to another cyclonic start, Chicaco. 110: _ KlusxFwfim,*'* *■ Cincinnati. ting marks, White paced the cir­ M orhardt. Medics 64 13 .333 sure that he could bring along at than he did on hia bwn in the League, lost considerable ground 09: Post. Cincinnati anecial police­ morrow. And fourth plae Boston, Sept. 17. cuit in home runs with nine and i>altberte. Morlirty's 44 10 .317 PERFUME BOWLING Lestgue New Haven. Sept. 18 — There is *'to handle the assignment at only seven miles from the Ver­ man at Moore’s Camp Kenwood to Ashburn last week. He dropped reduced to a spoiler’s roll with And with it the college football York. 106. in runs batted in with 28. Basker­ Lucas. Morlarty's H 11 ,214 starts ’niursday night at 8 o’clock the Manchester Open. The nation's a pretty good chance that when varsity level. How does Archie feel about hia four points to .827 while Ashburn Hits—klusBewski. Cincinnati. IM: Vibberts. Medics 43 4 .214 best gibers will be in this area.- The way it adds up now is that chances?. mont State line. quarters and . ring aimouncer at seven games remaining against double-header!! Post. Cincinnati. 181: Bell. (Cincinnati. For Fight Winner ville drove home 16 tallies for run­ Cohun, Morlarty's 10 3 .300 at the Double Strike Alleys and Yale opens Its 1955 football sea­ Glover’s Bowl. There are 2,200 gained five points with 11 safeties They’ll come from miles Aaron Milwaukee 175; Banks, Smith. Auto Parts 44 13 .133 ail team captains and memben piaylng in a Philadelphia tourney son some 11 days from now. that when Owaelchlk is ready to play "It la just another fight to me. "Archie Moore's decision to train New York, plays an afternoon nerup honors and lofted five Asuclcaa Lucas I have confidence, plenty of confl here has been the biggest thing seats in the Bowl and attendance in 25 trips dbubleheader against Kansas (Jlty. around to twice pack - Georgia Chicago ana Ashburn. Phlladclphiari69. homers over the fence to trail McNeill. Medic* 88 10 .181 are urged to be present. Sept 18 and then heading for the W L the only unfamiliar face In the again, he will take over his old week-days runs between 100 and Ted Kluazewaki of Cincinnati Tech'* Grant Field, with the En­ DouDies— (x>fan, Milwaukee, 35; Boston, Sept. IS (Ah—Welter­ Churllut. Auto Parts 39 6 .173 Charles River (Country (Jhib in lineup, will be a 20-year - bid guard' apot. dence. I feel that I have waited i aince the 1938 hurricane," ly North Lopez again is throwing his best Snider. Brooklyn. 32; Aaron, Milwau­ White in that department. Bas- Jacobsen. Medics 13 3 .IM long Uihe for this opportimity and Adams drug store man aaid. J 200 with 1,000 to 1,500 payees on continues to lead the National against Washington, choosing Bob gineer* and mighty Miami of kee. 31: Post and Bell. Cincinnati and weights Tony DeMarco and Oiico kerviUe’s 31 hits was the highest Kelsey. Green Manor 84 3 .143 GARY RRYANT. promising Boeton for a tourney which atarts ( e^eseesi sophom*ore center named Pete Oo-Caplabi In ’54_ .... weekends. The asking admission League in homers with 45, al­ Coral Gablea, in the "afternoon Ashburn. Philadelphia. 29. Vejar will be fighting for a pos­ Trie. Morlarty's 34 6 .147 aeveral daya after the Manchester •eaebeeee Wight. I feel that I’ll be the new champion Francis Anderson, captain''of the Lemon (17-8) and Mike Garcia Triples—Long. Pittsburgh, 11; Bruton. by any player whils Vlot collected Burnett, Green Manor 83 8 .133 Mancbeater golfer and dn Pro SI so .674 4 Getting back to Wight, 'together tab ia four bits. though the race has by no means and Georgia and Mls.sisalppi at Milwaukee, Mays. New York and sible title bout with champion 28 and White 26 to rank one, two, Alex Hackney’s staff at tha Man' Open, r 73 71 .603 14 And if this comes to pass it will with quarterback Dick Wtnter- on the night of Sept. 20." North Adams Police Department, been decided. Ernie Banks of the (19-12) tonight. Lemon, Garcia, Thayer, M-dlca 46 3 .133 .Anus City &S 8S .415 im Moore, who is living at Camp said, "We had to-guarantee Moore The North Adama (Jhamber of Early Wynn and Herb Score have -ifight. The first game will be Clemente, Pittsburgh. 10; Banks. Chi­ Carmen Basilio in their 1.0-rounder three." Lessner. Green Manor 34 3 .126 cheater (Country Club, was recent Washlnaton 60 SO .310 34 lend credence to the old adage bauer, he was co-captain a year 810,000 to train hero. He received Commerce may not realize the (Jhicago (Juba and Maya are next naUonalfy televised. This pro­ cago. 9* at Boston Garden tomorrow night. 'M'on Six Games Morrissnn, Medics 8 1 .126 ly Inducted into the Army. Joe 'Trimble, young pitcher for .336 40li that good things happen in threes. ago of Yale’s undefeated F is h ­ Kenwood, a children's camp, is ac' started 13 of the 19 games to Home Run-i^Klusiewski. Cincinnati. Young, Morlarty's (t l .ill Baltimore 45 93 tually having the time cA his life others, one as high as 835,000, but 810.000 necessary to meet Moore’s with 43 while Duke Snider of date and have come off with only gram is additional evidence that 45: Banks. Chlcagfi and Mays) New Television will be on a national ‘Two pitchers won sfx games, Fyler, Green Manor 37 3 .111 Hollywood In the Pacific (3oast Tassasr's achsaals In M49 Baird Brlttingham, as a man team. He prepared for Yale at Brooklim la fourth with 42. York. 43: Snider. Brooklyn. 42: Post, B.S in North Adams, The camp he wanted to come up here and he training fee but one thing is aure. a 4-7 record. the day of the opening warm-up scale (ABC, 10 p.m.) with New Chris McNeill of the-. Medics and Howes Auto Parts 37 4 .108 KINO KINGSBURY of T^COtt League, hopes he will aome day asTsIsad at Wwhlnston (3>. Soph, became the Elis' regular Lawrenceville Where, In 1951. he did. The publicity has been great every resident of North Adams is Mickey Mantle of the YankeSr la past. No time is wasted in the CTlncinnall anti Mathews. Milwaukee. 38. England blacked out. The bout Tony Falcetta of Green Manor. Whltesell, Auto Paris .79 4. .m l bet he subject of a aperta story —Lemon (17-6) and Qarcla ^ I L,3) ' center'and held down the same was a teammate of Steve Acker about a mile from the Bowl where Lemon (away back In April) Stolen B ases^B ruton. Milwaukee. 24: McCarty. Auto Parts 33 3 .(191 vtlle is a candidate for both a McDermott (M) and Forterfield ( 10- he holds his workouts. The Bowl lor this town." Actually, upon en­ happy to have the country know heads the Ameriom League in and Score (on June 14) were the pressure game. May^ New York and Boyer, St. I.«ouls, also will be broadcast (ABC). McNeill lost one decision and Haskell, Green Manor 30 3 .(>47 guard and backfielfl spot at Bow- by Joe YYimble, veteran baaaball post for three year. When he was man, the Elis’ fullback; end 'Vern tering the town, there are large that the town ia more than just a circuit blows 'With 37. 2U; Temple. Cincinnati. 18; Gilliam, Rated a 2-to-l favorite, De­ Falcetta two. The latter fanned Mor(nn. GreSn Manor l7 1 -.069 writer for the New Toric Dally Chicaco at Baltimore graduated it was Jim Doughan, an old bekten-down boxing and only (Cleveland hurlers to manage The smart money is on Georgia ] Brooklyn. IS. Rohrback, Green Manor 33 1 .031 doln College this fall. iL naduate , BanHarabman____.15:7)_ (1^7) and 'TruciiaTr V I^ucka Md Uckle ^ Correll. In I w rtrtU n r'^ ^ tr”w(Ii kniJi?!) for. signs which read, "Training Head­ Uttle apot on the map. Archie complete games against the Sena­ Tech, which usually wins' the big Marco la making his first ring ap­ 130 batters and walked but 23. of Rock'vllle High, lOngabury Newa. They are not related. Moore (7-101-10) Pallca (6-11)., ^ „ again as a Sophom*ore, who won quarters of Archie Moore." Moore has seen to that. pitching (Baeetl on 15 decisions) pearance since losing his welter Home Bans the assignment and continued in Meadowbrook Arena tors, who have had nine complete ones, but I like Miami’s veteran Newcombe. Brooklyn, 20-5. .800; La* Baskerville. who also doubled as White. Green Manor 9. BaakervUle, played freshman ball last year at l^tyat(5lty a t Bouton .il). il). U130 p _ p.m. with Gene (Joker and Dick Skewes. ’ Remainder of Slate club led by quarterb(u:k Mario bin**. Brooklyn. 12-5. .706: Roberts. crown to Basilio at Syracuse, a moundsman, won five games Hialeah racetrack in Florida —Portocarrero (83) and Dl(mar (10-13) it for another three-year cycle. two other promising Sophom*ores pitching jobs against the IVibe. P hiladelf^la. 22-13. .647: Nuxhalt. Cinl Auto Parts 6. GriTib. Auto Paris 3, Bowdoin where he ia on the or Kellner (104> vs Nixon (IM) Bonofigllo and .halfback Whitey June 10. and dropped four. He struck out Ansaldi, Morlarty a 1, Soltys. Moriar- Dean's list He .is also a member went over the . .6 million mark in Baumann (Bl). At any rate. Wight, at the on the current Yale squad, ' Maury McDermott (9-9), "wlib cinnatl. l^ lu , 616; Erskine, Brooklyn ly's 1, Falcetta. Green Manor 1, Allen. atate revenue during the IMS DetroU at New York. 1 p.m.—MUler moment, is the. starting cent6C...In teams with Bob (10-16) Porter­ Rouviere. Georgia has a tight and Conley ' Milwaukee, 11.7. .611. Vejar has been working out in 81 and passed 19. McNeill whiffed MPfltc* 1, Smith. Medici Alnalic. of the Reserve Officers Training Little League Picuic Pep Boxes It hia Tonight \ia America Race defense, but Navy knocked all the Strikeouta—Jones. Chicago. 181; Rnb- secret under orders of Manager 59 and allowed 22 bases on balls. Medics X. meeting. It was the first Unm tha ((60) y’ d Turler ^ ...... (16-13). last week's scrimmage against field tonight, has foqr of them In i'rts. Plinadelphia. 151; Haddix. St. ihtrhiBf Corps unit and of the Theta Delta Msadar'e Betake Springfletd. Pete did a mighty five starts for a 3-2 record against ceaipLacmicy out of a ren)arkable Louts. 141: Ncwcombe. Brooklyn. 138: Steve Ellis with no newspapermen In addition to the "Big Three", Chi fraternity. atata's take want that high. 1(0 gamee.ecbiauIed^M. Miss Suggs Leaderjl Sunday at Ball Park W L Pet. GB Mississippi which 1* back Anlonelll, New York. 133. allowed a t the sessions. . other .300 or_, better hitters were W L SO BR :6£X''r^^kedri. credltabls Job for a necqphyte. So the Tribe. McNeil, Medics 8 1 59 22 Cleveland . . . 88 55 .615 — practically intact. You’ve got to, League Horn#* Runs—1.1S5 (record is Both hsve finished their final Darcy Smith'of the Medics .375, T 1 at Waehb did Hoi^e Phelan, like wight a Annual U ttle League bnee- In Flood Relief Program Dozen Oaaaeo for Yaakz .197 s f t In 1953). esvey Cavagnaro of Moriarty’s FSilc«*lta. Manor 6 2 190 23 MARSH POTTER did not suf­ lallimo Sophom*ore, who will probably be New York 86 56 .608 1*4 The Yankees, who with (Jhlcago go with Ole Miss. (American League unchanged) tuneups for the match. Baskerville. Auto Parts 5 4 81 19 fer a crackei knee cap ois waa t ^Rewiw YorlYork, . 3 _^.m In Women’s Open ball family picnic will be held Oiicago...... 84 58 .502 3(4 Other interesting engagements .362, Falcetta .356, Ed Soltys of Sibrinss, Morlarty's i 3 54 40 City atAt Boston. 2 3 pp.m. the number two man at the pivot have 12 games remaining, go te- Bans Itoltffd In stated In yesterday’s-column. In­ HUts^ Lj^ae posL . , Simday friternoon at Charter Hartford, Sept. 13—A gala box-Anatural pits Billy Lynch agaipst Boston ...... 81 60 .574 6 bring out UCLA and Maryland, Moriarty’s .340, Steve McAdam of jured in Sunday’s operJng midget Pet. OBL page Park. Parents of all Ut­ Ing show top^d by a 10-round 'Willie Renfro, North Side rivals In hlnd Bob Turley • (15-13) today which collide a week later at Col­ the Medics .321 and Gibbie Gibson White, <}reen Manor 28, .Ra»kervine. The prirformance of this p(Ur St. Louis, Sept 13 VP) — LoUise against Detroit’s Bob Miller, a Auto PariR p. Smith, Medics 14, footbaU contest at Charter Oak, e aeeeaad ees .468 — tle Leaguere and Farm Uttle bout ^between former world’s the semi-final. Another six-round I Remaining games; lege Park. The Uclans and of Moriarty’s an even .300. Gryjib, Auto Parts 13. Potter, who suffered a knee in­ .866 14 was vtm good news to Ck>ach Suggs says she's ‘through for this Leaguers are Invited to attend, featherweight champ IVillle Pep bout pairs Hi^rtford's unbeaten 20-year-old b<)nus guy just back Terps. are among the handful of Damato Plans to Promote New•w YofYork ...... 614 ^ Jordan Olivar.‘Prior to the open­ Cleveland (11): Home (3)—De­ from the minors. jury a few years ago, reinJured the lay Cehrm PMladelpiila ...... 497-/2U year” on the tournament golf cir­ Preeldent Ernie Dowd reports. and Jimmy Ithla of New York will Artie Lupo against Johnny Rob­ troit (3), Sept. 16, 17, 18. Away popular choices for the national DIRECTOR — Mario Bonoflg- tendons of the same knee and re­ ClnetnnaU ...... ing of the season, the plan was to cuit after her victory in the 85.000 A nominst fee will be Charged be staged by the Connecticut Box­ bins of Stamford. Steve Ward of | (Jhlcago haa Jack Harahman championship. To- begin with, Ho englneern Miami’s, attack (Bricaao convejTt veteran Mike Owaelchlk (8)—Chicago (2). Sept. 20. 21; (10-7) and Virgil Trucks (13-7) Big-Time Pro Basketball Gridders to ^Wear ceived a bone bruise. The' 97;pound Paths & Walks |t, Louis. .433 ' SL Louis Women’s Open, ' which adults. There will be refreeh- ing Guild tonight for Flood'Relief H ptford goes after his tenth vic- Washington (3), Sept. 13, 13. 14; the batch of initials will test agalpst Gr,prgia Terb. Last NighCs Fights back will be "eady to play in twra lltsburch...... ^.833 ^ from guard to center inents and events for sll the funds at the State Theater. * til'y in a rematch with tough Vin- Detroit (3), Sept. 23, 24, 25. ready for the last place Orioles, Bear Bryant’s Texas A. and M. Taesday's Bekedale Soffered Knee InJBry brought her winnings for the year nie Williams of Meriden in a third and Erv Paliga (5-11). sophom*ores In Los Angeles while Big time basketball on a largeivvFronk Bores. Formon, Kubacha, Protective Masks or three weeks, a spokesmari' for Brooklyn at 8t. Louis. 9 p.m.