Yoder's Annual Antique Auction - Day 2 of 2 2024-01-27 Auction - 410 Price Results - W Yoder Auction LLC in WI (2024)


Preview Inspection Dates and Times: Thursday January 25th from 9AM - noon or 1-5PM CST, Friday, January 26th at 8am CST, & Saturday, January 27th at 8am CST

Terms & Conditions

TERMS:W Yoder Auction, LLC does not accept requests to retract bids. For the safety of both people and their animals, pets will not be admitted to any W Yoder Auction, LLC event unless the pet is a service animal under the federal guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act or similar state or local laws. PAYMENT: LivePayments through LiveAuctioneers. Cards on file will be charged for all lots purchased, premiums and taxes upon invoices being sent the first business day following the auction. Shipping charges, if necessary, will be invoiced separately.International Buyers and Online purchases over $5,000 require a wire transfer. Will not accept credit card.**Credit cards will be not be accepted for motorcycle, car, and truck purchases. Wire Transfer Instructions to be emailed with invoice.**Any online purchase(s) $5,000 or over will require a wire transfer for the total dollar amount of the entire invoice. IN HOUSE BUYERS: Payment is required by end of auction day. If you bid and do not pay, you will be reported to our collection agency. This may potentially effect your credit. In the event of an invalid payment (returned checks, NSF, chargebacks, etc.) we reserve the right to repossess items without notice. OFFSITE BUYERS: IMMEDIATELY contact us if an alternative payment method is requested (i.e. cash, cashier's check, wire transfer, etc). If the request is granted, payment must then be submitted within three business days. If no payment is made by the third business day, the credit card on file will be charged. If we do not receive an email from you by 9AM the following business day, we will run your card. The credit card used for bidding registration is charged the morning of the next business day following the auction unless otherwise specified (respond to Unpaid invoice or add to Notes to Auctioneer). If the card does not go through for the full amount owed, W Yoder Auction, LLC has the right to charge the registered card a percentage of the balance due. Due to prior delinquent payment history, if payment in full is not received by third business day after auction end, W Yoder Auction, LLC will increase Buyer's fee to 30% and percentage will be added to invoice balance. Example: auction ends Saturday, payment in full must be received by end of business day Wednesday. All items are offered as-is, where-is with no warranty; a Buyer may not dispute the condition of the item. W Yoder Auction, LLC claims no responsibility for the condition or description of this item. This item does not include any protection offered by W Yoder Auction, LLC. A Buyer may not submit a dispute claim on this item. Direct any questions you may have to info@wyoderauction.com. If large items have been purchased and are being picked up, W Yoder Auction, LLC staff is not responsible for loading; the Buyer is solely responsible for bringing help/muscle to assist in loading items purchased.W Yoder Auction, LLC is not open on weekends, though requests of relocating items outside to pick up over the weekend can be arranged. Items placed outside the building are not protected; if items are damaged/missing/stolen, W Yoder Auction, LLC is not responsible and the Buyer will not receive a refund.Unless alternate pickup or shipping arrangements are made, any items remaining after pickup date will be considered abandoned, forfeited, become property of W Yoder Auction, LLC and returned to inventory; no refunds. OTHER DETAILS:If you see a lot marked as "age unknown," that means we do not know how old it is, but in our opinion it may not be old."Authentic/Original" means we believe it to be all original. Everything marked "authentic/original" will be guaranteed."Not Old" means our opinion is the item is not very old."Fantasy Art/Yard Art/Garage Art" means an original was never made.All sales final; "as is" no warranties, including vehicles.Any and all bidders must be 18 years of age or older.All disputes settled in Waushara County Court in Wautoma, WI. All items sold as is with no warranty.


If you have not contacted W Yoder Auction LLC to arrange payment within 3 days of the time that invoice is sent, we will charge the credit card you used to register for the auction for the amount of your invoice.

Sales Tax

Online purchases from W Yoder Auction LLC may be subject to sales tax. Please see the following for more details. If you are tax-exempt, you can submit your tax-exempt certificate to prevent the collection of tax. Learn more about tax-exemption.

Yoder's Annual Antique Auction - Day 2 of 2 2024-01-27 Auction - 410 Price Results - W Yoder Auction LLC in WI (2024)


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