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Keep your feet nourished + hydrated

Our pedicure services are the best way to decompress after a long day. Each service includes exfoliation of the heels and relieves pressure in your legs and feet. The signature pedicure is the ultimate relaxation time. As you sit comfortably in our plush chairs, our Artists will work on smoothing out your heels all the way to a light leg + foot massage.

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signature pedicure

Our Signature pedicure includes lacquer removal, nail filing, shaping, buffing + cuticle maintenance. A tea tree and pumice mousse are applied to exfoliate the skin before your heels are filed and smoothed. A light leg + foot massage will leave your legs and feet relieved. We will wrap up the service with perfectly polished toes.

signature gel pedicure

Our Signature Gel Pedicure includes our premium gel polish to create a longer-lasting service. Treatment comes with nail shaping, cuticle maintenance, and a pumice leg scrub, followed by a leg and foot massage to relieve any pressure in those areas. The gel polish dries in minutes, and you don’t have to worry about a long drying process or chipping your polish on the way out.

express pedicure

Our Express Pedicure is perfect for touch-ups in-between our signature services or a quick refresh due to timing. The service includes quick lacquer removal, nail filing, shaping + buffing, and cuticle maintenance before filing and smoothening your heels. The Express Pedicure wraps up with your selection of our premium nail lacquer and perfect polish application to your toes.

pedicure treats

extended massage

Decrease muscle tension and reduce pain with an extended massage. The service is performed using our award-winning foot lotion infused with anti-inflammatory emu oil and ends with a delightful lemon myrtle lotion.

callus reducer

This 3-step treatment begins with a concentrated cleansing foot soak, a callus softener is then applied, and feet are filed to perfection. The treatment ends with a non-greasy skin mousse application.

detoxifying leg masque

An enriched charcoal leg treatment designed to alleviate the feeling of heavy legs, stimulate circulation, relieve swelling and tone the skin.

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you deserve the best

Our Artists love to help you express yourself creatively. Easy is how a PROSE membership should feel.

As a PROSE member, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your nails, come back to your local PROSE boutique and we’ll fix your nails to perfection.

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"My oldest daughter & I had a wonderful time getting pedicures together here. Clean, modern decor, comfortable and fun nail polish colors to pick from! As a mom of 3 I don't get to grab a pedicure often, but the membership they offer is a great deal for those who get their nails done often!"

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Kymberly B.

"PROSE Nails is a welcomed getaway from the hustle and bustle of my everyday life. I love know that I can go there and receive great service in an extremely clean and welcoming environment! It was such a great touch when I receive a warm neck wrap and got my rings cleaned while I was receiving service! Thank you! Glad to be a PROSE Nails member!"

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Tiffany M.

"I HIGHLY recommend this place!!! The staff is super friendly, everything has medical grade sanitation, and the colors are really pretty. Every time is a really relaxing experience. I cannot recommend coming here enough, it beats any other nail salons!"

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Melissa V.

"It is SO nice to go to a nail salon that doesn’t smell like chemicals, everything is sparkling clean and brand new, and the products are actually good for your nails!"

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Jennifer M.

"We love the convenience of PROSE Nails, the membership is reasonable and we take advantage of their special promos and events. But most of all, we love the clean, comfortable environment. It truly feels like a spa."

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Madeline C.

"Fantastic service and salon. I love how PROSE Nails follows strict cleaning guidelines unlike so many nail salon. Nail techs are all so friendly and caring."

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Maggie M.

"Great People, Great service, healthier products, beautiful and clean environment - I’ve found my new mani/pedi home!"

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Ginger P.

"Always love my PROSE Nails visits! You can get a nice warm neck wrap, delicious tea, and absolutely amazing nail services! It is so important to take some time for yourself and this is the perfect way to do that 💗"

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AnTrelle B.

"Thrilled with my pedicure and gel manicure from Wendy. My nails look great and I left feeling very relaxed. I liked the added touches of a warm neck wrap, blanket and phone charger that they provided."

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Lauren C.


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