—Spoon- But the aecond day of practice,. Jtoya Winners will receive Harry Kessler, mllltonalre St. New York (12): Home (5)— ceasful one against Tulaa^ It’a the New York—Isaac Logart, 145‘i, the PoUce and Firemen’s Athletic tkeBASyWay! chmidt. <6-6). to 813,331. six. A semi-pro bout, pits Hart­ Boston (3), Sept. 16, 17, 18; De­ White Sox Manager Marty the Terrapins once more square scale is expected to blcxim in Knight and Bores ore all veterans •>Ar■ (M> vslchn ■ ■■ Big Mike suffered a knee injury The 32-year-old Sea Island. Ga., prizes. Louis businessman who haa been ("Nothing Shocks Me Anymore") other way around with Sammy Cuba, outpointed Al (Sugar) Wil­ Assn, reported .this morulng. New York at Milwaukee. 10_p.i Tbe program starts at 1 seen by millions as a referee in ford’s Johnny Juliano against troit (2), Sept. 13, 14. Away (7)— off with Mis.s'ouri at Columbia in neighboring East Hartford this of American League competition son, 147, Englewood, N. J.. 10. Waltham, Maas., Sept. 13 OP) — AntonsUI■■ (13-16).(13-18) vs Buhl (13-10). and has aince been sidelined. Al­ pro shot four successive sub-psr Frankie Roche of Bristol. Marion figures “ We could take appointments that should be lit­ Baugh as Hardin-Simmons tackles season if proposed plans by a local and the foursome starred with __Phlladelpiila _ pbla at Chicaco.Chic 3:80 i though there is still no certainty rounds on the par 75 course at o’clock. Trophies won by the TV bouts Friday nights, la donat­ Boston (4), Sept. 23, 23, 24, 25; Ogden, Utah—Gene (CJyclone). Brondcls University football play­ Bobby Lajme of the Detroit Simmonsns Jr (7-6) vs Jories (18-16), winners of the three league# ing his services as guest referee in Reservations can be made by Washington (3), Sept. 19, 20, 21. four games at Baltimore and be tle more than shake-dotvn cruiaes. Baylor. Houston flexes Ita muaolea man are fulfilled. Ray Damato, local teams in past years. ' Burke, Fullmer, 159>/4, West Jordan, Lions haa throwm KF touchdown Pittsburchburett at______Cincinnati.I. 3 — he will be ready for the opener Norwood Hilla (Jountry ( fin­ phoning the State Theater box in a wonderful position to win the Good Early Onme»_ local contractor nnecticut, he la taking ish with 289, or 11 under par, on will be presented at this time. the main bout. He la coming in at Chicago (12): Home (5)— against Montana. Utah, outpointed Ai Andrews, 160, passes in seven seasons. his own expense from St. Louis to office: Chapel 7-1041. (Jlevriand (2), Sept. 20, 21; Kan­ pennant." Marion things hU Sox Other rather important early proprietor and genial sponsor of League, la well knowrn locally for Mce masks this fall beca^uas (Toach Msaiay’s Basalts some seven league boot strides rounds of 71-72-74-72. ■; . ------must win 10 of their final 12 to productions see big Snd alow Given Shaky Vote several top-notch basketball and So— ior. Wls., 10. P ittsburch 9, 8.t. Louis 3. down the recovery road. She received first prize money do so. sas City (3). Sept. 23. 24, 25. Florida ia given a shaky vote his- dependable performances with Vegas, Nev.—‘Neal Rivers, Benny Friedman has found that (Only schsdul^) Mayor Dominick DeLucco of Away (7)—Kansas City (3), take the flag. They have 10 left California at Pittsburgh, Kcn- Softball teams, recently received both the Laurels and Nosslff COLORED icadu's Bchedale The promise that Wight and of 6900. It was her fifth tourna-. is i a agaiirit Kansas a ty and Baltic tiicky at Louisiana State and against Mlasisalppl State in a dog­ 15c ., Niagara Falls, N. Y., ire.: than half the injuries of New York aa(.MUwaukee. t ------. -10 p.m. Phelan have shown solves a major Hartford not only will referee one Sept, 16, 17. 18; Baltimore (4), fight. Tulane po.llshea up its at­ permission to use the new, spa­ Arms. He captained the Drive-In stopped Jesse Turner, 158, St. Brooklyn at St. Louis. 9 p.m. ment vltory in 24 n]6«t»,thls year. 1 AvOn S INellelblacll of the preliminary bouts, but haa Name R^y Leenig Sept. 13. 18. 14, 14.. more—plus two against the Washington state at Southern cious East Hartford High School club lost year. . footbaU occur to face snd teeth. PATIO (Only camea scheduled). problem. With Owselchik hurt, the Mary Lena Faulk of Thomas-' " Indian^. California. tack against VMI. I’m going with Louis, 4. . Brandeia opens with Boston Chi' coaches have biot had an opportu­ also offered to ring during an en­ Boston (13: Home (10) — New VPI in what looks like a thriller gym for several dates and plans to Meal FaclUUett ville, Ga.', had a 74 yeiterday for, a Holy Cross Coach Only one game was scheduled It’s Pitt by a touchdown, ana bring in a feiv oOtstandlng quin­ Both Diunato and McKenna are New Orleans-Kid Centella. lege Sept. 24. Eddie Waitkua. veteran first nity to teach him the funda­ 295 total, six strokes back in sec­ Wins Stale Crown tertainment hour-that wlU precede York (4), Sept 23, 23. 24. 25; Bal- Kentucky, which surpri.scd under with Wake Forest. North Carolina 138'.i, New Orleans, outpointed "Under the T-formatlon style of FUGSTONE mentals of the snapper spot. At the show on the State Theater I timore (3), Sept 20, 20, 21; Kan­ In the majors yesterday and Pitts­ State Is stricking back, but I like tets to,oppose his Prankli’s Drive- of the opinion that the location of baseman, batted .269 for Balti ond place, worth $630. It was the burgh won it 9-3 at St. Louis. Blanton JJollier last fall and i» In squad. the new school and ita ideal faclli- Bobby Woods, 137'4, Spokane, play,” said F-riedmon, “there is a more this season. After bring re­ though he did play the position fifth time this year ihe's finished stage from 7:30 to 8:30. Worcester, Mass.,^ Sept., 18 0 sas (Jtty (3), Sept. 13. 13, 14. Florida State, which ia becoming Away (3)—New York (3), Sept Dale Long broke it up with a coming baiik even stronger. South­ Organized five years ago, Frank­ tias win prove a big factor in at­ Wash., 10. tremendous amount of high arm SAVEymUWN tbh-S M A leased he signed for. a second some as a Freshman, there was a nmner-up, but as she put it, "it’s New Britain. Sept. 13 VP)— This will be Pep’s first bout here Roy Leenig, S3-ycar-pld New ern California .should belt. Wash­ a power. South Carolina, Rich' Brockton, Moss.—Bobby Mur­ blocking. It's from thia that most hitch with the Phillies. lot more to be learned to be able hot a bad habit.’’ Harry Nettelbladt of Avon won since he kayoed' Tommy Baker in 16, 17, 18. three-run homer in the fourth. mond. CIcmaon. Furman and ie’s, under the, capable leadership tracting fans. They point out that phy. 142(4, Boston, outpointed the Connecticut PGA'a Senior Golf January, 1951, or nearly five years Jersey Basketball Coach, yester­ Stan Musial had two of the six ington State by two touchdowns, of energetic Ray MCKenna. copped the school ie ix>nvenlentiy situated of the facial injuries occur. That’s Miss Faulk, a former National although some flickers fancy the Davidson call their shots against ROTky’ Sullivan. 142(4> Boston. 8. why Brandels players will wear the t9lkfKRl9(MRltdpi Amateur champion, joined the pro crown yesterday ■with a one over ago. He fought for the Mile O’ day signed a two-year contract to Gharlle Bowlby of Dcnlaod, Tex., hits' off winner Uno Donoso—a Cougars in the upset of the after­ Wofford, Randolph MacOn, PreS' many honora in the. Rec Basket­ between Hartford and Manchester par 36-36—72. He was four Dimes at that time, donating his coach the Holy Ooss (College bas­ hires a college boy with an aqua pair of homen that gave him 100 ball League at the East Side Rec arid that it is less than a five min­ face masks.” ranks last January. noon. ^ . byterian, Newbury and Catawba, The masks lu'e made of light, Patty Berg of St. Andrews, III., strokes up on Frank Kringle of whole purse. But more than that, it ketball team. lung to prowl Laloe Texoma to find or more runs batted in for the respectively. and only last winter walked off, ute ride from the WlR ur Cross last year donated a trophy, to the eighth tipie in his career. Remaining on the Pacific Coast, Parkway. The gym is also well most Improved performer ■Sill6444 and earnlnga of 6540. Fourteen of Idaho. Oregon State ia on the braska. neverthel&*a, has been a rabid sup­ ORLY M eS iM r 9>4«44li laaaen- thaJtJ,pros entered shared in the' North Carolina has a standout with Sandy Saddler at the time. It Bob Feller celebrated the nine­ abort aide but should get over Ready on the firing line! We have already contacted no simple task as many local pro­ MRR) W4RB filRdMiRR vilHk UewoDleff la easyWundh noAhr t ground gainer back thia seiuon. He teenth annlveraary of his major Nominated to Face Yanks porter in recent years. "Being un­ moters have discovered, but the Dick Hall and Vernon Law >rin money. *11)# top amateur was hadn't been the first time Pep Brigham Young. Oregon invades many NBA teams.” Damato said pitched the Pittsburgh Pirates U j9 5 (4M4K44 caaoeta. tm Ume X 8 ' 3 16' sin. Am m C39 ligr tbeoi I :|(ihy Berry of ()uincy, III., who is halfback Ed Sutton of (Jullow- wound up cut or with a touch fight le a ^ e debut, August 23, by hurl­ Vtah, where the 'Ducka__art_ un- recently, "lind we ahould be hear­ able to take part in abtual play Damato-McKenna duo is not easily lJU wrawd. short tiaw. OeiR 9*9 |1M6 for a sag hee, N, C., who averaged 11.2 yarda in staging a Hartford bout after ing one inning of rrilef against the New York, Sept. -13 Up)—When^ "Since he rejoined us last week during my years in school I feel discouraged and with ideal focil to a double-header sweep over the R.priM had a 316. likely, to have much luck without Yesterday*8’ Stars ing frpm the clubs within the next Milwaukee Braves on August 28. lew M **«04. iitdw ewttrtee. bUi. per carry in 1954. bring away for some time. He ap­ Boston Red Sox. On the cor­ 20-year-old Bob MiUer was an-1 from Augusta (Class A Sally George Shaw and other able week or two. And present plans as though I have been cheated out ities at their command, the hard­ M4 4 b 4 5 a a fer clicalif (wiu PieUtogm M nrfia amwiti «6 IMe n i ^ p e a l^ to have been Jinxed In such responding .date in 1936, the vet-| notinced ‘the Detroit' Tigers’ige League), he liaa looked veiy good also Call for engaging some of the of something,” the young q>onsor working twosome could easily This marked only the second tsrin- ReeiSliee CMS, Neaiea. GeM M a n or arita HaaihwiriM iroii ■West Virginia University full­ hands. San Jose State again will relates.' "I didn’t know beans come Up with their best season blU win of the. year for the Pi­ back Joe Marconi, a renter froiir-{ ' JuUiis Boros, 1952 U.S. Open returns in the peat. eran aevriand righthander pitcher for to(My, moet ot the New looeening up. He is a better pitch­ amack Utah State. Pitching—Lino DOnoaO; Pirates leading traveling clubs In the Cwp.. l |b DiMI Ma. Haaffa, Cam. FredericKtown. Pa., has gained ?;olf champion, ran hia 1966 earn- Matchmaker' Gua Brown# has pitched one Inning, also in relief, York Yankees looked at each oth­ er than he was when We sent him Loaded Arizona takei Colorado vVent the route, giving up six hlta country. jf suitable financial ar- about basketball when I w fine# Frankie’s were first organ rates, both by Hall and Law. The come up' with a atrilar underCard as the Indians bowed to the St. er ahd wondered "who be?'* down in June. He has improved approached to back Frankie’s Ized. pair beat the Chibs on July 24. 891 yards for the Mountadneers in rtga to 661,971 when he won the A, and M. much in stride. New in 9-3 victory over • Cardinals. rongementa can be made." five years ago but the idea three years. world crown at Tam O’Bhanter. to complete the Show. A Hartford Louis Browns, 9 to. 2,. Tiger Manjuer Bucky Harris, his curve ball considerably and ' Mexico once more la a pair of Batting —^ Bale Long,: Pirates, Last season, Frankie’s met sev­ that's what be. needed.” was Intriguing and I have I clean methlng to look forward I pennant has given up oh him. He hasn't With ambitious Texas Tech on the and Miss Juan Anndarroll will be ford fans wiont a top-notch brand to every year gives me great If you .are a successfuTsalcsman now, but That's ^h a t you get when you go - ' Not m Pnahover S itched a complete game since business end. Arkansas figures to marrl^ at 9t. Justin’s Church In of basketball and that they will satisfaction to know that I have for good reasons want to make a chan|:e via- MASONRY FIREPLACE They’re a game and a half out une and haa been battsred out 12 make Jack Mitchell’s bow a sue- Hartford, Ck)nn., on Nov. 5. support our team if the proper at­ been some help to a great bunch of here ia your opportunity! Perhaps you are to BEAUPRE’s for a motor tune* I with only 12 games to play. times in a ri>w. Harris wotUd rath­ tractions ore offered them"' guys, and it is surprising how much Extra power! They’ve only bnAen even in 20 er take a chance with Miller than Damato stated. “We certainly I have learned aliout the game. *nie traveling every week and want to be. home Guaranteed for Life I up. This Chrysler-Plymonth head* games with the flfth-place Ben- Gromek who has.loet his fast hslL. drew'large, turnouts lost winter rewards that I have received In nighta with your family. You have gone aa gals, so they don't face a push- Stsn^l,_stiU shsklng his head against the- New York Knickec- the eutiioor fireplace fou'n btea lookiai fef... quarters haa the trained men, I over. • return have been most gratifying.” far aa poaaible with your present firm yet over the spUt with the flrat-place bMkers. New. . York ; Renaissance Numerous Troj^ce have ability to develop . . . maybe you are built with ipteiil firfriteisieni coaatie e o e o e a - Faiits M prow FLEI&CHIUNN’S Extra mileage! equipment and Taetory-know how "We’re not giving luything Cleveland Indians Sunday, have visited - tioa blocks . . ' . wiHutanit hottitt fire or subnra I away," said Harris when eyebrows with Bob Turley on the moimd. He Again thia season Frankie’s ex­ Frankie’s ii're''‘\Vell aware, of the juat plain unhappy in your aalea jcib. wisttitr . . . e n 't rust, lot sr burn o ut Sot ap to do the job right. Bring your car * were raised at the thought of aend- aaid he would go with Don Laraaiv pect to field another strong unit team’s success os e.videnced by the This opening permits you to be home every or toko aown in 10 -minutes. Ne coment tools m gives you m m for yoilr money! I Ing a boy on what looks like a in the aecond game. with the team,, being built around numerou.