Solo Leveling: Arise - Cha Hae-In Build (Best Stats, Weapons, & Artifacts) (2024)

Cha Hae-In is an SSR level rarity character in Solo Leveling: ARISE and one of the best damage-dealing Fighters using Light-based elemental abilities. Like all characters in Solo Leveling: ARISE, Cha Hae-In can be made much stronger by prioritizing the right stats and gaining weapons and Artifacts that complement her playstyle. With the right build, Cha Hae-In can be molded into the best Hunter in the game.

Cha Hae-In easily ranks among the best Hunters in Solo Leveling: ARISE, thanks to her incredibly high damage output, particularly her Critical Hit Damage. As you level up in Solo Leveling: ARISE, players must find the best equipment to keep up with higher-difficulty Gates and enemies. Compared to other damage-dealing Hunters, Cha Hae-In is the single best Critical Hit-oriented party member in the entire roster and one of the best Hunters you can unlock.


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Due to certain issues with resource collection in Solo Leveling: Arise, it is best to follow this banner method to avoid making a fatal mistake.

The Best Stats For Cha Hae-In In Solo Leveling: ARISE

Stats Worth Leveling For Cha Hae-In

Solo Leveling: Arise - Cha Hae-In Build (Best Stats, Weapons, & Artifacts) (2)

Agility, Strength, and Perceptionare the top three stats that you should focus on when leveling up Cha Hae-In. Agility is undoubtedly the most important stat to prioritize for the Hunter, given that this stat directly influences both Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage.

Strength and Perception are two solid secondary stats that players can also level up to increase the Hunter’s base attack damage and overall damage cap, but her real focus should always be Critical Hit.




Increases physical attack and damage.


Increase your Critical Hit Chance and Critical Damage.


Increases your overall damage cap.


Increases your max HP and reduces cooldown timers.


Increase your HP and defense.

Cha Hae-In starts with a respectable HP. Although nowhere near as tanky as Seo Jiwoo in Solo Leveling: ARISE, she can take some hits before her health becomes a real problem. However, only invest in Integllience or Vitality if you find that her health regularly becomes an issue in encounters.

Intelligence and Vitality are two stats that you can put on the back burner for this character, as she should rarely ever be the Hunter attracting enemy aggro. Instead, all efforts should be made to empower her ability to deal with Critical Hit Damage as often as possible.

The Best Weapon For Cha Hae-In In Solo Leveling: ARISE

All Weapon Options

Solo Leveling: Arise - Cha Hae-In Build (Best Stats, Weapons, & Artifacts) (3)

The Sword of Lightis Cha Hae-In’s Hunter exclusive weapon and easily the single best weapon for the character in Solo Leveling: ARISE. The Sword of Light has two significant effects. First, it increases Cha Hae-In’s basic Skill damage by 8%.

Second, whenever the Hunter uses a Basic Skill, Cha Hae-In’s Critical Hit Damage is increased by 3%, stacking up to six times for 12 seconds. Considering how often you must use Basic Skills in combat, this weapon gives Cha Hae-In a near-permanent buff to Critical Hit Damage.

You need to gather four Hunter Exclusive Designs and Eight Mana Crystals to get Hunter exclusive weapons. These necessary resources are gained through the store exchange, although you will need to farm plenty of gold to acquire these items eventually.

Cha Hae-In’s best-ranged weapon is the Steel Bow. Like the Sword of Light, this weapon increases Critical Hit Damage by 9%. Upon further weapon advancement, this buff can increase sharply to 24%.

Given that the Sword Of Light is an SSR weapon, acquiring it can take some time. Suppose you are looking for a placeholder until you finally achieve this end-game-level sword. In that case, any weapon with similar Critical Hit properties is an excellent choice for Cha Hae-In.

The Best Artifact Sets For Cha Hae-In In Solo Leveling: ARISE

Similar to the build seen in Gikku's video, Artifacts are among the most important parts of any build for increasing your Power level in Solo Leveling: ARISE. Artifacts are generally split into two categories: Armor and Jewelry. Players can equip four of each Artifact type, but pursuing specific, four-piece sets that give unique bonuses is most beneficial. For Cha Hae-In, Artifacts on both sides that increase Critical Hit Chance and Damage should be your first preference.

Recommended Armor Sets For Cha Hae-In

The best Armor set for Cha Hae-In in Solo Leveling: ARISE is the Toughness (Hard Leather) set. This set perfectly synergizes with her Hunter-exclusive weapon and only empowers her ability to deal Critical Hit damage.

With two pieces equipped, this Armor set grants an 8% Critical Hit Chance increase. The complete set ramps this buff drastically, giving Cha Hae-In a 32% increase in Critical Hit Damage. Alongside your Sword of Light, you will deal with critical strikes far more often and with devastating damage.

Toughness is the single best Armor for Cha Hae-In, but Armed (Black Lion’s Armor) is another excellent option. The two-piece bonus increases Hunter’s total attack by 5%, with the full set ignoring 15% of your opponent’s defenses.

Although critical hit effects are preferred, they also increase Cha Hae-In’s general attack and physical damage. If another character in your party, such as Sung Jinwoo, needs the Toughness set, this is the second best set to equip this damage-dealing Hunter.

Recommended Jewelry Set For Cha Hae-In

In a similar vein to both Cha Hae-In’s preferred weapons and Armor set, Champion on the Fieldis the best Jewelry set as it gives a massive upgrade to Critical Hit Chance. The two-piece effect gives attacks a 5% damage increase for four seconds whenever the player lands a Critical Hit.

The four-piece benefit extends this effect by allowing the original buff to stack up to four times. Since, in the later game, Cha Hae-In will get critical hits very often, this is a great way to ensure that your basic attacks also see a significant boost.

Executioner is another generally powerful Jewelry set that pairs well with most damage-focused Hunters in Solo Leveling: ARISE. With two active pieces, players fighting any enemy with 40% HP or less will receive 8% additional damage.

If you collect all four pieces, this damage increase extends to 20% whenever in combat with an opponent at 70% health or less. This damage increase applies to basic and physical attacks, not Critical Hit Damage. However, it is still extremely useful in leveling Cha Hae-In as a general damage dealer in Solo Leveling: ARISE.

Video Credit: Gikku/YouTube

Solo Leveling: Arise - Cha Hae-In Build (Best Stats, Weapons, & Artifacts) (4)
Solo Leveling:ARISE
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May 8, 2024


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Solo Leveling: Arise - Cha Hae-In Build (Best Stats, Weapons, & Artifacts) (2024)


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