-. trophies and plaques night, go home for lunch and have every op- - skill Hoedod Conws comptote witt firoboi p ala, t in this week. I man’s errand. "If I And MUler veterans Matt Formon. Joe Ku- which adorn the Drive-In shelves. Extra economy! NasniUah, sire of Uksly S-ysar- portunity to make a gtmd salary. The man top grill with lifitr hautlt, drift control \Wbbkey taxes are determined bjr “Proof.!* I doesn't have i t there'U be a fuU bachs, magical Bobby Knight, And os one of his contributions aid fligslono bose. S in 'is 1IV4' b j 24" ipuUpen Teady to pitch. I won't old champion Nashua, has 10 off­ Manchester's Norm Burke and to the local sports scene, Damato we want may be selling life insurance, atocka •‘ftoof.! tdla you a whiskey’s ."strength*!-- [waste any time gettlilg him out 6t spring eligible for the Garden and bonds, automotive equipment, ahoea, b ; 3 4 ' Mgh. Also Is tho perfoct its al(X)holic volume. The higher the Proof, I ttere. ' / State to be run on O ct 30. • Itgal incinorster with spark « - bruahea, food or aome kind of aervice. It rtslor. NoOihr iika it siq n M s. the higher the taxes. F|eischmann’»r>at a doesn’t make any difference to us, if you are j t t n full 90 Proof—pays the ij. S. Government Thousands used 10 sad mera. SHIMMY a first rate salesman you can learn our busi­ OauXE Model With Servict C u m t u ^1.03 more per case than 86 Proof brands. BEAUPRE MOTORS ness. (illusbattd) 639.9S> without Senka Yet Fleischmann’s eorit you leu than many BOWL THE MODEfUl WAY! 'TM E.W EAR We have men on our sales staff earning an' Counter enly brandahf lower ProofI _ I N C 0 R P 0 RATE D HARD excellent salary. Thip is not a success Story ok V Ten (10) antomatic pin aetr Thia it because Fleischmann beKiriha in STEERING nor a. promotional scheme to waste, your time. te n arc new in operation. Your time is valuable, so is ours. If yoii feel giving yod the moet flavor and enjoyment Authorized you can meet the standards and are willing for your money. With moat blendt to^y no Opening* for nuiming and af­ Bear System Station to work hard to produce . . . We can promtse niore than 86 ProoC H’a easy to aee why Jliy ic i ternoon reoerrations. LINEUP ‘Since 1933 you the longest hours the hardest work that y.^-8 Fleiachmtnn’a,- wifli ita high 90 Proof, is you can find anywhere, but the compensation the best Ufpn^ whiskey value ypu can with and other benefits provided will more thah a h«y* Tsy k yonidalf—today t GIBSON'S atone for the time and effprt involved. We BEAR -provide an automobile, car expenae and in- . OpeRTA.M.to5P. lUN OEO WHISKEY M .03 *2.53 GARAGE surance among other things. and Satnrdays IM il N o o r 60 WOOF E R T lim Our Employea Know Of Thia Ad 4jiiBUAOT PINT CRMN HEUTKAL jlFlMTS MMCNESTERI0WLIN6 tm 054 CENTBR fltTc — W O 'daSl laa MAIN ST. L: m s-MU Reply Post Office Box 30--4Manehc«ter, Gmn. SSfi NORTH MAIN SfMBIT . m a la i -r *m m ; fUtSCHMAm MSTIUjm co*kPOMTION. NEW VOM CITY T T H \ T W«— i . \

I 1^-

.... ■. ‘ ,■ '■■; ■ . , ' ' i- -- MANCHESTER EVENING HERALD. MANCHESTER. CONN.. TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 13.1955

MANCHESTER EVENING HERALD. MANCHESTER, CONN„ TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1955 GarifE—Vam —Dairj HoEMhsM Goods. 61 A iS rtB I6B t S - ^ t S — For Sale 72 H i Far ^ 72 Saborban For Sale 75 Wanted—Rssl Egtats 77 P ia ted a M TsBtaiaats tS Sitaation Wanted— Articleg For Sal# 45 ADAMS-K^UBET S oU tb -^ roOtf MANCHESTER ANDOVER— VUtogs home, com­ WANTED—5-6 room houss, be- By KAGALV and SHORTEN Halp Wantad— Mala^ 86 t w s E ilI l>$00 and $14jk). also 4 Avtraobilw for Solo 4 THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW! Female 38 CANNING *miE BENGAL GAS stpve. Good eondlr 771REB ROOM M nlahsd apart-' C i^ Cod. Ideal tocatton. Com- fortable aad attraettvs—10 rooms, 18 HERE . Uon. CtoU after SiSO. | | I . 46112. mant, tsachsrs or working, adults btoaUon windows, difissits drlvs. A a M ro h t land goea with this two baths, tirsptooes, oU heat, room under $u,600. Saivani cUanta IMT Cs ie v ROLET club coupe,' NYLON CRIBS CROSS curtain, Ownsr, ML 4077$. six-room Caps Cod loMtod on ths drillsdwsU, bam and garage. Nice with large doam paymsEs. Carl­ YOUNG MOTHER will care for triple site, 815. M i: 8-4068. GLENWOOD oomWnatlan gas and ptstorrsd. Phens MJ, radm. he^r. Price reaaonable. -X- WANTED - pre-echool children of Working ElberU Paachaa ...... <|1.46 outskirts but sUU in Msnehsirtsr. grounds and trass. Good spot for ton W. Hutchins. ML 4B122, Ml. MStS netween 4 and T p.m. J lT K HiS PETIREMENT NEAR. SAOBOTTOM l^OW.VlIlTU 60CIAU CECURnV 6ASM.MEAM4 gas, used short timO, RssaonaHs. OSBvsaleatta the Parkway. House profsaakmal man. $16,000. Talbot -44664. mothers, days or afjtemoona. MI. DELCO BURNER wiUl.aU controls, 16 Quart Basket aad up ORIAMEO Of A R osy FUTORtf TMey’D COM T R U e- M T FOR THE MI«6U S f O d i m . 44774 sftsr 4 p.m. MANCHESTER hds Ex Wg rooBis, ens and a half Agency. Andover, Phone PL Reliable Man For 6-3116. In very good cpndltlm. Price very Bartlett Pears ...... $1.86 USnMOS WAMTlD - 8 k « l 6. 1981 CADILLAC DeVille type COAST domain C A S y VTREMT TOOtTdER. M IOttTMiRg ALLMVy MERE WE COME f baths, Dies vtsw. PIsnty o f privacy. 46600. It reasonable. Phone MI. 6-8778.'- - Tomstoss ...... «$1.$6 For SMt •4 two4amlly, throe fimlly, boE- coupe. AU the important extraa WILL CARE for convalescent or McIntosh Applas. wtodfslls . .$t.S6 Lovsly custom-built tour bsd- Only $18,600. Tough to boat a (€ mcludinc power ateerinf. Low 'Skilled Jofcis With A Future Maalcsl lEgtniRMEts 68 IN ROCKVILLB —BeautUE new ntas praperty, Hevomeay caEi act as companion to woman. Tel. Offtos. room OolontsL four yssra old. This vaJus tlks this. , ■ ■ ■ ’ .._1[ ■ ij nUlaace, locally owned, beautiful NO! you CAN’T «T0P Nstivs Msltoos ,...... $6c and up SP A O O U S PzofaartoBsl >Ut level o t six room*,. Com- buyers. MortgEPas enranged. TAWM& IN WAEMNGC f We Will T«in Ml. 3-7618. Building Materials 47 MUSIC InstnuMsntal, rental. Corn- GraosS fh r. Mala SL A ^ p ls houss to comM ts la ovary dstalL eouj^la,. who have a condition. Douflaa Motors, 883 Limitsd Bupply On Hand N Phelps Road — Oas ownsr 3eUly decorEiE. basem*nt ga­ Plsese.eeU 06w ^ U.GraEiuSo. WE NieOTitfCr IFTRA Good Starting Rate plats line of tostrumants. Rental pacUng. MI8-6660. Call today m furthsr informa­ rage, ameEte driveway, base ReEtor, Banzy son now 4 ptaarmaqr U 4 :3 0 P, H . Main. Framing and Sheathing, tion. Ownsr ; tranafsrrsd out of horns that was buUt by Forbss. ^A«N.'BUTRIONTNOW FARMER’B OUTLET applied toourohass pries. Roprs- Thns down and thrsa up. Ona car radlaUon, hE water heE ’ arteEan StraaL Tample UEverEty, E __ All Shifts Doga— Birds— feta ■ 41 l o a d ...... per M $60.60 ssnting (XA, Sslttar Bach, Ped­ AlR-CONDmONED OFFICES— stats. X WANT you TO RUN ■U East Middla. Turnptks taqhad garags. Immadlats oc­ well Water. ConventiohE or tog tho drug or p o ^ ottBff ': CdinrcLosiNG Tnas 1943 DODGE two-door, fSS. Inquire Age to 40 Flush Doors, from ....e a c h $6.00 lar and Bundy. Mottsr's Music 100% Mato St locatton. Park­ P.H.A. flancing avaUable. Very DOWN AND GET ME A MANCHESTER Pet Center, beau­ Four-room expandable Caps Cod; cupancy. Asking $15,780. This subetonoo” to Mro. OotwIcByR y . foiroLASSinsD a d v t . 34 Victoria Rd. Colonial or Clamshell Studio, 177 McKee. ML 47500. ing. Apply Marlow's. S47 Mato reasonably priced at $16,500. For BOL'TON—Furnished cottage. Close COUPLE Minimum Weight 160 Pounds tiful baby parakeets, guaranteed S t Immacutots condition.' Broowway horns la toss tbsn a Mock off tlio singing canaries, hamstera, tropi­ Casing — ...... ft. 7 tic furUiar informaUon phona MI. to lake. Write Box U, HerEd. Italso ckargod thoaawithIHigal i MON. THRU no. WANT TO BUY A CAR and had Mahogany Plywood, from ft. 19c HonathoM Goods 51 BAND and Orchastra Instiumants and gprags. Closs to bus lias. bua lino and to In ths Bowers I'ull Insurance cal Bata, pet foods and supplies. 341 NORTH MAIN S t Stora 18 x 65, 43361. ly giving 'Yoreiin .•* 1 0 * .S 0 A .M . your credit turned down? Don’t Cellar Sash, quantity . .each $3.10 and Pianos. New, used, rentals. Blx-room Caps Cod. All oon- school district. ' I 'I. ------WANTED — A two-famil;ly house, MeEcE Bxamlnor J. MaitMo -Ao* five up, see "Honeit" Douflai, Program Available 666 Mato St. $a. 6-4378. ( ^ n 6 CLEARANCE Rspsirtog, tuning. Ward Krause, heated. Sultobla for laundromat, vsntonesa. Near school sad bus duplex or flE . Write W, SATURDAY f A. Bl. a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, 'rhursdays 6 Windows, from ...... each $12.05 dry goods, drug stois, upUance, ton cEled the drug, to tho f>aU* 833 Main. Not a finance company Apply In Person 25% discount on all dining room S7. Walnut St. M I ) line. In sxcellsiit condiUon. For TALCOTTVILLE Want«d---kfsBl Estate 77 HerEd nant girl for Uta 'putpoM o t to* a.m. to 6 p.m. 8 . and H. Gretn Shakes, from ...... *q- $12.20 or any other busiassa. Rent' rsa- plan. Special Price: 2 x 6 Matched Fir furniture. Boms* odd pisces, some further Infermstton call during a mlscarrtog4 Stqtops. sonaMs, Call JA. 41S46. Elm Hfll Road—A modlftod six- a r e you CONBIDERINa IF READY to buy, aeU, exchange ” ®K?sssassD"“ THE SPENCER RUBBER Flooring, Andersen Windows complete. UPRIGHT PIANO, to good oondi- room split level. No . basemsnt rsE estate mortgara arranged. Capt. David H. Rohorts. who lad We guarantee eheetrock, rock FRANCES WAGNER ' 8EUJMO YOUR PROPERTYT the poUce, sEd the sumsto took CHAMBERS Uon. Ml. 47714. L si^ pisos of land. Throe bad- W « qdU appraise your praperty Consult Howard iL H a s U ^ , PRODUCTS CO. WANTED—Good homes for kittens R esltor. on the appearances o t m raM.’Vteto DeCORMIER MOTORS lath with any house that we com­ FURNITURE SALES Housss For Rent 55 rooms, one and a half baths. Only frae aad wftnout any obligation. Agency. ML 4U07. 3-5121 Phene MI. 3-8838. detectives went to tho front door, iMal M I- SAYS: “ These fine cars will Chapel Street pletely furnish. We cairy a com­ 817 EM t Middle Turnpike MIS-1167 $lS,00p. Ideal for tho fam ily that W* alao buy property for cash. plete line of building materials. USED. Mahogany Plano In good Sex avaUaUe while two others, sneokad to tho speak for themselves in giving Hours’. 10-8 pjn., 7:$0-8:$0 p j y FOUR ROOM di wants coun|ry living and still be Sailing or huytog eoatact condiUon.' Kemp’s, Inc. Ortobsr 1st. $60. Writs Box B, within walking dtstanes to atorea, hack. excellent transportation to W AN TED-GoodJiom e for two kit NATIONAL MANCHESTER—Six and $ dufdax. , STANLEY BRAY, ReEtor THREE ROOMS Furniture. Rea- Herald. Large lot, copper plumbtog, all churches and bus. Three psychlatrista, two o t thMO WANTED—Meat cutUr, full time tens. MI. 9-551^ BUILDERS SUPPUES ■onabla. I^ u lre SI Stoaq' 8t„ MAR’TIN silver trumpet, sxcsUsnt BRAE-BURN REALTY their new "tolivners.’’ convantsnees.M. WUI accept reason- MI-2-6S7S Texas Area appointed by the atete, agreed fit Lost and Ponnd Experienced. Manchester Public Manchester. condition, $95. Piano, good condi' 4-ROOM CAPE Cod cottage. Call BOLTON 381 State Street Uon, $10, CaU Idl. 9-8575, betweeh 2 - S p.m. 4 UtUe St. aMa offer, A. Resit. m . I41616. the briE. tense hearing that ttw Market, 805 Main St. MI. 3-4741. 44year-oId mother a t Mia. 0 % ' r O \ jm — A place wl^re yaa can Livdstock—Vehicles 42 North Haven, Conn. FRANK’S 18 BUYINO AGAIN— Manchester. New ranch'homes on Femwood 1952 CHEVROLET 4-DR. MANCHESTEIL West Sldo— Six relcher, young hriraea who *66»^ aacnra a complete Une of ratttnc WANTED—Carpenter and carpen­ Good uBpd furniture aadpnUqi room Caps.^ Bxcslltnt condiUon, Drive.' Five or Ex of theao custom Fears Rain n ro'ea d accenoriea, atamped ter's helper. Call MI. 8-7270,after WE BUY COWS, calvSe and beef Telephone CHestniit, 8-2147 Wanted—To Buy 58 rled a policeman, was to no sMte SEDAN cattle. Atoo horses.- Plela Broa.- Has a largo stock on hand and firspisce, garage, oil steam heat. homes sUIl avallaMe. Prices range moda. Embroidery eottona an# • p.m. very low price. Ml 4-6580,'430 Suburban For Rent 55 Textile Trend of health, phyaicE or mentoL $> De Luxe model. New tires, ra­ " T fu u J u ^ Tai. Ml. 47405. / YOU SAVE ON TOP-QUALITY WANTED—UUllty trailer about 4' Owner ML 4335$. from $18,500 to $15,000. If you art testify. . uttlnc tmmada. At ^ ir Tajj» Lake St, MaachsatcR looking tor a nice home to a real dio, heater, directional lights. m&.Kua.Hinam3N, WANTED — Full time appliai . BUILDING NEEDS AT X 8’, In good condition and fsason- COVENTRY CENTER Suitable SbM ^ Oottafe 8t Pbone M . WE BUY beef/cattle and calves. MANCHESTER Four * family, choice suburban locauon, this la It. M ter Flood Magistrate Myers sot tho vljfitt ~ Original throughout. Only 1245 H95 N. H/LL 4VS.. servics man. Steady work.-Good WARDS. Listed, are just a few aUe, i a . 9-9119, family of 4, unfurnished 5 roonu, Down Stopped, PASAOMA, ca; Pay highest /price. Manchester SAVE ON i n s t a l l e d BATH­ four rooms each apartment, /m pending further hearing, but 0 0 * down. opportunity for tight man. Write, of a complete atock of top-qual­ ROOM oinrrrs AT w a r d s . ground floor, $58 per month, needs cause of the uncertainttas, hi V Packing C^. M I. 9-1500. ity building material and home good condiUon. Revenue $1,446 per Largs farm within ten minutes toonttaoed frfin Page One) . giving age, experience, etc. All Visit our plumbing department Rooms Without Boa«)iLi)59 redeebraUng. TsI. PL 3-4872. year. For further information caU from the center of Manchester^ specified no date. He eniphaEoid X/)8T—-Blue Parakeet.gild's pet. replies held in strict confidence. Improvement velues during today—choose the outfit you Governor Told that Mrs. Silver ahoEd stay to W TOLLAND — Cedar Swamp Road, Charles Lesperance. Ml. 6-7620. Over 100 acrM. Now an active ".. Injmedlate threat "of a major flood. -laaa PLYMOUTH i -DB. P. O. Box 645, ^Manchester. Wards ’’Get-Ready-for-Wint*r’’ want and let Wards experts to- Institution, under constant pOySM ..ftiilR A ag: ...... - Articles Fgr Sale 45^ pEAUTIPtILLY furnished ______amaU.nssr .haute,, itaros dairy farm. Excellent land tor de- — Sato;.' N«--^nw«iey down. - ■$ - yedra w m ------’'ggiiggr But thq heavy. clQud i, Kiwa the - i%666^52 - dih^- dl^^ — SEDAN Help W antet^Fem ais 35 " sUir it f6f“you'4ra very - Ideal for woriUng cotmle. Stdam MANCHESTER - vslopmsnL'CliEcs convenient loca- (OeiU aiied ftuas Page .<)■>) - flOOd-weary residenta more Jitters. Business Services Offered 1.5 i Roofing and Chimneys 16-A J»RODUCTION ENGINEER q u a l i t y WOOLEN remnants for to pay on FHA Terms. Or biiy srsta coat Y6ur sattofsetion is keeping tacilUtM avaUafals. Will Uon. Large home and soma bams prehend accusationa againat* har. Announcements ’This low mileage Just like "new children’s ekiris or Bermudas on Wards convenient Monthly hast. .All modem. Imone after Pins Acres Terrace—Cepe Cod Mesnwhiie, .other parts of the AuthoriUea Ed not say how 600% DOORS OPENED, keys fitted, ROOFING—Specializing in repair­ CLAIMS INVESTIGATOR gu^nntssd. At Wards you’ll find rant atogls or double. OtUdraa sc- •:I0 p.m. $ a . 4$381. on ths property. And the price to were arranged and advice giVen state remained drought-stricken car is bound to please you. Only Must have experience in tools, 81.50; slacks $2.95. Ladies’ skirt Payment Plen. a completa jwlectlon of top- qual­ with six finished rooma Full tile nor where, that treatment wmdd DO YOU want to secure" .your copied, vacuum cleaners, irons, ing roefs of all kinds. Also new dies and assembly fixtures with csptodtUmltsdl^^OinttaL Roasoo. ssnEble. By appointment ^ only. to 44 towns. and Gov. Allan Shivers yesterday $295 down. length $3.95 up. Crompton cordu­ ity ensembles in gleaming white abio. $Irs. Dorssy, 14 Ardi 8t bath first floor, lavatory ascond be started. , Christmas toys for a few hours of guns, etc., repaired. Shears, roofs. Gutter work. Chimneys Liberty Mutual Insurance Com­ ability to follow, through on pro­ roys 95c yard. Colonial Remnant, ...... C-O-U-P-O-N New 1965 legislation permitting told President Elsenhower that cleaned, repaired, 28 years’ ex­ or striking pastel shades at low floor. Hot water oil heaL flrb- T. J. CROCKETT, Mrs. Ostrslcher, a bride at two your time in your own home? MI. to v e s , mowers, etc., put into con­ pany is opening an office in Man­ ject assignments. Design of small 115 Center St. FURNISHED ROOM— Near Mato Snminer Homes For Rent 57 towns to uae tax funds for sup­ the drought had reached disaster 9-39TS between 6:80 and • p.m. dition for coming n ee^ . Bralth- perience.' Free esUmstes. CaU I would like more information factory-to-you prices. For ex­ place, aluminum siding, one cay Real Blstate Broker months and lacking only a tew chester and \ ^ l need a young mechanical parte for long produc­ St. GenUeman preferred. ML garage, ameSite drive, fenced-ln port of local development com- proportion in many areas. days of tu'rning 23, Ead on tba 1951 HUDSON 4-DR. SEDAN watte. 52 Pfarl ■treet.'^ Howley. Manchester Ml. 8-8861. LOAM DELIVERED. $3 yd., truck- about the following items: ample—a S-Pleea White Outfit SUMMER COTTAGE for rent at woman betiveen the age of 21 and tion runs desirable. Ideal working porcelain-cn- 42170. 9 Hazel St. yard. Other extras. Priced right Office MI 3-5416 misEons, backed by the state de­ Shivers assured drought-area night of Aug. 34. At an InquaE-a AUCTION! 6 Cyl. Radio, heater, defroster, loads. Hot amesite delivered, 16.25 Including 4H -ft Crystal Lake. Six rooms, fur­ 28 for inside claim Investigation conditions with an exceUent oppor­ □ ROCK WOOL Contact ’ Residence MI 6-7751 velopment group, 'is expected to farmer,! and ranchen every effort UtUe more than a week later, tho directional signals. A fine per­ MANCHESTER . T. V. Service, tunity, ton. Washed sand, gravel, stone. ameled steel tubr and vitreous LARGE, PLEASANT rtwm, private nished. Fireplace, television. work. Excellent opportunity for 26 lb. bag. Reg. 1.44, Now 96c help locE growth. >0ould be made to get feed for c(ty medical examiner aEd that CONNECTICUT’S GREATEST! forming car. Only $195 down. radio and T.V. specialists since Heating—Plumbiitf 17 Nussdorf Sand A Stone Co. Tel. china lavatory with faucets and entrance. Hot water. Parking. ML AvsUsble through October, half PORTER ST. AREA, WeUtogton counties where pastures have 1934. Charter members of Telsa. young woman whose residence Is in drain* and china closst complete price. MI 3-4745. ALICE CLAMPET A 200 page publication giving death .was caused by crimlnE abor­ Manchester dnd who would prefer GRAY RESEARCH AND MI. 47408. t-1744. Rd. Six room coIonlE, 1% baths, burned dry. , .jn . Featurinc F A N T A S 'n c VAX.UE8 Ml. 9-6660 or MI. 3-4607. LENNOX FURNACES and warm □ THICK TAB SHINGLES with sturdy wood seat—tor as ReaUor—M l 6-4543 facta on locE induatrlE poaslbili- tion. • working In Manchester. Must have cabinet kitchen, diEi washer, dis­ on BRAND-NEW air heating. Earl Van Camp. Ml. DEVELOPMENT CO. PEAT HUMAS, shredded. Excel­ 100 Sq. Ft. Reg. 7,05. Now 6.28 low as 112.44*. No Money Down ROOM TO rent with garage. Rea­ Ues, InEudlng labor force, trans The District Attorney last woafc MERCHANDISE 1946 CADILLAC 4-DR. A L L ’TYPES OF ’TV SERVICE pleasing telephone personalty, Wanted To Rent 58 $11,900 — 88' X. 35’ Ranch, nearly posal, flreptocs, storm sash, de portaUon, power, income and HUNDREDS FLEE FLOOD 9-5844. lent soil conditioner.-top dressing. □ WAVY EDGE SIDING —$ years to pay on FHA Terms, sonable. Suitable tor one or two. toched garage. Convenient rsE issued a warrant for the arroot pt e v e r y WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY SEDAN capable of -writing business letter, Hilliard Street — Manchester new, excellent condiUon, oil hot markets was prepared by the Tampico, Mexico, Sept 12 OP)— MI. 3-6515. 100 Sq.. Ft. Reg. 5.69. Now 4.88 come In, phone or mail coupon MI. 3-8958. INSURANCE underwriter «uid fam­ denUE nelghhoriiood. Many Hundreds of famUies fled their Mrs. Silver on ebargaa at ego* end SATURDAY NIGHTS! '' Radios and Phonos knowledge of medical terms help­ water heat, fireplace. Ule bath, commisEoh. ■piracy and E being an acceoootjr. All Cadillac equipment. Good tor more Information and FREE ily needs five unfurnished rooms. extras. $16,000. Warren E, How­ homes toEght as fresh rEns sent COMB! BID, BlTSr end.SAVE ful, typing Is required but speed A Good Piece To Worl/’ — FOR SALE—55 gal. drums, in good SINGLE ROOM for one, with or nearly 3 acrea good land, lam The commission pointed to Its Mother and daughter were t^ tires too. Previous owner local Available At All Times Millinc^—Dressmaking 19 □ STORM WINDOWS 10% Off estimate. Reasonable rent. Three children. land. ReEtor. ML 48600. the swollen Panuco river up an­ on OIfU, Tools, Aluminum-ware, is not. essential. College training condiUon, 12.50 each. For further without light housekeeping faciU- trees, suburban. Carlton W. help in persuading the Bigelow- gather in the Schwarts apartmoni man. 1^11 price $495. . * Philco’ Factory Supervised Service MEN WITH tree climbing/exper- Call PI. 3-6688. Write Box 76,, An Hutcliins. MI. 9-5133, MI. 6-4694. other five fe e t Offloials sEd thia Electric Appliances, Lamps, Gar­ ALTERATIONS — Coats, sUiU, or equivalent business experience information call the Herald, phone ■Does not include installation, ties. MI 9-4776 73 F(X)T cuEom ranch, five roonu, Sanford Carpet Ck>., to remain in on the night E the girl’s death. desired. For appointment for con­ ience. Steady employment. H. F. MI. 3-5131. N a m e ...... dover. Gulf of MeEeo port waS having'it* den Supplies, Paint, Jewelry. Pl«h- Call W ILL HILLS dresses, skirts, etc. CaU MI. Sweet, Manchester. Phfine MI. THREE-FAMILY house, tour breeseway, two-car garage, many 'niompsonviUa and cemaoUdate its Married Two Montha Inf Supplies, Garden Furniture, 9-6636 fidential interview call * LAROE ROOM, single or double, faclUUe*. worst flood in 20 years. 3-7537 after 5:30 p.m. next to bath. Private family. On SMALL FURNISHED aparfinent, rooms each, no heat. CentrEly extraa, over ohe acre, high eleva- Exactly two months bEora that Dishes, etc. 1953 WILLYS STATION MI 9-9698 POWER MOWER A d d ress...... ;.. C-O-U-P-O-N ...... So far no oasulaties were re­ bus line. 484 E. Center. Call after to refined neighborhood. Working located. One tenement Vacant Oct. Uon, sweeping views, lakes and trie d . SchodiB and other public date—^Aug. 34— the daughter o t WAGON MAN* TO WORK In station, hUla, suburban, Carlton W. Hutch- W E CAN ACCOMMODATE 1000 a n t iq u e s Refinlshed. Repairing Moving—^Trucking MRS. PETBRSON CLEARANCE I am Interested in getting more 3 p.m. woman with 14 -year old daugh­ IE. $13,500. Tel. MI. 3-6236. wildings Were converted into Herman It Silver, vice proEdeht 8 Cyl. De Luxe. Radio, heater, full time job, Must experienced Phone ...... '...... ter. Wanted immediately. CaU to«. MI. 6^133, MI. 9-4694. PEOPLE—eoo CARS done on any furniture. Tieman, Storage 20 Inforrhatlon end a Free estimate ■hleter for the displaced famUtes. o t a big super-markE chEn, mar­ defroster, directional signals, over­ 189 South Main St. Phone MI. in our Hartford office and over 35 years Of age. I have All stock at cost. Nq money on InsUlling a Ward Bathroom Glastonhsiry, ME. 3-7066. 37 STEEP HOLLOW LANE Dock Walkout ried Earl Ostreiebar- member a t a SALES START AT 7 P. M. a good propositioi/ for the right MONTGOMERY WARD PLEASANT FRONT room near WEST SIDE—Duplex 4 and 4, ex drive, epotlighti We -sold it new 3-6643. a u s Yin a . c h a m b e r s - g o . , down. Balance 20 months. outfit to my home. well-to-do Chico^ family who man. Must apply/ln person. Ask 834-838 Main St, Manchester baUi. 54 High St. WANTED—Four or flvk-room firrt Distinctive and practical. 7 cellent i;ondiUon,,nice location POST AUCTION ROOMS , and It’a just like new today. Only local and long distance moving, ’ ' ' JA 7-7131 convenient to bus and shopping. Josephine Martin choae to work aa' a mOtqccyde $295 down.. . . HAND AND power lawn mowers for Van at Van's Service Station, BUDGET CENTER floor rent. Tbrce adults. BU Ties Up More policeman in Miami Beach, fla^ Connecticut’s Lsrsest Auction sharpened and impaired. Work packln.eking, storage. Call MI. 8-5187. SHIRT PREISS operator. Must ap­ 427 Hartford Rd., at the Texaco Name seeeeoee 9-1106. room single with 2 car at­ Full price $13,000. Exclusive with Firm Hartfotord CH. 7-1428. They eloped to Folkaton, Ga« guaranteed^ Call for and deliver. ply in person. New Model Laun­ aign. / ■— 91 Center Street ‘ ' Diamonds—-Watches— ROOM FOR rent, close to bus, tached garage. ACB ReEty. MI. 9-3393. Gnest at Shower Route No. 6 Berlin Turnpike Ideal Grinding Shop, 273 Adams dry, 78 Summit St. MI. 3-841$. WANTED—By quiet, working cou­ breaking the news to their feial' MANCHES’TER Package DeUvery. WOOLEN REMNANTS and rug Jewelry 48 FARMLET In Manchester. Seven Eastern P orts Newlncton, Conn. .NEW IN STOCK FOR 8 ’^. CaU Ml. 9^120 or 3-8979. YOUNG MAN With driver’s license Address ple, 3, 3 or 4 room heated apart­ lieaJater. OotrEcher aEd that Ua Opp. Connecticut Lifht and IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Light trucking and package deUv- LEGAL SECRETARY. Local of­ fun time. NO nights, no Sundsys. Btripe for braiding and hooking. LEONARD W. YOST, Jeweler, re­ LARGE ROOM for one or two gen­ ment, unfumiehed or parUEIy 4 Sleeping Rooms ' room house, two-car garage, acre Mias Josephine H. Martin, people rejoiced, but that hia power Co. Building HONEY WAGON. SepUc tank serv. ery. Refrlgeratore, washers and fice. Shorthand and typing. Neat Apply in person only, 459 Hartford Jen’a Rug Shop. 58 Talcott Ave., pairs, adjusts watchea expertly. tlemen. .Private kitchen. Parking. furnished. Ml. 9-4046 after 6 p.m. of fertile land, arteEan well, poE- daughter of Mr. and Mr*. Alex bride's family, eaperially Bnr 1956 HUDSON RAMBLER stovs moving s^lalty, Folding Phone 2 Complete Baths / (Caattaned from Patga Oae) Ice. InstaUlng, repairing, clean­ ness and accuracy required. . RockviUe. TR. 8-5706. Reasonable prices. O p en / daUy. Private entrance. MI. 9-4171, Ml. try house. Near Wilbur Cross Martin, 1 McCabe St., fiancee o f mother, bitterly oppoaed the untoo. 4-DR. CROSS COUNTRY ing. J. P. Fay. 404 WethereU St.. chairs tor rent 94753. Write Box X. Herald. / ______3-6013. BtaNTED—Two or 8 room furn­ Parkway. $13,600. Madeline Smith, Two weeks before her death Mrik typewi Thursday evenings. US' Spruca 1 lavatory. journed without announcing any Vincent A. Genovesi, son of Mr. P eraonala Manchester. Ml, 9-2330. ONE FUlX time driver with good REMINGTON electric liter. MONTGOMERY WARD ished apartment, o r. 8 or 4 room ReEtor. MI. .41643. Ostreicher came back to BhUadil!- STATION WAGON 5nW Street. Ml. 9-4387. decision to act on It. Another and Mrs. Louis GenoveU, 163 N. ER 8 — School..days mean driving ^record and personality. unfurnished apartment tor young 2 Fireplaces phia Eone, hopefuL her huEiaiMl face Fully equipped Including hydra- I’ainting—Papering 21 years old, $335, terms available. 824-838 Main S t Manchester R(X>M FOR woman or couple. In­ working couple. CEl MI. 9-6997 FIVE ROOM ranch full baBemant, meeting was scheduled for .today MEn St., v-ma honor guest at HAVE UNWANTED hair on POWER AND hand mowers sharp­ expense. Let Avon help Also driers for hours 12 a.m. to Recreation Room In Basem*nt large miscellaneous shower held sEd, E reconciling her parents to removed permanenUy and aafely matic. ened. Air cooled engines, sold and our. spare hours fnto profit- Call T. J. Crockett's Office at MI. Garden— Farm— D a iry quire 66 AvondEe Rd. E ter 5 pim.\ . lastered walls, hill insulation, and REph Masaey, ILA district INTERIOR AND exterior painting, 5 a.m./inquire a| our office after NINE PIECE American walnut president atated, ’’Wk’rq, awEtIng recently at the Community, Y. The the mETlege. by electrolosis. Mary C, Ward, repaired. Capitol l^ulpment, 88 Call MI.'9-3814. 4 p.m. Manchester Taxi and City 3-S416. Products -*r ' Open P^rch------got water oil heat, fireplace, tile papering. Floors cleaned and dining room set, 825. 51 Mill St. further ordera from New York.” party was given by Miss Ada Mrs. Silver entered the packed R. N. MI. 9-2867. See These Fine Vauea Today At Main. Cab. bath, lame kitchen. 30 days occa waxed. Estimates cheerfully CAPABLE WOMAN who can de­ ROYAL AND Smith-Corona port- PEPPERS 75c .s bushel. Bring/ Phone MI. 9-3287 between 5 and 8 Bosrdtrg. Wasted 59-A Farins and Land For Sale 71 Lot 109 X 215 pancy. Cnarlea Lesperance. Ml. At least a temporary interrup­ Pagani^^. Bunt of the bridegroom- hearing room yesterday in a apoara WANTED—Ride to and from Hart­ GONDEIR’S T.V. Service, avaUable given with no obligation. David vote sufficient time to caU on YOUNG MAN to learn shoe bust abls and standard typewriters. containers. Also butternut squaainaan P-co- 9-7630. tion of operations In the Norfolk, elect, and attended by more than of weeping. Haggard, unmindful at ford, Monday through Friday. any time. Antenna conversions. McIntosh • Arthur Matte. MI. eight women daily. Unusual busi­ All roakea ot adding. machines 4KK,Pl4ut. 336 Hillatown Rd. NEW BOARDING HOME for Uie EASTERN Conrirctlcut — Excep­ Vacant Va., area was assured by sched­ 75 relatives and frieiids of the the spectators. She was sun>wtod, DeCORMiFR MOTOR v^ness. Part or full time. Manches­ USEID GAS-OIL comhlnaUbn range. tional buys dairy- poultry farms CaU MI. 9-1129. Philco factory supervised servlco. 9-7547. ness opportunity. Write Box T ter Green Shoe Outlet. sold or rented. Repsdrs on all aged, located E 80 Devis Avmiue, VERNON, Sunset Terrace—Just a uling e t a maaa meeting that young peoqilc. by her sorrowing husband, on «eq CUCUMBERS, pick you own, a6c Very reasonable. MI. 9-1147 after RockvUle. Large spacioue rooms, with or without 'ytock, 3 — 300 Ede and by a family'phyatrian oa - SALES, Inc. Tel. Ml. 9-1486. Herald. . makes, Marlow's. Call two minute drive from - WUbur would pEl the men off their jobs- • Miss Martin un'wrapped her RIDE WANTED to Hartford from baiket. Paul Robbtto, Birch Moun­ 8 p.m. ' also private room* to accommo­ acres. Welles Agency, Coventry. Croaa Highway. A 6 rooih ranch Presumably they will then decide beautiful gifts while seated be­ the other. Aa tears and sobs gave vicinity Oak St, Manchester. JA. EXTERIOR PAINTING only. Fres BOLTON—BuUding atone, veneer, tain Rd. date couples. Rates rsaaonable. PI. 3-6873. \ home with 3 bedrooms. LargrUv- way to ^ e t e r idrieving, Mrs. SB* 24 Maple Street/ Manchester GENERAL OFFICE worker. Per Just Look A t ’This whether to stay away or go back neath a prettily decorated um­ 8-2127 8 :80 to 6, or MI. 9-1588 after ASHES and RUBBISH estimates. Ml. 9-1383. manent poeltion. Muat be good Salesmen Wanted 36-A fireplace, wall stone flagstone. Maasack Memorial Home. Rock­ McKi n n e y b r o t h e r s , inc. ing room with firejUace, cabinet brella. A delicious ‘Itoffet style ver sE dully, her hoad bowed aad TOMATOB3S—Pick your own. 80c EIAST OF MANCHBETER^-g room to work. r ^ 8 p.m. REMOVED typiat, amall office, pleaaant eur- Also slate flagging. Bolton Notch ’ $13.18 MONTH vUle. .TR 41011. kitchen, hot water heat with base ILA headquarters here called luncheon was served by the host­ her rtioulders shimpad aa If to a PAINTING—EStterior and interior, Quarry. MI. 9-0617.- Prompt de­ basket. Michael KUrys, French house no Improvemem except MI 3-6060 or MI 9-3931 roundinga and congenial associ­ ROUTE SALESMAN I ROOMS FURNI’TURE board radiation. Combination for a generE walkout deapite ess, who was assist^ by her tranca Har husband tried to con* paperhanging, ceilings reflnished. livery. Rd., Bolton. electricity but worth recondition­ storm window* and screens. Lot PROMPT SERVICE Wallpaper books on rsquest. Etotl- ates. This opportunity should ap­ Brauid New $13,600. MANCHESTER, five room court orders agEnst g atrike and sister, Mrs. Josephine Genovesi, fort her by stroking har howte: Antoraobfles for Salt 4 Trailers for Sale 6-A peal to an East Hartford or Man­ Westtoghouse refrigerator, living Apartments—Flats— ing because of location. View and 80 X 300 fset. Immediate occupan­ Once or twice ho Masad bar OB matea given. FuUy insured. Call Hers is « rare opportunity to join TELEVISION for sale. Reasonable, ColoniE. TVo-cer. garage, one 'contempt of court actions facing and other members of t'le family.. / chester lady. Apply Noble A West rdSfli, bedroom, kitchen, rugs, Isncments 5S large frontage both sides of road. cy. Priced* at $15,500. Robert J. GOOD WILL used cars from your Edward R. Price. MI. 9-1003. the nation’! number one food in­ Can b6 seen at 98 West Main St., Under 50 acres, about 15 to good acre, Ece trees, near bus. C*rl union leaders. The couple will be married on the forehead. Sba aumad n o t to Call MI 9-2145 brook Mfg. Co., or telephone BU. lamp, table, everything. SmiUt, Inc., 663 Main St. MI. Saturday, Oct. 15. - notice. 1 Pontiac daaler. Good prices and , X 6 CAMP TRAILER. Keeney's dustry. Look at these advantages. RockvUle. FURNISHED one room apartment, mowing, bEEice pasture ' and ton W. Hutchins. ML 9-5183, ML Union conflict with the,..Jlew. 9-2717. . t)nly $360 6-6241. terms as low as $2 per week. Mc­ Garage, Buckland. Anytime ■i rErlgerator, gas range, u*e ot woodland. Old farm bulldtogs 9-4094. York I Waterfront Commission Clure PonUac, Inc., $7$ Main 8 L Coorses and Classes' 27 1. Permanent lifetime work. LIONEL TRAINS and accessories. FO R R E N T SEPTIC TANKS and sewer lines, EXPERIE»4CED part time sales See It Day or Night stall shower, $11 weekly,. Adults. needing repEra. WEton W. Orgnt, 37 LILAC STREET—$13,800 $13,000 NEW THREE bedroom erupted In a strike last Wednea ML 9-4840. In exceUent condition. If Interest­ ReEtor, Andrewa Building, \63 inatallaUon only. Orywella, leach RADIO-ELECTRONICS. Television htip. Manchester and East Hart 2. High commission earnings A —L —B—B—R"—-T-?— — 8 Inquire Apt. 4, 10 Depot Square. ranch, extra large rooms, 20x16 day. . The commlasion was set ford stores. Apply in person ed contact Roger Benton. MI. Two rooms (Approx. 560 aq. 43-45 Allyn St., Hartford East t^ter, Manchester. MI. Large 6 room Cape Cod. 3 un­ living room, tUe bqth, oU hot iip two years ago by the states of $98$ CHEVROLET eUUon wagon Auto Repalitnx—Painting 7 ing trenches installed cellar Servicing. "Learn by Doing’’ at 3-8946. SIX ROOM duplex. CentrEly lo­ mornings only. Willtdn’s Gift 3. Five day week. ft.) for business «r profeaalon. CH 7-0868 After 7 P. M. CH 6-4890 3-1153. \ finished, ptostersd walls, firsplacc, water heat, ceUar, 3-3 acre, large New York and New Jsraey to po­ four door, six osssehger; with eump-pumps installed. Town k "Connecticut’s Oldest Electronics cated. Oil hot water heat automa­ K£EP 5UNDAY FOR BRAKE RELINE, most ail cars, School." Fall term etarting Sept. SJiop, 968 Main. hot water heat, copper' plumbing, frees, suburban. Carlton W. lice IE>or on the docks. radio, heater, five nearty new pountry ConstnicUon. MI. 0-4143. FRIGIDAIRE combination elec­ Second floor, lOOO Main Street NINE-PIECE mahogany dining tic gas wEer heater, piped tor 814.98. Choose the lining. No 26, 1955. Enroll now for practical 4. Thorough training program M klaiSe kitchen and cabinete, aluml- Hutchins? MI. 6-5133, MI. 6-4664. TTi'e unlonT which was thrown Urea. Very low iplleage. ExcaUSnt tric and coal range, white. Boy'a —«ver our offices. Sea Mr. room set, $50; Maple dinette set, automatic washer. Adults pre­ Bosses For Ssle condlUon throughout. See Bob. money down, $1 weekly. Cole c o m p l e t e r e p a i r s by Stuart day or evening class. For free SALES CLERKS wanted, full or ** num etorm wtodows and screens, out. of the AFL on charges of part time. Manchester Green 5. Group Insurance bicycle, two drop leaf desk. MI. Boyce. 135; email Westinghouse refrig­ ferred, $70. No dogs. Writs Box J. OWNER TRANSFERRED—Saerti THIN^ OF Tlfi^SOUL OUver today. Center Motor Sales, Motors, 486 Center. MI. 9-0980. R. Wolcott on wringer and auto- descriptive circular phone JAck- 9-3575. LAUREL STREE7T—Spacious six ^Ira deep lot A good clean buy. harboring racketeers, has fought maUc washing machines,, electric Shoe Outlet, 509 Middle ‘Turnpike erator, excellent condiUon, $35; HsrEd. C011 Charles Lathrop—MI 9-03S4 flee. Cape Cod. Plastered wEls, 411 $KUn 8L son 5-3406, or write New England You may qualify if you are 21 room home, two-car garage, large ameEte drive, combination doors against the commission bitterly CAR BURN OIL? ranges, vacuum cleaners,, motors, East. MOVING—Gas atove, 335; bureau, also miscellaneous items. 475 Tol­ Technical Institute, 193 Trumbull to 32, in good health and enjoy MANCHESTER land St., East Hartford. FIVE ROOM furnished apartment. lot, city uUiitles. P.H.A. financing and windows, fireplace, beautiful­ and has sworn to have it abol­ 1908 bHEVROLET Bel Air V-8 two Economy Overhaul small appliances, weldtog. -—180 St., Hartford, Conn. outdoor work. See Mr. Bivant, 810; bathinette, $6 ; two crib mat­ Near bus line. AdEts preferred. avallaMe. $18,000. Hansen and 7480 LOCKWOOD ST.—$17,500 ished. door. Reasonable. Cell MI. 9B681 Main Street. Ml. 9-8678. SEWING MACHINE operators ly landscaped ;wlth large flower , Vote AGAINST Sunday Sale wanted. Apply Ka-Klar Toy Com- Saturday, September 17, 8 to tresses, $5 each. Mouton lamb fur BRAND NEW Frigidaire dish Write Box K, HerEd. Conlon. MI. 3-4365, Ml. 3-1303. garden. Owner. MI 9-4643. ClEming the commission was after 6 p.m. Most all cars. Parts and labor jacket, $30; PeriAan Paw fur coat, 2 family duplex, exceUent con- ipany, 60 Hilliard St. .< 13 noon. SAVINfiS A LOAN ...washer, one week old. J»ever In­ out to wreck the ILA, the union $49.95. No money down $4.90 MELODY RADIO—T.V., phono’s. Bonds—Stocks— black, $40; Northbuilt akis and FURNISHBID two room apartment. 380 SPRING St.—CuEom built ditioq.\ 3 oil burners, well land- 1961 CHEVROLET Style Une de Night calls. Guaranteed service. 1667 BIAIN STKEET stalled. Cost $300, sacrifice $300. scap^Xand near achopl. Good in­ HACKMATACK ST.—IS acrea, at- sought intercession from the gov­ FOR INFORM^ON ON THIS ISSUI monthly. AU work guaranteed. 'Mortgggcs- i 31 poles, $8. Phone MI. 9-8153.' MI. 47925 or MI. 3-1207 for ap­ Complete with utilities and private three bedroom home. Two-car ga­ fording an exceUent 'view, brook, luxe sedan. Radio, heater. Jet M 9-2280. .— -1 BERGREN DAIRY FARMS bath. F ree parking. CentrE. North rage, ameEte drive. Bath and vestment praperty. ernors and legiaiators of New Jer­ black flnlsh. In exceUent condl- MOTOR SALE Help Wanted— 51ale 36 pointment. good barn and other buildings, sey and New York. O R A R ID ^ 4 o t h e p o l l s . C A U FIRST AND Second minortgagea End business area. See Mr. Keith, lavatory, fireplace, sun porch, lot near new achool. B.'P. Von Ecker, Utm. 1949 Oldsmoblle “ 8$’’ sedan FENCES built of cedar, wire and 1100 Burnside Avenue Call l^rl Rohan—MI 3-74$^ In other Labor developments: Fords, Chevroleta, etc, ....$124.95 split rail, also red cedar clothes bought tor Mir own account,unt. FaM, Keith Variety., 100 X 100. For appointment to In­ Agent, 509'Keeney St. radio, beater. In very goM Condi confidential service. Manchester spect caU MI. 9-43S9. A. R. Wilkie In New York City, service re­ SOUTH METHODIBT CHURCH ...... >d $-$$#4 poles erected. Free estlmste. Ml. Befieficial Finance Cenjpany Land for^\^eEe In piece that can tlon. Douglas Motors, 888 Main St. Pontlaca, Oldsmobiles, etc. $174.95 Stoat Hartford. Conn. turned to normal on the Long Is­ COVENANT OONGREOATIONAL eoaoaeoeooaaae 9-5638. Investment Corp.. 344 Mato streeL will employ several men as W tskit s it For Girls and Co. ' INVESTMENT premerty, flve-fam- aa 6-«en MI. S-S416. be subdivided. lly house. Extra' large lot, 10% land RElroad after yesterday’s C06IMUNITY BAFIIST CHURCH Ba 6-1525 1961 FORD convertible. Beautiful No Money Down SEEING IS BEUEVING! Three VERY CENTRAL—Roomy 4room $7.90 Monthly J branch manager trainees, An Irrasistibis Pair! Lots—I ISQ.x 20O-t7$1,SOO return on Iqvestment, asking alowdowri stemming from the green finish. Brand new top, ex ■ales a week pay 8300, and that is TO BE SOLD home, flreptace, hot wEer. heat; NORTH METUODIST CHURCH . 0-0 a s 6 a a * M I 4 6 6 6 6 ceUent motor, only $798, -Douglas ' New Motor Guarantee FAST ACTION dust be high school gradu­ the average for our men. Selling 1 174 X 200-^1.700 $38,000. CEl Agent. MI. 6-5239. longstanding dispute between the Household Services Riiaco E o m windows, awning*, EMANUEL LUTHERAN ...... saaaaaaa.aaaaaaeaB**.. .BO a-iite Motors, 838 Main.. FAIR-TREATMENT ates, college training desir­ experience not necessary. Re­ carrier and the Brotherhood of -Offered 13-A terrace, amesite drive many ex­ Call PhU fellin— MI 9-9221 FIVE ROOM ranch home,, neariy CENTER "CONOREO A’nO N AL aaaaaaaaaOaaaaaaaaa Ml 2-6M 6 COLE MOTORS LOWEST MONTHLY quirements are an open mind, 52 Gerard 'Street—An English style seven room home built of Railroad TrEnmen (Ind.) An es­ . 1958 CHEVROLET two-door sedan able. Age 22 to 28. Must have the finest of materials. The. first floor has that handy extra room tras, sxesilent location. Only MANCHE ASSOCIATES new. AttracUve aetttog. $14,500. timated 75,000 passengers on the 436 Cenfer‘ 'C treel' ' M l tf-hSSO WEMVING of bums, moth holes willingness to work and a car. Our $13,000. Carlton W. Hutchins, SECOND CONOREGA'nONAL aoaaaaeaaaa MI e-iees Beautiful dove gray finish. Five PAYMENTS car. This position offers a for television or children’s play room. (TTiere is also a recrtatlon Realtore Owner MI. 6-9615 mornings and world's busiest commuter line and torn' clothing, hosiery nine Intensive training program wlU ReEtor, MI 9-5183, MI 9-4594. evenings. CHURCH OF THE NAZAREN'E oaaeaaaaaaaa M l 46S W exceUent. tires. Vdry low mileage. DIAL CH 6-8897 splendid opportunity in the put you in a position to earn $75 room with fireplace, in the basem*nt.)* G. E. heating system, were delayed from 30 minutes to One owner. See Bob OUver or handbage repaired, zipper re beamed ceiling in nice sized living room, heated 2-car attached NEW LISTING: CApe Cod on qtoet 'SALVATION ABM Y ...... kaaaoataea Auto Driving SchopI 7-A placement, urabrcllaa repaired, CONNECTICUT consumer ‘ finance field. Sal­ your-first week and $300 weekly $960O-8IX-ROOM HOME, oil hM atreat. Six ftolEieq roome.- Oil ATTRACTIVE three years Ed six an hour and 57 mlnutea to yeEw- this one, at Center Motor- Sales 'in 30 days. Do not apply unless garage, tile bath and lavatory, outdoor patio, plus many other water heat, garage, 3-3 acre, room Cape Cod with five finished terday’s slowdown. FederE me­ 481 Main. meh’e shirt collars reversed and MORTGAGE EXCHANGE ary, car allowance, insurance. attractive features. Priced at $19,500. Immediate occupancy. burfier. Aluminum Xscreens and WOMEN MOST careful drivers. replaced. Marlow’s Little Mend­ you are prepared to spend four near bus. Carlton W, Hutchins. rooms. Very - desirable location. diators are attempting to aettle Nevsr too old to learn. Female in­ Other benefits include group storms. Large pl*j\ area with YOU CAN’T BEE Uiese from the ing Shop. It’s easy to arrange First or hours In the field with ma that M l 4$1$3, MI 9-4694. . trees. iPrice $13,300;^^ MadeUhe Owner being transferred. CaU the dispute which Involves wages Speesered ly T ^ structor. Standard automaUc. insurance,, vacation, liberal evening, This program cannot be M Raymond Road—Located In one of Manchester’s finest resi­ owner between 7 and 6 p.m. for and hours, working conditions and atreeL 1947 Hudaon, 1948 Naah, Second Mortgages a( 27 Lewis MANCHESTER Smith, ReEtor, MI. ^643. 1M7 Chevrolet, others from Dual Insured car-. M and M Driv- FLAT FINISH HoUahd window savings and retirement plan. explained in a telephone Inter dential areas la thia all steel ranch home of 6 rooms. The main­ appointment. MI. 42805, some 250 grievances. MANCHESTER COUNCIL OF CHURCHES 'tog School, Ml. 94541. Bbadea, made to measure. AU St., Hartford. view. ‘ For appointment, phone A 10-day strike by more UiE> $85. Look behind oftlce. Douglas Phone ' tenance cost tor this modern home la unbelievably low. Three Attractive flv4 nsom’ home. Very NOW OFFERt^D SOUTH COVENTRY — 44 acres, Motors, 833 Mato. metal Venetian bUnds at a new RockvUle TR 43S73. 13 to 1 p.m. bedrooms, living room, dining, area and kitchen. Dishwasher and 9.000 CIO United Auto Workers LARSON’S DRIVING School. p.m. conveniently located. First floor, eight room house, six outside Mancheater’e only trained and low price. Keys mads whlls you disposal, ample closet apace,. Venetian blinds,^ amesite'drive and CHARMING HO at the Studebaker Auto Factory in I960 CHEVROLET de luxe Wdor wait. Mariow’a. Business Opportunities -52 living room with fireplace, dining buildings, $20,000. CEl PI. 3-6337. certUied tostructof. For your aafe- MR..CUNNINGHAM 3-car attached garage. Lot 100 x 200 feet nicely 'landscaped. room and convenient kitchen. Sec­ South Bend, Ind., ended — on or­ radio, heater,, good coodiUtm, o f Clarence T. Anderse n ders from the uEon’s International ty t r ^ e d to te a u proper ORGANDY curtains hand laun­ BARBER SHOP—Two Chairs, ex­ Priced at $21,500 with Immediate occupancy. ' ond floor two bedrooms and* tils throughout SmaU down payment. , 9-6075. cellent location, wonderful condi­ For Personal Interview Help Wanted— 167 Princeton Street Lots For Sale 73 headquarters in DetroitTheJasues Easy terms. Douglas Motors,. 888 dered and ironing done at home. bath. Other extras. Full pries tion, good income. ’ Call -Stafford Male or PeBMie. 37 $13,500. (Cor. Tanner Street) Involved in Jha -wSlkout had not HEAT OR COOK WITH 0IL^...CALL US Mato. ■ MORTLOCK’S DRIVING School. Celled for and delivered. 34 hour GLASTONBURY — Cedar Ridge service. MI,, 9-0643 or write Box Springs. OV. 4-3118. Thia lovely 4ro0m Cape been diacloMd. . - Coat eonlldence quickly restored Ml 3-4166 EXPERIENCED Luncheonette, with porch and garage attai Drive. One acre lot with 185’ front­ But In/lSetrolt, CIO-UAW of­ 1952 CHEVROLET four door sedan; by a skilled, Courteous instructor. 2, Herald. LEE TIRE franchise availabto to . M >^C H E 8 TER age. BeautitE view on hOl. MI. Luxurious gray finish. aU necss part time. Apply Arthur’s Lunch-, on a large lot excElently ficials, Lm E 190, called a strike License tocitided. .- Insured, dual aggressive csr' dealer, tire store eonetts. scaped, will give you the homeX 3-560$ E ter 6. vote for Wednesday and Thursday sary- equtoment Includihg seat ROBERT J. SMITH, INC Four room sxpandable Caps Cod tiontroUed standard and hydrama- BuiIdinc>-Cotitnictlng 14 or service etatlon. Complete qual­ PIANIST WANTED for local dspes your dreams. Ready to move ii' among the local’s 11,000 members covers. Excellent tiras and to- Uo cars. $Q. 9-7898. ity line of passenger . and truck PART ’IIME waitars or waitresses, in nice condition. Fireplace, good KEENEY ST.—Beautiful loU, 105.’. eludes our guarantee. See Bob studio. Phone PI. 3-7027. 963 MAIN STREET — TEL Ml 9-5241 by November 1. Complete' deti x 300’ within walking diEance. E at three Detroit area Packard STONE, BRICK work and concrete tires, competitively priced. Quick experienced preferred. Ap{Uy in else kitchen: Convenient to every­ We Deliver Fine Fuel, OUver today at Center Motor f i ^ ahopping area in d bus’. Utilities. plants. The uEon, whoae contract AUTO DRIVINQ tostrucUon. AU work. Call Ml. 45451 daya.. MI. service. Real merchandialng i person St the Rainbow'Clun, Route thing. Full price $12,600. Sales, 461 Main. TWO FIRST mass trim carpenters Priced right. E. F, Von Ecker, expirM Sept. 80, ia aeektog the lessons on Insured dual control S-S042. Valentino BeUuccl, aiatance. Compare our program ' now. Two framers. Vancour Con, 6 and 44, Bolton. ML 6-8031. ARTHUR A. KNOFXA cars, standard or automatic. REAL ESTATE.— INSURANCE Other Ueting AvaUable Agent. 509 Keeney St. aame benefits granted by other 1941 WILLYS Four-Door with dx. with yours. CaU or write Mr. R stiuctlon Ctor MI. S-46M. auto makers, including layoff pay. C itable experienced instructors. good Ures. Radio, heater and new. M. Jonea. Lee Tire Factory . . Realtor j A atrike Eso threatehed by some ‘ Contoer Auto School.' ML 9-6010, MASON — Fieldstone s specialty, MAN.Wrni knowltdge of furnace battery. Motor recenUy over- Branch, 665 Conn. Blvd., East AUCE CLAMPET, ReEtor Exclusive-Agmt Suburban For Sate. 73 19.000 employes o f the Northwest­ Full Measure! JA. 7-8680. Ernest Toth. 80. 4S307. inatallations. Full or part time. Read Herald Adva. hauled. "All In good condiUon. Hartford. Tel. BU. 9-9844. 875 Main Street ern Bell Telephone Co. in Nebras­ MI. 9-5844. MI 6-4543 Sale price $100. >U 9-2M3. MANCHESTER Driving Academy. PALMER AND CARNEY, mason TE. MI 3-5440 or MI 6*4643 ANDOVER BOLTON ka, Minnesota and the Dakotas. At Inspection By Appointment OEy Omaha, the company’s latest wage Leave your heating probhow hacauaaipon haEuaita gointo 1948 CADILLAC four-door sedan. Manobester’e oldest, most recom' contractors. Fres esUmates. No Help Wanted-—Femalt 35 WANTED—Painters and painters MANCHESTER — AttracUva sU mended, your safety, our bust' •nUMse 1667 By Rrtd COVENTRY offer was termed ’’inadequate” by to ua and w ell tea that you gE every galion. Fully equipped. Looks and runs job too 1^ or too small. Ml. helpers. CaU MI. 40486 or SO. room Cepe Cod, Uke new inside NEAR EAST Center Street. Six ness. License guarante^. Stand James SnUth, district (Ufectqr of prompt delivery, friendly eer- like later model. Drlvs the beat 3-4793 or RockvtUa TR. 5-4744. 9-1M6. It’s Bees o f CsuraeP and -4Mt. Nice grounds. Near room garrison coIoniE,. exceUent CUTO old Cape Cod overlooking Mabll Karaaanai Famous ard or automattc. Mrj kllClette AUCTION schooL Roman CathoUc Church, the CIO Communlcatlo'ns Workers vice, plue a top-qUality branded for less. Douglas Motors, 813 brook,\6 rooms, Dutch oven flrc- your peraonai tostiuctor. Dial PL GENERAL ConstnicUon, altera­ PART TIME 8 s.m. to U waek- conEtion, Ule bath plus lavatory o t America. The contract expired watsr-whita range oil t e rooaa Mato. CLERK-TYPISTS A t Mm l e g i o n HALL. MANCHESTER. CONN. shopping cantef'and bus Une; CaU ■ hE .water heat, less than year old pIace.-V$13,900. fuel. 3-7249 any time. tions remodeling, plasUc tile, days. Experienced service station owner, evenings. MI. 6-4013.' Sunday and the employes have hoaton, water haatera, miigM, counter wor4 garage, etc. No job • On Leeasrd SL, Off Msia SL. Opp eelte State Armery only $16,000. Carlton W. Hutchins BEFORE YOU BUY a used car help. Over 21. 184 East Canter. MODulN 5 rooms (1 floor), voted to strike if a new contract MaMIhaati The furnace oil rafrigaratois, laaterna and too MnaU. Biigens Qirardln, 16 FRIDAY. SEPTe.U.19S5ot 10 A.M. 8205 MANCHESTgUt—6 room Mder co- MI. 45183, MI. 6-4664. basem*nt, garage, extra large lot. Sea G om an ktotor Salea. Bulck Interesting diversified FORMOTNER..- ia not signed during the current that buhia cleanly, campletEy lampa. O der thia clean, thrifty Motorcyctea— Bieyefes 11 Trotter, Ml. 9-5809. HIGH SCHOOL boy wanted, part Uspeettea After 6 A. M. e« Bale Day Oaly 414 r*. loolE, 3 baths, encloMd porch, 4 -:-$8,400 Sales and Service, 38S Mato Apply talks. work. Bookkeeping knowledge tuna, mornings. Apply Ka*Klsr car garags, anuEte drive, extra CHESTNUT STREET A apeclE meEator continued E- —burasbEtarthimavarbEora ftiE today. atracL SO. S-4B71. Open aventoga. BICYCLE RBPAHUNO. aU $yps6, Toy Company, 60 W liard St. Crocheted to one piece and trim­ JUST ISTEU) S rooms, flre- AftHqiMS — FEmhEPB — C h k e — Ir k -A -S r o c lot, conveEent location, $1S;700. forta to end the strike by some 40,- EngUab a spscialty. Now open • Roofing^Siding 16 helpful. Good starting salary. med with soft ribbon, thia IrrsEat- Warren E. Howland. ReEtor. MI. 'Two family or can be usee place, gai |e. Asking $7,500. 1964 CHEVROLET two-door sedan. A* daahtog a* can be for achool 000 CIO-UAW membere to Inter- ’!fi7 — : j Twa tone green, radio-and beat- a.m. to 9 p.m. Manranter Pleasant working conditions >- wsaklt, aklrt and blouae com- abls pEr of bedjaekets makes the 3-8690. ______• Qrcto Shop, 166 West ktlddie Turn- FOR THE BEST to Bonded buUt Wide aetoettea mt goed IteaBl trsas varleaa flae hansea, resMas aa. a six room single. Two LAiqUrtti 3NT ysar-round 6 naUonal Harveeter Co. plants In •r.. Low, tow mileage. Oriatoal htoation to please a mhw of aix to ideE gift for that mother-to-be. rooma, vi (It, 100’ X 200’ lo t— ptoa. Ml. 4ICM. up roofs, aluiigia roofs, gutters, in air-conditioned office. Paid Sf eatatea, etc. PartW Matt- (Or crochet them for yoursEf and BOX MOUNTAIN Drive, Vernon. aix atatea. The union struck three and clean. Center Motor 'Satos. Cherry hl^bey tep, eberfy 6 drawer cheat (rough), 6 dfasrer fourteen. baths, hot water oil heat, au $8,500. L t ^ J conductors and roof rspalrs call baby!) These are two separate LovEy .three bedroom ranch, weeks ago. It seeks a layoff pay 4 6 lX a to. J Coughlin. $a. 47707..U no anawsr holidays, vacation, hospitali- cheat la M r ^ eaipire eheata e f draurera, ssarMe top ataad aad Pattern No. 8205 is in siaea 6, tomatic domestic hot water, plan andnd other benEite. S. 10, 13. 14 ysara. Size 8 . wsaklt, pattenu. breeseway and garage, large NEW ranch\type and Cape Code. $960 PONTIAC convertible twi­ BOY’S 36" Schwinn bicycle. Good cau lil. 466S1. lation insurance and. other dresser, aacretary to eheataat, plae drcaaer, 2 drawer phM Uaaket ^ t t e m ' Nos. S740 and 58S1 each wooded lot. Gaaton ReEty Co:, new ly' redecorated, all city Wonderful location. -Aa low aa i v ^ O 5 \ea 'I cooditjon. Tel. MI. 9-0493. ehast, Breach 2 tier ataad (pierced gaUery), roaeweod ateleddaa, %. yard of SVInoh; skirt, IH light Uuo. New Mue top, white RAY'S ROOFING CO., ahingla and benefits. Apply Personne ROGERS CORPORATION yards; blouse, 1 % yards. contEn crochet - dlrscUona; n 166 SchoE St. MI. 4SI51, MI. $900 down. wbU Urae. eampleto motor Job. An 4 peeler heda, wash atsada, eM reela, vaitooa eld ehalra, flae 46631. utilities. Dwelling is locatet buUt up roofs, gutter and con­ For .tkls pattern, send 35c to terlE reqEremante; *tlteh illustra­ Many (^ e rs \ fro m $3,900 and axeapUenal automobito. Ml. Dept 8. A. M. to 4 P. M. ■ahegaay toveaeat (cheiah earvtog), flaely carved ItaUaa aide- tions. near Main St. Occupancy on Personal Notices .8-7364 ;, ______ENGLISH Roadracer bicycle, $68. ductor work, roof, chimney re­ hsaid, Bwtoa iaiaid Up ataad, cheval mirror, empire sofa, ooraer Coins, your name, address, aise da- WEST SIDE—Owner must seU up. GI as low aa 5% down. iiVSobil ^Jeroseri $ a . 9-6417. pairs. Ray Hagenow. MI 43214. Ersd, and the Pattern Number to Send 35c in cotoa, your name, trsBSfe^ of title. Positions Available ehiaa eahiaet, large nsirrar, 2 aew charch heaehea, repre. saw- addroaa andEio pattern number to aad 4 diipleg^ axccUent ahapa. AU IM i IAjiByaoiJET»-«Mi Ooupa Ray Jackson, Idl 8-S325. ^ ROYAL TYPEWRITER CO haeh' table, tea wagoa. flreplaca eqalpsssst. eld qafflta, Btaftwd- SUB BUBNEfT, THE MAN- conveEencea. Immediate occupan­ WELLES' GENCY ■...... nr' aad-gidm PHoa ritft and'tbqr OHESTEE BVENiNO HHEAU), ANNE GABOT. MANOHESYBB cy. A.C E . ReEty. MI. 43163. CHARLES LESPERANCE Main 8 t., Oov n 2-6872 In Memoriam BnslBeBs Servigeg Offersd 13 ROOFING. Siding and carpentry. 150 New Park Ave. ahlre tareea, 2 whale eU ism ps. ether huape, tern rieass set, ssach EVBMINO HEBAtJR 1156 AVE. tun ilna. Douglaa M ataa, 838 Tba Rofan Carparafioa ether flae ehtoa, |#aae sad hrtc a heae, hrass hettis sa ataad aad UM AVE. AlOaHOAB, NEW Alterations and additions. Ceil ASOmCAB, MEW YM oversize Cape. CM, two kiteben, outsteBdug baO 1S53 four sad used'burners andI I pum]pumps, CaU dsak, ether asedera fSrattars Itsam. I think ot you in silence. in. Two tone grosB. Btroat $CL k-4M0. ’85 adlUon of, otir p a tte n catalog cEors. It contEns 56 pageo of bath: oirefi UtEien cabinete, fuU EmoE complete. Basem*nt ga­ cEorad tixturea, caFport, ameEte I often hmE your name, Joe, ML 40167. - -not aU I ha'knTe are memories, trHh dual tanga.ivUra- YOUNG WOklAN, maturs. good Baale Fkahlon. CouirfE, axdtliig. lovely dsEgn* — plus S g ift pat- baMment, attached garaga, amas- rage, ameEte drive, Beroened drive. lErgo aitoda^iiM;, Prtoa MORIARTY R O lilT M. RBD A SON. AUCTIONEBIS duicad. Warron ] viand, BaE< And your picture la a frame. rs. WaBthsT-yiy^aaitar FURNITURE Repair Sorvlooi Roofing and Chlnnoys 16*A educational background. Capable sued with Enart, aagy to • I terns, dIroetMB* prtatad la book. Ite dfte*. 121,600. Warren it. Boar- back porch, storms and sera “ ' " ‘ ' twin Plaan apply la M l MAOf 8YRBBY—PHONE $a 4-7776 slylaa fo r aU ag*4 ipBly SSe a eopyl j Uupd, BeEter. ML SS6W. ML S4666. a tor. ML $6100. irariS Oetoaka*. 311 em m STRBT Impairing, roftnuailng, o f teUowtog tosUructions. For part m 9 - u u OB aU t n o s c t furniture. CRIMNEYB cleanad, racappad, time telephone work to Rockvute, i " - ■ ^ polntad had rspairsd. OiJL ML 6 to 6 oventogs. writ# Box 117, I-36W. - t c-o Herald, Rockville.

/ '■ , HartfoW PainbrokaOonafaXaub WlU an iUfaaapit vdto a Pbtluck auppar Waa of bMOar. HI Hoatclalr W ., W m I win-'^ Hartford, to wfilch aU mamWw In The Manchester Gpen Dinner- M Kt in* : tba arai k r » eordUlly invitad Mra. Dance will be held at thq Manchet- 8C 0«MS« F»t* ItoMr ehaireuui of tha aup- Tha Holy Innocehta Mothera ter Country Club on Saturday, , ’chainMii. Itu x«- if coBunittaa, wlU ba aaalatad by Circle will meet tomorrow at S:16 Members of the Women's Club of Sept. 17. The aeml-formal affair, fCSMvhecl t* . ftH tMma M) eft Jiud Cra. lUlph Toama and Mra. John p.m. at the home of Mra. CSieater ManchHiter who scan their .pro­ ftont-wlieal tb* opaninf. SUmac ty u - Nolan, both of West Hart­ Freeman, 134 Branford St gram books which were in the held on the eve of the club’a top ptppelUaa, at ford. mail today will find a variety of golf event o f the year, it axpected lone Whirls Mra. iftdlth H c p a 'b f Wapping U to.attract the largest gathering of ‘to alt sTacb a patient at Maticheater Memorial programs for the year to interest State Labor Parley iioa»T« atcu John Mather Chapter. Order of members and gueata of the year. ■ m Hoapital. everyone,' .whether she be bride, A co*cktail hoOr atartlng at 8 $ . S win m a ia g wUh DaMriay, WUl hold ita firat meet* matron or career girl. ' 49 9 lar oi the aaaaon nest Monday. p.m. will precede di'nner. Larry O ff San Juan A joint inataiiatlon of the of­ Early American art, book.-, Mallon'a orchertra • will proride %t!^b!3 iB 56 ^ iw mSS Bapt. IP, at tha Maaonic Temple, at ficera of Dilworth-Comell-Quey theaterr flower arrangements and Ignores Appeal for 7:S(> p.m. Election of officera will muaie for dancing from 9 until 1. '. A 4 u h uMl U n . CUire Zim> American ta fio n Poat and Aux­ fashions will be among the inform­ Archie Livingston, club mana­ Miami, Flp.. Sept. 14 (Ah— bo held. iliary wUl take place tonight at 8 ative meetings. A card party, ger, ie accepting-reservations by Fils over averai* ' The San Juan. Puarto Rico, . o'clock in the Legion Home... music, a talk, by Bob Steele for phone at the .club. bowl. SiuriHIlf Weather Bureau reported to­ Tba «me>ntv* bowd of Um Itob- . Tha Girl Scout office at MS Men's Night and a night of enterr This is the-flrst year in which (irtKted. Eailly cleaned. Ending Rent Curbs day that tropical atorm Iona artno VTA wUl meat ttfiiMmwr Mailn S t will be open aa uaual be- The choir o f the Ooncordia tai- tainment by some of the members the club has had a major social haa formed in the Atlantic aaaaiac at • o^lock la .tha taach- (innins tomorrow. Office houra theran Church wUl hold ita bi­ are scheduled for pure relaxation. event connected with the Man- $47.71 Ocean about 330 milea eaat of at'a RMow fre from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. monthly meeting immediately fol' On Monday evening. Sept. 26, at cheater Open. It la axpected that San Juan. the South Methodist Church. Mrs. N ew London, Sept. 14 (/P)— Delejates to the Connecticut In lowing the choir rchearaal tomor­ this will turn out to be one of WELDON DRUO . . The winda were blowing gt row evening. A ll membera are Jay Rand and Mrs. Elmer Weden, the top. affaire on the club cmlen' 00 Federation of Labor convention sat in stony silence today 85 to 70 milea an hour, alight- Instructors of the “ DeWolfe Art urged to attend. dar. Reservations should bs made, Antherlsed OMiar as a plea to oppose rent' control was read to them. The plea ly lesa than hurricane force, Guild." will speak on early Amer­ aa soon aa possible. I Ml MAIN 8T.—aa-s-sm but the atorm was expected to ican dccorationa' with an exhibit Walter Koskl came in the form of a telegram from Charlea M. Burton of groyr into a full hurricane this The following young men from of samples of the work. They will Hartford, president of, the Prop-'t'- Manchester yeaterday-entered the afternoon.' describe patterns and tichniqiier. erty Owners Organisation of Oon- U.8. A ir Force and proceeded to Walter Koskl, son o f Mr. and The ftrat advisory, issued at A dessert bridge will be held at necttcut, Inc. ILA to Get Hearings Sampaon Air. Force Base, N. Y.. The Rev. Edwin C. Martin, of Mrs. Stephen Koskl of 14 Kerry 11:30 a.m. (BST) ordered up Altadena, calif., will begin a series the Manchester Country Club on Pending before the convention la storm wamlnga over the Lee­ for training: Peter .LaFlamm. 18. Oct. 17. This Is a change from the St., is the recipient 4>f the annual a resolution calling for repeal of a 41 Waddell Rd.: Kenneth D. W ai­ of evangelistic services tomorrow ward Islands north o f St. Kitta usual fourth Monday meeting time. National Association of Cost Ac­ law passed by the 1955 legislature and over tha northern Virgin ter, 18, 14S Autumn St.; James night at rihe Church of the The party will include games of Nazar.ena. He received his A.B. countants Scholarship in Indus­ which will end rent control In Con­ Islands: ■ Before Citizens Unit Lyons, 18, IT Starkweather St., the players’ ch6.1ce, and membera degree from A.sbury College. Wil- trial Accounting, SEE THE A U N E W necticut on midnight, March 31, and Joseph Kearns, 18, 3 Drive D. will make up tlieir own tables. inore, Ky., andjpok graduate work Koskl w ill enter his senior year 1956.. Sob Steele,. announcer and Burton argued that rent control Leonard b: Rivard of the L,eon- at the .ponservator of Music, Gin* at the University of Connecticut -.New York,, gept. 11 l0Bg»- sports commentator of WTIC, will this month,and Js in Lhh School of w.m ka agalnat enu>!°J®xent Jn the. ;«rd .JL_Rly»rdMgeneyi SM-Msiri jclnnat'L Ohio.'tde axpcrisnce speak 6n peiTRSrfbmtai in lAdlo Wtd FJiDiddG Threat shbremen called o ff their costly eight-day walkout today aa pastor, evangelist and baritone Business Administration. , He is building trades, His telegram aald: St., \vlll be in Swampadbtt, Mass., sports qqJ4en’s Night, Nov. 14. at "Frozen Income for. building this week Thursday and Friday to jroloist has made his ministry rich. vice president of the Accounting and back-to-work'notices were posted for their sympathy He is a forceful Biblical preacher. South Methodist Church. There Society at the University, fs active •bw'ners is not consistent with the By Hilda Fades strikers in eastern and southern citie.s. . attend a meeting of representa­ will be no guest fee for this meet­ principle of high wages for build­ tives of the Lumbermen's Mutual Revival services will be held in sports and is a member Of Tau ing. ing • trades. Plumbers, pslnters, Members of the International Longshoremen’s Assh^ meet­ Casualty Co. each evening at 7:30 o’clock, ex­ Kappa. Epsilon Fraternity. Koskt cept Saturdays, through Sept. 25. Entertainment for the Christ­ electricians, and so forth, are get­ In Cuban Hills ing in N ew York, voted to along with a plan for a Citi­ mas meeting, Dec. 12. will be songs graduated from Manchester High A cordial invitation to attend these School in the class of 1952. ting two and a-hqlf to four times zens CfHnmittee to hear their grievances against the W ater­ The Italian American Ladies by the Trinity College Octet; Stu­ services is extended to every one. The scholarship Is based on IM I wages, while rents are arbi­ front Commission. Auxiliary will resume fall meet­ dents from Trinity form the group trarily frozen at 20 per cent above Miami, Fla., Sept. 14 (IP)— Hur­ ings tonight at 8 o'clock at the scholastic ability, leadership and which la well known in Connecti­ WITH RIVOLUTIONARY 1941. *. ricane Hilda spun toward the south Shouting“ aye,” an ovenvhelming majority of the more club on Eldridge St. A ll members character. Charlea F. Margeaon, "More than ■ one-half million roast of Cuba today, no longer than 5,500 doOkers agreed to go back to work. cut. scholarship chairman, will make are urged to attend. Tickets Limited Trinity College will provide the people in Connecticut are unalter­ a threat to Florida and the eastern Union President WUllam V.&...... ■ the presentation at the N A C A ' speaker, in January who will dis­ ably opposed to rent control. I f seaboard. Bradley aald some sections of the The Red Men's setback tourna­ For D of I Dance cuss the modem novel. He is John meeting on Sept. 20 at the Indian unions desire employemnt of their The mountains of eastern Cuba, port would reo{ton torilght, the rest ment wiU get underway Sept. 37 Dando. assistant professor of Eng­ Hill Country Club. TOP-TUNIHG members by owners of rental pro­ whose peaks rU« to 8,000 feet or tomorrow morning. Perjury Count at 8 p.m. AU teams are requested lish, who conducts a weekly radio perty, we urge the \inions to re­ more, hgd taken their toll and The word from 3oston was to to be there early as a few minor Plans were completed last even­ program, "Behind the Pages." flowering, shrubs and plants, Miss ciprocate by defending property Hilda had winds of bare hurricane the same effect, and i f Virginia details about the tournament have ing at the home of Mrs. John A new angle in fashions will be Ellen Buckley will find an inter­ rights 'agaTfftt' discriminatory force (75 ih.p.h.l aa It swept over the busy Hamptem Roads piers For McCarthy to be discussed. Stevens, chairman for the forth­ represented In February when ested audience for her talk on laws.” - . the island. quickly began returning to normal. coming annual Harvest Dance pf Miss Sara Croxier. buyer In a flower arrangements in April. Miss ALL CHANNEL Higher Minimum Mage The atorm is expected to con­ The IL A ’a- troubles vywe not St. Margaret’s Ciscle. Daughters Hartford department store, will Buckley is a member of the local Former State tJibor Commls-' tinue moving at about' IS m.p.h. over, however! The Manhattan Dis­ Volunteer Aide of Isabella, Saturday Oct. 1, at the reveal "Fashions in Foundallona.” Garden Club and has conducted aioner John J. Egan expresaed the ^during moat o f the day and the trict Attorney’s office disclosed It Manchester Country Club. Danc­ The theater will be discussed by classii in flower arrangements. hope that Connecticut will raise Us Miami Weather Bureau said It is investigating'to aee if any-laws ing will contihue from 9 to 1 to The program committee will an­ would regain some of iU strength New York, Sept. 14 (JP) — A Miss Barbara.Warren Shure at the minimum wage, now 75 centa an were broken by the stoppage. man described by the prosecutor as music by Larry Mallon’a o-chestra. nounce plans later for the "W om ­ RECEPTION as tt swirls across the northern HALE'S March meeting. Miss Shure was hour, to a "practical basis.” 'VIctoiT for Union The dance wUl be semlTormal, en's Club Show" slated for May. Caribbean Sea today adiith of West German, Soviet Accord in Moscow apparently a one-time “voluhtser trained by the American Academy He did not. in a speech to the Bradley obviously regarded the worker" in probes led by Sen. Headquarters -Tickets are limited and Circle of Dramatic A ft and at the Yale The committee includes Mrs. Rob­ convention, say what he would Cuba. West 'Germsn Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, right, reaches for document from Soviet Premier formula for a fact-finding ciUzens' membera are urged to obtain them ert Johansson and Mrs. Walter A t 6 a.m. (BIST) It was centered Joseph R. McCarthy (R-Wis.) was Drama School. She has appeared consider "practical," but expressed Nikolai Bulganin aa West Germany and Russia agreed to set up diplomatic relations in Moscow group as a victory. The union haa charged today with perjury. —- FOR at the ehrUeat opportunity from in all media of theatrical ‘ ehttr- Schardt, co-chiUrmen; Mrs. E. H. the opinion that 75 cents is too low. 125 milea west of. Guantanamo (S ept 13). Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov Is cn Bulganin's left, and Communist party tried repeatedly and In vain to find any of the. following members of Phillips, Mrs. W. Donald Stroud Bay. Cuba. A aix-count Indlctmen returned tainment. Elgan’a successor, Renato Rlc- boss Nikita Khrushchev is on Bulganin's right. Pact was compllted when' Adenauer exchanged a forum in which to list' its com­ ^ a federal grand jury against (he committee: Mrs. Philip Du­ With spring and the many early and Mrs. John Treybal. culti. predicted In a convention No Casualties plaints. pont, co-chairman; Mrs. Edward only $ documents at fourth full session of talks conducted at invitation of Ruslia. (A P Wirephoto by Paul H. Hughes, 35. n e w out o f an speech yesterday that the mini­ Santiago. Cuba’s second largest He sent his men out o f the medt- Cavagnaro, Mrs. Gilbert Saegert, radio from Moscow.) . inquiry Into ex-Coflohunist Harvsy mum wage question will "surely Frozen Out? city near the southeast end of the ing hall cheering, laughing and MatusoWs repudiation of hto teatl- Mrs. William Reiser. Mrs. Joseph be of prime Importance" at the island, reported heavy ralna and happy over the proepect of return­ Bell. Mrs. John Cagianello, Mrs. The romance is reportedly mony for the goypmment. 1957 session of the I>giStature.; strong winds but no casualties. ing to work. Aided Seanto Unit Anthony Lumbruno and Mrs.-Wil- off ttetween Great Britain's The storm flooded streets and "A t no time,” he told them, "did Uam Morgan, publicity. AMESITE DRIVEWAYS Egan, a veteran labor man wlw Princess Margaret and Group U.S. Atty. Paul W. Willlama’ alt recalled that he attended hjs lirat knocked out some telephonea there. we try to break the la w .. . . A t no flee said that Hughes was ."appa­ Captain. Peter Townsend, The big U.8. Naval Base at Adenauer Goi ^^QYlSiVLCV EXPERTLY INSTALLED federation convention in 1908. said F ccls SuFC time did we tiijte It into our own rently a Volunteer worker” for the above. ' "The People" a Lon­ Guantanamo Bay reported winds hands to make changes in the law Bass Gradiag — htacUne Spread — Forma Set — tower RoUad he was "proud and happy” that un­ don newspa]>er, quoting circles Senate Subcommittss on Invsifti- der his administration as commis­ up to 45 miles an hour in gusts by force or violence.” Alaoi Parklag LoU — Tennis Courts — Watka close to the royal household, gationa when it was hsadsd by sioner the Stale Labor Department knocked out electrical aervlce for He said, referring to the Water­ Terms Arranged It Desired reports that Townsend has McCarthy. ------^ LECLERC was built up to the point where it 10 minutes laat night. The storm Soriet to Free PWs front Commission, that the laws The jury charged that Hughes, \ 10% FOB CASH transactions was considered tops among such lieen told "any expectations apparently passed to the north of setting it up gave " a few dicta­ FUNERAL HOME ALL INSTALLATIONS SUPERVISED BT of Alexandria. Va., lied about la- \ agencies 4n the country. he may have entertained that installation.' Possible: U.o. — _ torial persona’ ! power over long­ about marrying the princess shore labor without a hearing. cldents involving various poopls, . He praised the choice of- ^ Ic- Navy Hurricane Hunting planes Bonn. Germany, Sept 14 (Pt— ♦w ill return ih the next few days. including: cannot be fulfilled." He'a kept close watch on tha amall Chancellor Konrad Adenauer re- Kurt Georg Klesinger, chairman The commission, which toauea FUNERAL DEMAIO SOOTHERS culU M his successor, and urged WasUngtoa, Sept. 14 (P— Joseph L . Rauh Jr., qluiirman shown in his most recent pic­ storm. A night Recon plane from work {tormita, has denied such ESTABLISBEO' 1820 the federation to give the new Stote Dept. Prene Otfleer Henry turned to Bonn today from hU hla- of the Bundestag’s (lower house) of Americans for Dsmocratic Ae* , ture aa he ar-'ived recently at Guantan'iUno Bay checked it by torlclAlks with Soviet-leadora and Foreign Affgira Committee and a charges in the past. CALL NOW — a n y t i m e ■nydasa said teday Raeato’a dip- tion; Gen. Telford Taylor, a mem'- Woshtn md Al SERVICE London airport. radar and another aircraft piloted declared "1 do hot doubt that Pre-1 member of the Moscow delegation, ' Shutdown Not Completo MANCHESTER MI-S-7891 — HARTFORD CHapel 7-0817 (Cmtlmwfl Ml rags Twenty-three) lesMtlc reeogaltloa of -4he West b«r o f the Advisory O a m m lt^ tar W alUr N. by ix . C m ^, Robert . T. Pittman. mler Bulganin will keep bis word commented: Seeking to bolster its position, Othw Appficnett Oatmaa Ooverameat awaas “ the I an Bffectlva Congrsas, piML.JIa- Leclerc, Jackabn, M ., p i l l e d to fly Into to releabe Germans still held In, "I hope that ths restoration of the IL A had ordered a general abaadoomeat by tbe Soviet dock strike from Maine to the tusow. Director the area todaifr Uaion of Ito baakrupt Oennan Russia." diplomatic relations between Wext A third plane piloted by Cmdr. The 79-year-old West German Germany and the Soviet Union Mexican border. The result was a Federal Judge Sylvester J. Ryan 38 Main Street, Manchester policy.” ' Suydam In effect as­ widespread but far from complete! TlwJWH>^«oa •• A . William T. CBin of Lakeland. Fla., leader was given a triumphant will brin,; ua nearer our goals.” isaued a bench warrant fo r ths Benson Involved Anew serted that tbe , pgreeroest shutdown ycMerday. srreA o f Hughes. Call MI-9-5869 was ready'-to leave Jacksonville, welcome home from the talka In Say Pacts Block Unity resched by CtaanerUor Adenauer An uiexpected development Roy M. C()hn, formerly chief Fla., "to probe the hurricane’s eye. and Soviet Premier Bulganin Moscow where he agreed to estab­ . Carlo Schmid, the only member came amid the back-to-woiit Amtuiag Haw Sofe Disnnry Makas of the Socialist opposition party counsel for the subcommittss The storm was accompanied by marked n 'considerable sictory lish ^plomatlc relations between movement, ' winds occasionally ‘ reaching 75 West (Germany and the Soviet in Adenauer's delegation, com­ headed by McCarthy, told report- Jn Farm Prices Feud for the Weet;'"** New. Jersey Assemblyman MaU' era that he did not know Hughes. m.p.h, in Squalls extending 75 miles Union. mented: rice Brady, one of those who had On the Soviet promise to return "The Russians place the greatest He added that after he left the By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER agreed to serve on the Citizens’ Senate subcommlttsc, he heerd VYsHhington, Sopt. 14 (1 7 ) —Sec-:?.ther decline during theJihlrd quar- (Coottouefl on PQge , r q iirteeo) Washington. Sept. 14 (Ab—United German war priaonera—of prime in^ortance on the establishment Committee, tentatively withdrew imporUnce to the German people -of diplomatio relations with Bonn some talk thi^;, "there was a retary of Agriculture Bensoh re- ter of the year. SjUtes qfflcisls feel that German hla agreement. He said he would REDUCING! — Adenauer said: They have informed u({ that with­ theory he (Hughes) was a plant” tumu today fiom a two-week These and o^her developmenta Chancellor Konrad, Adenauer made not serve if the, committee plan have brought on speculation about about the l>est' bargain poasible in "Premier Bulganin told me that out this no decision bn the war was to. be used to supplant the ' Matsuow Teatlaiiny Cited agricultural trade tour of Europe prisonere or on the reunification PROHIBITING ]>osalble ebanges in administfa Marine Grabs hta talks with Russian Premier even before • I arrived in Bonn, Waterfront Commission Itself. Turn-about witneaa Matusow, kKUriiiserin to find his farm policle.s embroiled o f Germany could be expected. In renewed political controversy. tion farm policiea—some of it by Nikolai Bulganin. He agreed to action to return the German war Even as the vote to return to who last January recanted taati- Th« town of Msn- Declining farm prices and in­ leaders of Benson’s own. party con opening of diplomatic relations be­ priaonera w o u 1 d already be "They have further stressed that 'work was being taken. State Su­ mony that he gave aa a star wit­ EASY cerned about the farm vote next $64,000 Prize started. . . the Paris 'Treaties (bringing West preme Court Justice Samuel Di ness against Communist leiMters, chester is being de­ comes have made the farm pro­ tween Bonn and Moscow in return nied bi^iy needed AN END TO SUNDAY PROHIBITION leiERCE ROW HELFS TOO TAKE gram a dominant partisan issue in year. — for the promised, freedom of Ger­ "Bulganin, as well as Khrush­ Germany Into the Atlantic Alli­ Falco Issued an ultimatum. He is himself under 83.000 bail on a the preliminary party sklHulsh- At meetings here last week,- man war prisoners held in Russia. chev (the Communist party .bo.ry as,, he left FMEHOt 1 Ut Me M 7ia.a Itofh Qaidha Vote Not Unanimoue versations he claimed to have rants. An end to Benson visited Great Britain, poses a problem for the Republi­ Corps Cmpt. Richard McCutchen, negotiations on German unification their names. — his' gleaming SUper-Consieliation •MORE TOWN FUNDS to Are you too lit becauw iuu eat too much? "They will then try to find plane after the nonstop flight from Tile dock'men voted declslvfly, overheard and of meetlnga he The Netherlands. Denmark, cans. the epicure and cookery whiz, has even though the Soviet Union may this prohibition Would you like to lose lat but you just can't ReacUoa to be -Watched Moscow. He paused at the top of but not unanimously, to ball off claimed to have attcnde(L knpiovo polka ond Rro France, Italy and Switzerland in hit the jackpot on "the 884,000 try to use it In that manner. them.’’ would l^;.:te ex* Mntrol your appetite arid like to cat too much search o f pos-sible new, markets Adenauer proudly told hundreds the rapip to smile and wave at the the walkout. The alleged falsehoods ware aaid protocHon for aN eitixaiis >f the wrong kind ol food? Do you like sweets, Benson's reaction to these de­ question” --b ig g e s t prise in the ' Secretary of Slate Dulles, ftreo- On the question, most of those pension and im- for American farm surpluses velopments will be watched care­ of enthusiastic West Germans at crowd.'JThen, halfway down, he to have mentlqlitical foreign ministers, plans to make the Bonn-Cologne airport; •MORE TOWN FUNDS to mmes to butter, gravy, potatoes? Have you The 28-year-old leethemeck won (Continue^ on .Page Four) (Continued on fa*ge Sixteen) V _ „ton Poat; 4 . Russell Wlgrtns, prices.- He glso sought interna­ leaders in the weeks ahead. demands for German .unification “ \Ve can therefore ho|)e that the taurant fadiities. tried one thing after anotner to reduce, spent the CBS television bonanza with executive editor of the Washing- oxpood adocotloiial focHi- tional cooperation iii dealing with He haa regularly contended that the first business of the West when German war. prisoners and all oth­ This would result lotUr after dular for pills and tablets and in an amazing knowledge of food and. Ion Post; Murrey Marder, a re­ ipite oi averything you’ve tried you’re still WITH **H1 0 DEN FANEL’* TUNING AND ■^wbrld trade problems. present poIicieX—featuring flexible the Big Four foreign ministers ers atill held in prison there will tkt for our diHdrao cooking ‘that spans the centuries return soon to our Fatherland." porter for that paper, aa well aa in higher assess­ too (at? Art Agriculture Department sur­ price aupporta aa c*ntrasted with meet at Geneva on Oct. 27. OVERSIZE ^'AU-dLEAR** FICTURE vey-issued two days after Ben­ rigid 'supports under the Trumqn and girdles the globe. . Rauh, Taylor and Matusow. ment of restaurant •MORE TOWN FUNDS to His father, a retired Navy ca{>- Adenauer told a news confer­ Hints nt Further Talks AT LAST! A CAFIULE THAT EQUAU son left on his tour—showed that administration, and efforts to ex­ ence in Moacou’ he had not sur­ He made no direct comment on Dulles, Chou T alk Asked One count aaid Hughes lied when property, assuring tain, served as. aide-de-camp as be claimed he heard a telephone provido^ dthfr. ossaoHd farm prices had declined 4 per cent pand foreign trade—will bring good rendered any of West Germany's reunification "of Germany, the big the toi^ greater A MEAL OF UlTAMtHS, MIHERAU during the past two months and times back to farmers if iRven the overseas veteran ansqfered an discuaglon in September 1954, be­ ME.— WWW* obligations to NXTG and the issue u{M>n which no (ipparent satvkM. W'cre down 6 {tor cent from a year time. extremely complicated question tween Rauh and Taylor about .tax" income. AMD BULK c Western European Union. progress was made in the five-day That’s the Touim—the exciL However, he is expected to dis­ last night. plans for ths Committse for an xgo. The formal communique made no conference in Moscow. But he By ing new RCA Victor 2l-iach Another re|)ort Issued by the cuss the matter with the depart­ Experts figure roughly that Mc­ hinted at future negotiations with EffecUVs COngrtito to glva Matu­ Iasi f tccntly a «»U kiMiva tdM tlN perftettA a ara tiny apanh department yesterday said net ment's Agricultural Advisory Com­ Cutchen will be able to keep about mention of the. release of Germans that eoaibloci abt ena but ALL THE RECOGNIZED provto table TV ! You'll enjoy your the Russians in these words: sow financial assistance.- farm Income had dropped about mission, a group of 18 farm lead- 8 3 5 ,of the prize after income still held prisoner by the Russians, aida ta redadni ha foaad la all Iba adaariiaad prodacta e ia iad " It was no easy conference. It Geneva. Sept. 1.4 (J>)—Red Chl-rAmericana in Cfiiina and Chinese in fadayv It caataiaa tba edneantrated protdaa you'va taad aad favorite progranie on tlw big- 4.3'per cent during the first half taxes. (Conttmied on P ^ ’n Four) will afford an opportunity for nese Ambassador Wang Ping-Nan America. baard abaut* It calalrinet tha vtuaiiBi aad miaarala oFtea taal tect, deareet picture tube in' o f this year, It predicted a fur- (Continued on Page Fourteen) Money to Go In Bank A Chinese spokesijum said, how­ ' when ettiting aff (aU ealaffoadi conuUaiag tbeaa naadad aitaadai McCutchen, wh(> has r wife and further talka over |>oIltlcal and all today proposed talks with the aad aiiBafak. It caaiMaaa tba acgatabla edtokaa that b u m 21-inch TV—RCA Victor's other questions. TTie German dele­ United States "at a higher level,'' ever, Uial Wkng proposed taking caloalae yat axpanda wbaa it abaerba «ata f« tbereby bclpiiig ta three small daughters,' said the up “ the question of the lifting of gira tha leatiag ai a full edittaatad atoauch. Yat t b ^ tiny aea famous Oversiie “ AQ-Clear" gation atoocT aolldly in Mosow for presumably between Secretary of Bulletins s money will go "right In the bank." the trade embargo" and then capaulat coMaia.aat fuat pna but ALU tba druglaoa radodng aldi picture. out Fatherland." State Dulles and Premier-Foreign ba foi^nd to ba aaadad to actually autoauilcally auilii^ba aat Was He told newsmen "I'v e got an Just before his departure from Minister Chou en-Lai. "preparatory work for Chlneae- from the AP WizM arltboutceaacioaa tflort aad Hka itM d fact, tbate tiny upaalaf art Yew gel toe mhtoU esnvaiilewee U.S. Air Force Easing idea of what I ’m going to Invest it News Tidbits Moscow. Adqnauer issued an infor­ The Chinese envoy also demand­ American negotiations at a higlw . m Dacbtd with yitamifra and aUnaralt. protaia and aoa-ciJork In." level.” iffio g food, tbay actaally aqoal aad aactad Wiany a aMall Of "Hidden Panel” Tuning, mal Invitation to Buig4nln to visit ed removal of the western. trqde McCutchen said ha wUl remain Culled from^ AP Wires Wang's s|>okesman refused to him in Bonn.. ehnbargo against the Peiping gov­ U.a BARS, CHINA PLAN too! Dials are on top—con­ iii tha Marinas. - Foreign Minister Heinrich von ernment. confirm or deny thsit he meant' cealed by a pnnd vhra not in McCutchen won tha biggest give­ meeting between Dulles and Chou WakhtagteK, SepL 14 y«a. Training for BrainwasH away of all by describing seven Bi'entaiip, who returned a fe ^ min' The U.S. Repre.sentatlve in (he IMted Stotea toltoy Kjectafl;aa Capmilnare FAT GOES FAST FROM (Chairman Walter (D-Pa) says but that seemed' the apparent lu use. It’s an important part of Items of tha menu served at a din­ utes before Adenauer, aaid: talks with Wang here. Ambassa­ premature” Red Chtoa’a Rviiaif Mikfriiit. Ks—. his House unit on Un-American "W e have had .difficult days dor U. Alexis Johnson, refused for tentlon. -• la TtUMimtimf, aiamk m A ALL OVER THE BQDY! RCA Victor’ s trim,. Clean ner given at Buckingham Palace UN Seat Bid Expected posal for a meeting hetoraea 5 e ^ isiag jrotaia aa stead Air Force Base, Nev„ Septi^the course which has stirred pub- March 21, 1989. for the French Activities has evidence extensive and difficult negotiations.. But I the time being to discuss anything retary oI State Dullee aafl Pet- ■aiy a awal. Whea yoa ” Un-Mechanican-ook” — 14 (P)— Air Force headquarters Communlse cell was operating in .but the repatriation of American Saa lat diaaDpear froai otoaMck. butt, tkigbs. 8aa fat go fr o a tba ‘ ' lie attention, with questions about President' and his wifb. Master of believe that we have returned with Wang previously had been ex- ping’s Premier Chou Ea-lnL Be- lake AlMa—Archie Lee V * ‘ ‘ About five {torcent of the stu­ Oli'e Grim DeBsoastratloa diplomatic nonrecognition oc polit­ refused repatriation-from Chinese Electrical workers against West- Philadelphia apartment where the. and 40 minutes today. Although e f Kaet D n veu . dents who take the course, and There was a grim demonstration ical and military uncertainty in WE ALL LOSE who ..volunteer, now are aubjected of (ha interrogation methods, s les- Oommuntot captivity~at''the end of inghouse EUectric Corp. has been 32-year-old girl—a bride of two they aparently came to no agroe- death early today ■■ months— died on Aug. 24.. ment on whkt to take up next, they southeast Asia. proUMtteii. re*tan- to the browbeating question tech-r sop jn how soul-crushing, body the Korean War. hampered. Federal Government plana to The couple, Mr. and Mrg. Milton agreed to meet again next Tues­ Johnson was understood to have to would carry a gtaator partton af tha nlque akin to that they should ex- weatving an inquisiUon ^ a ruth' She aald. Tennestin'a totter read, North End ct If they fall Into Communist less enemy can be even without an in part: contribute at least three and a Schwartz,, are free in 85,000 ball day, Sept. 20. tried to obtain from Wang today ___baidcn, thereby Ughtenlag the tax an nds in a- future war. McKenzie actual blow. " I am coming back , to the half Jo five million doUars toward each pending a hearing. Monday An AmerlMn spokesman after moire specific' iAforntatlon on the rraldenta nnd inercnalnr tlw tana tax la- K dbEFOTSQ* said U he decides on the change, Gn a stage two "aggressor" otft jHataa, coming home, h*>t my coat af rebuilding floodrdaroaged on charges of performing the uq today's meeting made no_ mention release, of Amerieiuia from China. not even volunteers will be ac­ cars, in Strange uniforms, sat at a Triend. the Asmy, will see to It Uipt SUto h i^ w ays and bridged under successful abortion that caused the of W ang's new demands. He said He was 'said to hkve asked when MI9*k5i 5 ^ cepted tor the interrogation, air of taUe'. A young pilot, "captured,” I don’L get that fa r .. federal aid system Turkish death of Mrs. Ostreichef. only that the C3ilneee and Johnson those whose feiesM has been prom your TAXES DEFEND iipoe wliWfpw clwoie! which would be by demonstration wag hustled before; the interroga /Tt won't bq, long now. On Au- government relieves Kemal^Had- A s s t D lst Atty. Jacob Kaltoh "exchanged information 'on the toed are likely to turn up at Hong , Vott "Y ilr fo wki ~ volo **NO‘' I 85# MAIN ST. ~ TBL. MI S-708t implementation of agrsad ar- ■ TMp Ad raid rw my. ■ ■'f blister Ussleniant fl ilfTfr**— flu^. fanH from poet as governor of riot H t o the interrogation phase of (deattowd M rag* Fourtoea) ' XCMttBBed, sii fa*ga Mtaa) torn Ixmlr. (Oofltiaaefl Paga Few) rangementa" for tha rapatriqUon of (Gootlaaed am fa*g* X «*X 4) A. ■ 4 ' I

Bonn, Moscow Talks Ftadorlck Isl«U> Jr„ Son O F Mr, Ings on Canvas Will Be Shown (2024)


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